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Stryker Ven Dreakon
A character sheet for Stryker Vén Dreakon, final in the series of character sheets I've been making for :iconpoly-butt: (for now)

Stryker, God of Power, is the rank 1 member in the Legion (see previous post). He is no longer part of the Legion as he abandoned them and is being pursued by the members.

Stryker is 42 years old and he originates from Russia. The Aegis (his armor) is 15,2 billion years old making it the oldest and most powerful of the Aegis in the Legion. Stryker has immensely high attributes, the ability to control absence of light, liquefy his body to avoid attacks, and control dark matter among some other abilities. He does have his weaknesses however. He has severe anger issues and he is unable to form friendships. He has seven adopted children: Polymere Zephyer, Red Velvét, Necryllis Zephyer, Star Zyrin, Minnie Lindhölm, Sunny G´m, and Xurié Zephyer.

On the top right corner: Stryker arm wrestling with Exodus. In the bottom right corner: Stryker in his 20's holding Stryketta Vén Dreakon who is also part of the Legion. 

The characters belong to :iconpoly-butt: 
The Legion
All characters belong to :iconpoly-butt:

All (currently known) members of the Legion, a band of warriors created by the god Exodus. They've been active for millions of years doing his bidding across the universe. All members wear special armor called Aegis. The Aegis are ancient beings which function both as armor and grant their hosts all their powers. They are malleable and can conform perfectly to their hosts' bodies but hard enough to protect them from attacks. 

Stryker, ranked highest among the members after Exodus, has abandoned the group and is being hunted down by the other members. Besides him there is another member who has left the Legion, one lays dormant on an uninhabited planet, and one lives on Earth.

Ranks, ages, and abilities:

Exodus Vén Titan: Creator of All
Rank: Above all
Nationality: none
Age: Eternal

- Ability to create anything at will
- Beyond godlike attributes
- Wields an all mighty, universal staff
- Ability to bend time
- Controls the Mighty Legion
- Can only be affected by magic
- Rules all dimensions

 - Corruption

Stryker Vén Dreakon: God of Power
Rank: 1
Nationality: Russian
Host age: 42 years
Aegis age: 15.2 billion years

- The oldest and the most powerful Aegis in the Legion
- Gains eternal power when taking damage
- Can control all absence of light
- Immensely high attributes
- Can liquefy his body to avoid attacks and confuse enemies
- Cannot be moved by organic matter
- Can control minds

- Has anger issues
- Unable to form friendships
- Has children

Rein Von Dieter: God of Affliction
Rank: 2
Nationality: German
Host age: 67 years
Aegis age: 14 billion years

- Can control all diseases, deadly chemicals, and deadly bacteria
- Can control souls
- Cannot be touched by organic matter
- Contagious

- Freezing temperatures
- Specific antidotes

Zephyrus Osi Windbreaker: Goddess of Wyverns
Rank: 3
Nationality: Korean
Host age: 18 years
Aegis age: 280,000 years

- Controls all winds
- Can create hurricanes, storm surges, whirlwinds and cyclones
- Can create short distance portals out of steam for attacking
- Immense speed and agility
- Can create a windbreaker blade out of lighting
- Can control Wyverns

- Small and fragile
- Nearly useless in space
- Youngest Aegis of the Legion

Stryketta Vén Dreakon: Goddess of Trickery
Rank: 4
Nationality: Russian
Host age: 23 years
Aegis age: 2 million years

- Immensely high attributes
- Can create celestial portals to other worlds, and miniature portals to attack at different angles
- Can morph her body around to avoid attacks
- Can create powerful magic

- Uses nebula fragments as energy
- Can easily be persuaded
- Very naive

Hail Vén Hydran: God of the Deep
Rank: 5
Nationality: American
Host age: 26 years
Aegis age: 5 million years

- Can control all liquids at once
- Can control weather
- Is not affected by intense heat

- Freezing temperatures
- Waste

Agni Hél Draco: God of Hellfire
Rank: 6
Nationality: Australian
Host age: 25 years
Aegis age: 15 million years

- Ability to control all temperatures
- Constant heat waves
- Can control the elements of heat

- Uses nitrogen as fuel
- Water
- Containment
- Darkness

Kaguya Izu Kira: Goddess of Elegance and Purity
Rank: 7
Nationality: Japanese
Host age: 42 years
Aegis age: 2.8 billion years

- Master with classic weapons such as katanas, bows, and shurikens
- Perfect aim
- Can transform into a powerful hydra
- Extremely fast, and very agile

- Freezing temperatures
- Perfectionist
- Hand to hand combat
- Bondage
Afternoon sun
A drawing I made for a buddy who is also working on the BNHA fan game I mentioned in my previous post. This was originally supposed to be a really quick and simple drawing but I ended up getting lost in the colors and wanted to make it more detailed. The outfit Uraraka is wearing was picked by the person I drew this for, and since the shirt was pink, I decided to go for a warm and earthly color scheme for the entire piece. This was very fitting in my opinion, since I always associate warm colors with Uraraka's character and design. Her colors also naturally fit this color scheme. 

I used the Pencil (rough) brush for the outlines to give them a more organic look. I used airbrush and watercolor brush for the colors and shading. 

Boku no hero academia is owned by Kohei Horikoshi.
Hero academia: Beyond website banner
So, for the past couple of months, I've been working on a non-profit BNHA fan game project with a team of developers as the Head of 2D art. While I'm mostly working on character designs, I also lend a hand in other parts of the project where art is needed. 

The fan game team has put up a website for the game where people can check in for updates, create blogs, audition as voice actors for the game, and more! You can visit the site here:…

Me, and a group of other artists were given the task to draw original art for the website. This is the banner I created for the main page. There are actually four color variants of this banner (the background), yellow, red, green, and blue. I've posted some of the other color variants on other sites, like Amino and Insta, but decided to post this one here cause the yellow background color is often used in the official art. So I feel it gives the image a more authentic look. 

One of the things that I aim for when drawing fan art is to make the art look as close to the original style as possible (unless I find the original style to be unappealing) and that's exactly what I wanted to do here. It's also better at keeping the art style consistent between different artists. 

Boku no hero academia is owned by Kohei Horikoshi.


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