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suprised to see people still poking me for my birthday, so figured this would be as good of time as ever to post some more stuffs
'ello, and apologies to those who have been watching me here, and attempting to comment, contact or message me about things. I have been on a long extended break from DA after last year and accidentally neglected this profile, due to finding the twitter/twipple upload medium much easier to use.

I will see to updating this page with a few of my recent size pics for those still watching me only here, although I will be sticking to twitter for my main uploading platform
Might as well update this, since I've been lazy and not doing anything on DA for the past 2 months.
I appreciate all the views, watchers and favorites I've been getting during the year, and I hope you all have a lovely new year~

Gonna make it a new years resolution to be a bit more active here, and repost the stuffs I have on twitter to here more often too.
A lack of DA activity on my end, due to spending time on twitter a lot lately, found myself making a lot of size stuffs without really thinking of much for titles and descriptions, since I've been struggling with that lately.
Just reposted a bunch of things I've done lately, hopefully no one minds the lack of description/writing for them.

Gonna be reposting stuff on here every once in a while, while most of my new stuff will be showing up on my twitter, and this gallery
Still practing with animating stuffs lately, and ended up making a longer video

Funny thing is, I somehow managed to regain my old youtube account, after being locked out of it from about 7 "Firefox updates" ago, guess google must have changed security settings a bit or something, point is, can show it here rather than force people to download a bulky video file (I should really post the Sakuya one on the 'tubes later).

Anyway, just a kinky growth and stomp animation featuring an edit of Aya, and several suggestions from a good friend of mine. (Focus on heels, nylons, etc, little bit of vore and PoV stuffs too), no sound, since I don't have any stock sound files on me.
(I only have -5 journial entries, better make a new one)

Hello, haven't really been as 'active' and 'around' as I'd hoped the past month or so. I blame the summer heat for giving me a monthly migraine marathon, ironicly, when a majority of my free time is then taken up by collage, I find myself considerablly more productive during the remaining free time.
Also, if there was any notes n' stuff (that didn't involve requests) I didn't respond to, resend them later sometime, because my page is a mess atm.

Now onto the main topic. MMD giantess videos.
Recently made a new animation with Sakuya (mega/giga stuffs) and want to share it, only problem is, been locked out of my own Youtube account for months, and would rather not make a new one, so unless anyone knows a good hosting site that would allow contents like these (even as unlisted/private via linking), my only option would be to post it on Dropbox. so here…

There is one major problem though, the dropbox player completely destorys the quality, so if anyone wants to see it, you are better off downloading the 58MB file and watching it on your own machine.

I may make more in the future, just need some time to think up some ideas that I'm comfortable doing.
...what could possiably go wrong?

Since I got loads of spare time lately, and since theres was loads of wonderful people supporting what I've been doing over the past months, kind of want to re-open picture requests for people

Heres the rules/hints
  • It does NOT have to be Touhou related, there are plenty of other models for different things out there, I just happened to like using the touhou ones a lot
  • No Gore/blood (crushing/vore is fine, just cartoony/non-graphic)
  • No Animal/Furry giantess (I have nothing against it, I'd just rather keep my gallery human-ish, sori...)
  • No male giants (sori...)
  • No stench/fart related things
  • Nothing overly sexual or something that would outright violate the use of MMD models

also anyones welcome to request, if you can, request it on this journial (unless you really want to remain anonymous and note instead)

Edit: Removed a line from the rulelist, as it was causing confusion and bizzare requests

update: those first 3 are done, its back open

(otherwise known as a YT channel)
For some reason, felt like trying to learn MMD giantess video making despite:
  1. Having zero experience with animating bones
  2. Medicore laptop that can barely even render a clip without effects (most it can handle is 640x480)
  3. Having no real idea on what to make
Anyway, will probally dump a few of those short "Newbie's first MMD GTS video" clips like this pt1 pt2 onto the channel in my spare time, while I get to grips with it, and maybe someday put some time/effort and make something intresting.

Edit: Made a 3rd attempt HERE

4th one made HERE

5th one made HERE