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I wanted to apologize for the vast silence over the last few years from this group. We're all still alive and well, but won't probably be doing much more group cosplays 

I moved on to doing just art primarily, which I realized more recently is really where my passion is. You can see my work, and or improvement (wow I can't believe how much I have honestly improved when I look at the older works i used to post online here) here…

I'll be updating there more often - but mostly I just wanted some radio silence for a while to clear my head. (It wasn't my intention to be gone for so long, but I just felt that I didn't want to be known for my costume work anymore I suppose) 

A lot of the reason I left had to do with me seeing a dramatic shift and all the growing pains accompanying that over the years. Costume play is an amazing industry now, kind of almost a giant, and very widespread and well known. While that is all good and I am very proud of our community and its amazing jump, it's not for me anymore. I don't do well with just about anything if it becomes mainstream. I am kind of the type to just abandon interest in things for no real specified reason a lot. However I felt the only way I could really sever my ties with cosplay would be to delete my accounts. I know what kind of person I am, (big people pleaser here) and I knew that I would want to continue to do what my audience wanted rather than what I wanted. Most if not all of my audience wanted cosplay- and while some people showed interest in my art, I felt my art wasn't up to snuff and I went to focus on that instead. 

Art has always been a background passion I've been cultivating behind the scenes, and over the past few years, after dropping cosplay, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my art abilities. I guess I'm just the kind of person that can't focus on more than one hobby at once and tends to get stressed if I spread myself over many different kinds of artistic expression. 

I may still cosplay again, I wouldn't completely say that I've abandoned that, it's a creative craft so it has investment to me, and I still adore certain creatures and characters and may want to take a crack at em- but on a whole- supernovadobe was no more a long time ago, and I didn't even bother to say goodbye because I knew that would be really emotional for me and I felt it was better just to leave it all behind. 

So that's where I went, and what happened. 

Sorry for the radio silence, and the lack of content. Everyone else kind of followed suit after I quit, I don't think on purpose, or because of me, but just that we are a group, and a lot of us don't like doing things without each other, so when I opted to stop and delete all my accounts, there was just kind of a rapid disinterest in continuing on with cosplay. 

We still have things in the works, like a lets play channel on Koi, I'm working on a video right now for my own personal YouTube, I do wig tutorials still and still do wig commissions things are happening- but I should warn you that a lot of these things are VASTLY unrelated to cosplay. 

I know that's what a lot of you signed up for, and what a lot of you wanted from us, and I feel it's fair to warn you that officially, that probably won't be something we will be doing anymore, at least, not unless I have interest again, which, I can't completely deny it- you never know where the future will take us! 

Anyways- you can find me online now under the handle "dreamzcometroo" just about anywhere- something I didn't bother to publicize. If you have interest in art, that's where I'll be. No cosplay, no none of that- just art, maybe some wigs, but really nothing like what you probably followed me for. 

I can't be any more sorry for this, I felt the community changed way too much for me to continue to take part in it, it still feels like it's about community in a way and I am glad that people have creative outlets, cosplay is really what you make of it... but the expenses and just the general fragmented interests and the amount of growing pains just got to me. It's hard to book rooms, hard to get tables, hard to get badges, it just became less fun and more work than what it was worth.

I appreciate everyone here, and I appreciate being able to share the fun times I had, I cherish them and even if I did have some rough times, I still wouldn't trade the experience of being a cosplayer for anything. It was a amazing journey and a huge part of my early to late twenties, and I loved all the people I met, and of course am still open to talk to anyone interested- such a experience will never be forgotten. 

With much love ---!! Always! 

Kim Winter / Naruto from Koi Cosplay 
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So I'm basically going to just snag everything I said in my other journal and swing it on over here because, I would just be saying the same exact thing with different words, and I sort of think you've all had enough of that- so if you follow me on DreamsComeTroo you know what's up! If not- here you are!

