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FNaF - Toy Freddy's Withdrawal

There were about 6 people begging me to animate him walking like this for some reason so


Original: Question 67 by Ask-The-Fazbear-Bros / Question 67

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Poor Toy Freddy

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When your mom tells you to do your homework be like:

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Do you like how i walk

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how do i make a gif in devianit art???

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Me when mom says that if i want mcdonalds i have to get it myself:

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derpy Freddy one of the best things in da world

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Every single time I see this image of toy Freddy doing that kind of thing like on the app Amino or Google in my head I'm like what are you doing toy Freddy I was like so confused ever since I first started seeing it which I still am right now

Why Does FNaF Cause So Much Derp?? Please Tell Me!!!

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that is so silly!


this is how my brain works

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Me on my way to the kitchen

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Why is this so adorable?😂❤
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This is me getting up for school OwO XD

what the frickin flip

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When I First Saw Back To School Ads

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XD Is this Toy Freddy after his withdraw? XD

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This is what I live for.
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