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Unfair Flan Fight by Koirvon Unfair Flan Fight by Koirvon
A normal battle against Flandre would be bad enough, however this time, Remilia had lay a curse on the shrine maiden who dared defy her after being defeated; as long as Remiu stayed within the SDM, she would slowly begin to shrink, The hallways expanding before her, dismissing it as some sort of illusion, the carpet strands rising up towards her, Remiu still unaware of this due to flight. By the time she managed to reach the basement door, she was so tiny, that she could easilly fly under the floor space though a jungle of red carpet fibres; still rising far above her like skyscrapers, Remiu's confusion quickly turning into absolute horror, as a gargantuan white, textured surface crashed down, bulldozing the carpet fibres in front of her. Quickly rasing her head up, Remiu's fears were confirmed, as the massive white plane of textured cotton in front of her, belonged to the sock of the scarlet devil's sister; having quite the sinister grin on her, knowing fine rightly that the shrinking speck before her socked toes is the same girl who dared to beat up her sister; Flandre being more than happy to have the honor of avenging this; either by destoring the speck now, or tormenting her until she disappears into nothing...

(Just a concept that came to mind eariler for another Flandre image)
TETENGO Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015
No tienes posibilidad pequeña
GingerrattennaXD Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Well good Luck Remiu,your going to need it
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