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A gift for Shinerai of course~  This isn't much of a surprise, though I wish it were.  I was stumped on the ears and had to ask Shin for advice, hykdgtjk.  I'm not particularly proud of how this came out, but it's not awful, so I'm posting it here.

I don't know if it's in Shinerai's personality to be cute like this, but I love his little notched tongue???  And I wanted to draw him sticking it out.

As I said, not the best, and I might revisit this one later, but I hope you like it, Sheen~


Shinerai, Byondi (c) Shinerai 
Art (c) Me
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Even if you aren't completely satisfied with how this came out, I love it ;u; The pose is cute - it is totally in his personality to be silly like this. Thank you for thinking of me and making these precious gifts!

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I'm glad you like them!  I knew I wanted to give you two since both of my gifts were rather simple, and I've also never seen anyone draw Lhyz for you???  So I wanted to give Lhyz some love, too.  c:  And honestly, Shin is really great to practice on because there's so much art of him for me to reference angles and try to draw myself to learn how shapes work better~
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I never thought of it like that (having numerous reference material) but I agree that it's way easier to draw a character when other people have done so already! There are a couple arts of Lhyz but not too many at all! She appreciates the love ;u;