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A surprise gift for the lovely Shinerai, the second of two gifts.  Shin knew I was working on the first one, but not this one, which is probably for the best because I'm a lot more satisfied with this one than I am the first one.  I might redraw the first one if I feel like it later, but for now I'm going to leave both of these be.  They're not shaded, but I hate my shading so I'm going to hold off on shading anything until I find a method I feel better about.

Once I get a few more examples drawn up, I'll be taking commissions for this kind of work since I currently have no form of income until/unless my Disability gets approved.  I also just lost my health insurance, and with the virus going around...yeah...

Either way, there's more to come!


Lhyz (c) Shinerai 
Art (c) Me!
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I love this! I'm glad you are more satisfied with this one. She turned out really well, and she is adorable ;u; Thank you so much for not one but TWO gifts! I am beside myself.

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Honestly, I was so worried about being able to get her dappled markings right that I was a bit of a nervous wreck about it, but they actually came out okay and I'm pleasantly surprised.  ; v ;  I feel like I made her hair too thin on the right side and too long on the left side, but I'm still rather pleased with this, so it means the world to me that you think she's cute.  ; v ;  I'm very happy that you enjoy both of your gifts~

Also, I miiiiiight be making you more, because I feel like you deserve even more for your birthday, and your characters are great to practice new styles on.
> v >  Butyoudidn'thearitfromme~
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Oh my, I have no idea what to expect xD I will have to wait this out haha! You are spoiling me.