Videos: We have another video up- this time from Supernatural, even though there's some serious stuff going on with Jared ATM, if you know then you know if not then you don't wanna know man- I'm gonna go ahead and throw this up. Just to add a disclaimer, I'm a big poser/actor/loser for making this video because I'm NOT super into the show mans and ladies and gents and madames, (get it, I'm not "super" into the show?) I tried to be, but it's still kind of just skirting my attention span. I blame ADHD xD I don't know, it's a good show though I'm just into more colorful action-ese like things~ bweh.... I feel like I'm reversing my Corolla over my opinion, running it over, and then attempting to revive it...just forgive me and watch the clip -sob OTL-

FREE! Videos: We have a Rei and a Nagisa who will be attending the next series of videos! I'm so excited to work with my friends on this project! Expect the videos to come out, scheduled to be slotted some time just after Feb 13th when our Rei and Nagisa will be visiting us. I can't even contain my excitement on this because I---mushes all over this paragraph about friendship and tolerance and gayness. The happy kind...words. More words. Insert more words. Sobs grossly theur...

Gundam Wing: These videos are slated to have another sometime within the next week or so- we want to apologize with a basket of kittens for our severe delay on distribution of these, they essentially went on hiatus for no reason I can fathom other than the stress-so-saur meter going up beyond 9000. Now that all the kittens are back in the basket we're focusing on making a few more of these to throw up within the week. Sorru-5Over for the delay!

Attack on Titan Group Meetup: On the 15th of February Antiquity-Dreams and DreamsComeTroo as well as possibly blackfruitbat will be attending an Attack on Titan Gathering in Little Tokyo in LA. For more information to get yourself in gear (GET IT YEA YOU DO ... and if you don't I'm sorry) you can check out the link for the event on FB here-> Valentine's Day SNK

Rolling out like an autobot on OTHER projects: Fanime! Antiquity-Dreams and DreamsComeTroo Will be attending and contributing to the Masquerade event in Eternal Sonata wear! Myself and Raven will be putting up a performance, and we just REALLY don't expect to win, at all bros- but we are aiming to have fun, and FUN should happen. If it's not fun, I might rage a little. I might - a little. Maybe I might feel it in my left kidney. (Or maybe my left breast again, BODY PARTS ARE FUN!)

I don't want to get too ahead of myself and list off the rest of what's happening this year for all of Koi, but let's just say A LOT of amazing opportunities/changes have cropped up- mostly thanks to the anime community, and we're very excited/nervous about completion of said projects so in order not to entirely disappoint anyone, I'll hold off on the announcements for AX/Yaoi Con.

Cyril U. Winter/DreamsComeTroo
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So I wanted to inform all ye whos ears are still reading...wait... okay well ALL YE WHO IS LITERATE... entirely, or not - to come gather around for a storytelling session.

Once upon a time there was a cosplay group- who didn't do videos.


I know weird right?

For now we're just doing a web series on FREE! But in the past we did Gundam Wing which we're still planning on updating soon ish enough.

For everyone who is still following we probably seem like this is somewhat like zombifying a pre-existing zombie and popping up out of the grave like "WOW IT'S A DAISY!"

For everyone who got that you get points.

For everyone who didn't - please follow, subscribe, and enjoy us being us for the first time in what seems like ever! <3

Thanks to all those who still follow.

Love all us at Koi.
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You're talking to DreamsComeTroo

Or otherwise me! I was just sending out a journal to let you know Koi is getting ready for Fanime which will be coming out soon, we have some huge groups planned (one that's running over 30+ collaborators x___X) so we're hoping that you are still interested in all our sillyness! We apologize for any lack of activity! I know personally i've kind of been running away a little from the internet! All the praise is very daunting and i'm afraid I won't live up to it etc so I have a bit of a problem responding but i'm hoping that you all realize that this is not implication of myself or any one Koi member not caring!

Anywho we will all be attending Fanime- and specifically certain members will be heading out to specific cons!

Anime Conji - Supernovadobe , Antiquity-dreams , Eclecticmaniac <3 possibly also Alcblueyes and Admantius though i'm not sure!

