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Yes, I got included within the Udon's Megaman Tribute book! First time I won ANYTHING in my life, I can't express how happy I feel. Congrats to everyone who got in the book too, and for those that didn't, don't let this get you down. There are many oportunities to come, so be sure to prepare for that chance :)


And more news from Vegamation's side. Some more sneakpeeks have been posted at Vegamation's journal, go check them out:

There is also a simple but fun which contest I mentioned in my previous journal. The contest will close on April 29th, so if you haven't sent anything yet, go do it now! It's quite easy to participate and the prize is something you can't miss! For more information go to this link:…
Vegamation is having a little contest, and you can get the chance to win the first 3 "Introducing..." books, the 3rd one being the one I worked for (which it is not released yet). It's quite simple, read the story posted on the journal and name it! That's it!

Go check it out here:…

I finished all my entries btw, so all that is left is to wait and see how it turns out, I'm sure it wont dissapoint from what I could see :)
Not much to say, go check out the link:…

I still have one more drawing to go and I'm done. I'll probably post a few sneakpeeks of my later this month :)
It's been a bit silent here, but I assure a lot of work has been done behind the scenes (and still is). So now I'm here with a little update of this project!

:iconshaotemp: has posted some sneakpeeks of a few artworks made exclusively for the book, one of them made by yours truly. There are still a lot more which unfortunately I can't show (or I don't want to) so for now enjoy those. I might post a few sneakpeeks myself way later and if I get the aprroval from the boss :D

The sneakpeeks can be seen in here: and since you are there, check the other artists out, they have really mindblowing material :)

Please visit their site , check them over Facebook (I can't do that XD) and help us spread the love around, world domination is the only thing they ask for.


Now, for some completely unrelated news, it seems like yesterday I celebrated my first DeviantArt year, and I didn't got any present from them besides an annoying popup message telling me upgrade my account >: (
Well, I'm here right now to announce some great news. :iconshaotemp: invited me to be a part of the next issue of Introducing... published by Vegamation…

This means that I'll be really busy this entire month to make the best drawings I can make to deserve this spot :D I must say, I feel a bit out of place seeing the other great artists involved in the project, but this is probably a chance that wont repeat again, and this is a great way to challenge myself to get much better.

For more information about Vegamation you can visit their site here -, and you can check the DeviantArt group and look around previous works in here…, and while you are in there take a peek at the lineup of artists.

I will post some teasers later this month with what I get done for these, so stay tunned!
And I hitted the 3k views!

I got a great increase of attention thanks to those Tribute drawings, so even if I don't make it in, I'm just glad that I tried and that you all liked those drawings, (or any other in my gallery too :) )

Sorry if i didn't got to thank each and every one who faved my stuff, but I'm still not used to getting my message notes being overloaded like it did, but I'm still very thankful with everyone who ever took a look in my gallery, I really do :D

So many thanks all of you, you are all making me one hell of a happy guy <3
So I submited an entry yesterday, and I'll be slowly working on another one this week, so all that's is left is the annoying wait until I hopefully get that mail that says that I got in (HOPEFULLY).

This also means that I FINALLY finished a drawing after all this time! Probably even two drawings in a month¨*gasp*. A reason to celebrate indeed...

I'm not gonna show anything for now though, I´ll wait a bit until the contest is over or I'm sure that they didn't make it ( :( )

Good lucks to anyone out there who submitted something btw :)

*starts praying*
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Happy new year everyone!
Thanks for everyone who took a peek in my gallery <3

My summer vacations will start really soon, which is a great chance to work with some entries for that Megaman Tribute contest, I'm going with everything I have on that one.

I'll start drawing a lot more too because of that, so stay tuned ;)
I just noticed I haz over 1k views! A great excuse to do something with this journal!

Thanks a lot to each and everyone that visited this arid lands, and much love to those that went as far as to favourite one of my drawings <3

Nowadays I'm going thru the obligatory final exams's week, so I'm kinda busy at the moment, but after that I'll produce some drawings I had in my head for a long time, as well as some I have to finish :D

Dear Diary:

This is my journal.

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