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1960's Psychedelic Garage/Rock Poster Design

By koikonhea
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Basically the idea here was to design a 60's undergrounds gig poster for my comic, the date on the poster is using the Darian (Martian) calendar which has 24 months and Gemini is the 13th month.

This is an original design and not a redraw, I just came up with the design after a psychoactive experience.
I will be using this design in the actual comic and I might make a few more as the counterculture movement is one of the main subjects in the comic, well, the counterculture movement of the future by an alien race I suppose.

The character pictured here is supposed to be the Martian version of Athena, the goddess of war and Lady Britannia which is actually designed after Athena.

I came up with the band names and although they might sound funny or weird, that's actually very accurate to what you wouĺd see in an average 1966 lineup before psychedelic music became mainstream in -67.
Real band names back then were even weirder, just look them up.

The aliens in my comic aren't orange, the colour scheme in this poster in itself is social commentary for the cinematic universe.

For the background layout I used the Fibonacci sequence.

Music that I used for inspiration:

(BTW, white rabbit and need somebody to love were both written and performed by Grace Slick back when she was the lead singer in Great Society, later she left GS, joined Jefferson Airplane and re-recorded these songs which became instant hits)

Personally I prefer this version of white rabbit, the Jefferson version is more radio friendly and less trippy.
The GR version of somebody to love is not very good though, the Jefferson one is much better.

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