AX - Eclecticmaniac , Supernovadobe , Antiquity-dreams , ALCblueyes , Admantius , Trap4u , Blackfruitbat , Raven-unit , Kamaruu

Fanime - Kopininja , Eclecticmaniac , Supernovadobe , Antiquity-dreams , ALCblueyes , Admantius , Vaporapture , Trap4u , Blackfruitbat , Raven-Unit , Meredish , Oli

And of course the ever-obligatory

Yaoi Con - Kopininja , Eclecticmaniac , Supernovadobe , Antiquity-dreams , ALCblueyes , Admantius , Vaporapture , Trap4u , Blackfruitbat , Raven-unit , XMBloodedge , Meredish , Oli

To be honest I was seriously considering Sakura Con, but more and more I realize I see and feel less of a reason to go. So despite my want to go, I personally am finding less motivation as time goes on. Since I'm not interested this just has turned into a convention that Koi Cosplay will most likely not be attending from now on. It's the first time since 2007 in which I am opting out. My lack of interest is kind of catching, unintentionally, so most of my friends and family are opting out just the same. I'm sorry for anyone who usually expects to see us there. I see and hear a lot of "I'm so excited to finally meet you soon!" And I get very excited, only to belatedly realize that people still think I'm going to Sakura Con. Despite my multiple attempts to communicate on Tumblr that I'm not, I'm continually having to disappoint people by telling them I'm not going over and over. So I'm leaving this here to let everyone know for SURE, myself and Raven do not intend to go to Sakura Con. I am sorry again, I know at this point that I have received so many messages of people excited to 'meet me for the first time' that this may be disappointing but in order to not continually have to individually tell people I'm putting this up here so hopefully I won't feel bad every time I have to re-explain that I don't want to / do not have enough motivation to desire to go mostly for financial reasons. So I  hope everyone can meet us at the other cons I'm exploring this year! I'm happy to meet a few friends that i've met online at AX! You know who you are Kamaruu and Pepsi-Freeze.

This is just an overview so I'm hoping I'm not missing anyone! For everyone who is collaborating with Koi Cosplay at these many conventions if you would like to be mentioned please send a note to Supernovadobe and i'll be sure to mention that you're doing so! We have a lot of groups that have members of Koi Cosplayers with collabors of other individuals that are going to be going up on the main Koi Site. If you don't see everyone in one group it's just because group members were doing other cosplays at that time. We're going to be extremely active in the next couple of months so we're trying to find all old photos and pump them out for you guys. We have some Harry Potter, some Weiss Kruz, Blue Exorcist, Tiger and Bunny, and a lot of backlogged photos that never got put up including X/1999. We are hoping you will be happy to see them !!! To be honest- I'm pretty guppy like so I just plum old forgot to upload as pictures were taken is all!

Thanks and everyone please send your love to all the individual accounts. After Anime Conji we'll have a lot of individual announcements to make about long-standing collaborators becoming new members and the like! So expect new updates as time moves on :P!
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Just wanted to say another heart-felt thank you to all watchers out there! We've been planning a lot of stuff but we've only been uploading mainly from the Supernovadobe account on youtube and the antiquity-dreams account on youtube so if you want to see some of the antics our group has been up to check them out !!… - SND account… - AD's account.

(To be honest right now for some reason it's very difficult to upload specifically onto the Koi account on Youtube XD)

Your support has meant the world to us, and has helped us through a lot of hard times, with as much as you say that it has helped you, you have helped us!!!

I know we all have not really been posting too much on that account but SND from Koi wanted you to know something very personal - on the interwebs we all enjoy our fair share of roleplaying- and she wanted to make sure to let you know you're all invited if you want to see what she has been up to on tumblr as Supernovadobe and as ToraToraTiger! You can also find a couple of other Koi members there but I won't ruin the surprise I'll let you guess! Only if you're that interested- and probably even more likely if you're a Tiger and Bunny fan- it's open for critique and SND encourages you to help her learn how to write so she can become better each day! She adores love critique :P - Supernovadobe - ToraToraTiger
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Hello everyone this is SND just throwing out an entry letting you know that everyone in Koi is essentially alive and well. We are getting all ready for Yaoi Con where we will be debuting something we're going to be pretty happy to do together that will probably be blowing our own minds more than anyone else's hahaha. -dweeb-

Anyways I wanted to settle down here to say that this upcoming Yaoi Con will be Koi's 4 year anniversary, lately I was thinking it's really interesting because it feels like i've known the people in the group a lot longer so it's just bizarre I guess. Like forever maybe.

