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Vstol - Concept Art

By koikonhea
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The design is based on Bell X-22.

I made complete blueprints from all angles and the interior but sadly I managed to lose it, I'll upload it in case I happen to find it.

This aircraft is nuclear powered and it's a ducted fan tilt rotor aircraft, manufactured on Mars and flown on Venus.

Mars has a very thin atmosphere so using aircraft as a means of transportation isn't economical at all but on Venus flying is the most common form of transportation so these vessels are in high demand.

Open rotor aircraft are illegal in most parts of the planet due to civilian safety concerns, ducted fan also gives the aircraft more stability on the expense of maximum cruising speed.
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Dang, this is a really intriguing concept and description. Sometimes it's nice to see a vehicle now and then. Heck, I need to make one myself soon for my Chowmen depending if its for combat or exploration. uvu

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You asked me about spamming btw so I'll reply to you here.

Basically what I meant is that you shouldn't try and make yourself seen all over by commenting and favouriting for no reason because the followers you gain from doing that are mostly inactive.

Commenting and favouriting works that share the same theme as yours is different though, just try focusing on getting watchers who are genuinely interested in what you're doing instead of simply inflating numbers by any means necessary.

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Oh huh! I just kept researching how to get more watchers and people saying comment a lot more, get one forums, maybe give out llamas, or even put art in groups. I thought I wasn't exposed out there enough and ngl it's kinda a chore but I did have fun a little bit on forums. I try to focus on commenting new deviants who has the same or lower level, but the problem is I have to watch then and sometimes people watch back because I was interested but that leads back the problem of too many people I had watched. How can I find people who are interested? What do you think? Should I find people who likes the specific theme? People are very tricky mystery to crack I think...

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Usually I just pick up interesting looking stuff from the latest uploads feed, the most sincere artists are usually the ones who don't advertise themselves much.


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Thanks for the link! Hopefully I could find anyone sincere enough. I've noticed so many of them don't have favorites it saddens me. ;w;

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I'm sure you will

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nice, I absolutely love aircraft/spaceship designs, and this one really hits the mart

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Bell X-22

X22 Schem 02
354816-Bell X-22A Ducted Fan Aircraft-ab0ecc-large

The Bell X-22 was an excellent aircraft, it was stable, fast and economical but the program was scrapped because the US airforce decided to use open rotor aircraft instead and there was no demand for VSTOL aircraft in commercial use back in the 1960's.

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