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Apr 25, 2020, 2:21:16 PM
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Thanks for sharing it~ I'll follow, I can't really get enough of you~

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That looks beautiful!

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Happy Bambi ... oh my deer you look amazing ... Happy Bambi   
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Oh my I got so confused, because I saw this pic from your side acc a while ago in browsing on Eclipse XD Also this style reminds me some others artists, so I almost believed that it was an art-theft thingy. UFF I feel glad it's just side acc system. 

DOn't remember if I commented back there, but this drawing is so lovely, I love shapes and colors in it <3
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I really hope it's not too similar than other's work, otherwise I need to delete it.

Thank you! c:
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No, not at all. Your style in this work reminds me other artists, but its not bad. Its just stylistic and such, like there are anime artists, toony artists etc.

This one just made me confused because of your side acc, because i faved artwork from recomendations and didnt check the artist. What was my surprise to find out few days later, that i watch you :D

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Was all of it drawn on paper and inverted using a negative effect? It just looks so delicate, that doesn't look like it's even work of a mechanical pencil or anything from that genre!

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Yes, I used a normal school pencil and I have no idea how to use it!
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Oh, you do know!! This looks gorgeous, both in execution and details!! I stopped using pencils because I dislike having to sharpen them all the time, to keep the lines thin! It's not the same thing with my color pencils, though. You do have talent, it's noticeable by your arts!!

Keep arting and have a nice day!

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I use 2H pencil for sketching, it's very hard graphite that lasts long before I need to sharpen it! :D
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That's very good! I was used to 2B and HB pencils for various types of work. I used these a lot in 2015/2016, when I was getting started with real arts and a style. After that, I got used to my mechanical pencils, and I can't simply put them down! They're comfy to use, and you guarantee fine lines all the time! I also use some colored leads for sketching and developing the structure of my drawings. Not all of them are erasable, though.

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We are going to see it a lot more soon
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Looks really cool and mysterious! :love:

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It make me think of supperposed old photograph, like the ones which took several minutes to take the picture and if you moved it let a translucent mark on the picture

it's a really nice artwork
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