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Art (c) Me; KalmanHukka

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it is awesome but the proportions are kinda off, otherwise it is the greatest!
(the bvacklegs and neck are the off bits btw).
the shading is a little weird but if there is no point of sunlight then i suppose it is good. there is a bit on the tail where is is a bit fatter than i think it is supposed to be otherwise it is good.
you can only see one wing and i think that is not right but its your art so do what you want.
sorry i have not said to much good things about this art, i really do LOVE most of your art.
from sasymeisfuzzy!
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
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My first critique! Don't judge too harshly, please.. ^-^"

Okay. I love the shading on this, absolutely beautiful c:
I like how the bones show, like it's a walking carcass in my opinion.
Did you draw this by hand? If so.. damn, it's amazing |D Did you just you pencil/pen and paper, if drawn by hand?
I'm loving the presence of those two tiny fangs on its bottom lip.
Ah, the crosshatch shading on the wings. It does bring them much depth. The poor creature looks like it was starved to death and then starved in the afterlife. xD
Overall, I'm saying I really love this picture. -Hits favorite button.- Keep up the amazing work, please. :3

[ ~iWolfiez]
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Love you detailed images! Awesome work!
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Awesome work, well done. These creatures are fantastic!
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öhm........ :)
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Thank you, I guess Sweating a little... 
no probs, it truly looks amazing! ^-^
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Pretty legit. Is it strange that I want to touch it? ^^; I really think this creature is cool.
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xD I want too to touch it, especially that rib cage.

Thanks !
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I want to pet the wings. They're very interesting. Hehe.
You're quite welcome. :)
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Epic, this word is definition of this piece of art (and a lot of others in your gallery)
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