So we're hoping to see you there- and if you're not going to Yaoi Con ... i'm really sorry or maybe not... depending on the reason why you're not going? don't like it? do? Not going because you're under aged? I dunno!

Much love to everyone who has supported us the whole time, we're really humbled by it! Especially considering how far cosplay has come since then! (Back when I first started, someone with a good wig was like WHOA! In the Naruto fandom at least hahaha.)

So I just want to thank you again! Don't really have anything much else to say!
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Hey everyone this is Naru/Naruto of Koi Cosplay here to send a little memo of appreciation to everyone for following Koi Cosplay!

I know that it seems like we don't respond often (Probably because we don't manage to check up on this account regularily) But your words really do help especially in this trying time for the group. A lot of changes have been made and I just wanna say that it's been WEIRD continuing on. I personally feel obligation to continue to cosplay because I know it has a influential impact that is GOOD on a lot of people! Don't I just love having that impact?? -Lime light stage xD-

Anyways the point of this journal entry is to update you as to where to send your mail if you have any specific questions, it's so difficult for Antiquity-Dreams and myself to stop ADHDing to remember to update and upgrade this site, so i'm making sure YOU ALL know that if you have any questions for the ENTIRE GROUP...references to interviews at cons and photographers who are interested in group shots etc--- or where we will be located at conventions, I just want to let you know that it's best at this point to direct those questions to :icondreamscometroo: or :iconantiquity-dreams:

The response time will be cut down to a supreme minimal and you will get your answers asap!!!

As for everyone else you know where to direct your questions to:

:iconadmantius: :icontematime: :iconkopininja: :iconcrazypretzel: :iconvampireritual:

Thank you everyone for the continual source of support... we will be doing another huge group project at Yaoi Con 2010 and we will all be together on this and have a few projects carefully mapped out for 2010 Sakura Con. However considering the massive problems due to location and money, we can't really handle much more than that! We are all working very hard to continue to entertain, but financial always comes before cosplay! -shakes a finger @ self x.X????-

Thank you everyone and I encourage you to keep reaching for your goals XD Much love!

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This is a little late but who's counting really outside of us Koi people? xDDDD

It's been two years at last yaoi Con, been a little while since, but no big shin-dig! I wrote a poem for all my fellow members at the time, and I remember that our member :iconadmantius: had asked if I would post it, I decided to do so! So here we go!? Direct from DreamsComeTroo to all my fellow members who I hold dear:

It all started with some vows
And here we all stand now

Koi Cosplay--it's really true
came quite out of the blue.

A cosplay wedding, surreal I know,
could grant such an audience a front seat show.

With red bull in store and far more--

The asassin nin got married within.

And Gaara, it's true, she really likes you.

Then Came Sakura Con 2008
and Sexy no Jutsu Lolita was Great

Bleach came with that con,
and man that was the bomb.

Cramped in the hot green room air,
Hoping to make a care bear stare.

All Koi Cosplay with Ita and Dei,
who slowly started to drift away.

But let's not forget the most important event--
Destiney had come and went.

She can't be here this year,
but don't forget why we're here.

Alive and well and breathing too,
It's all due to Peacerider's cue.

And Naru broke Gaara's gourd,
but it's okay because it'll win an award.

They recruited Tema and Kimmi to save the day,
But Tema was loud so Koi said "Hey!"

Koi Cosplay was one year in, and that's when Kingdom Hearts begins.

And so many colors it's true! And Zexion's wig was made anew.

While Saix was styled with a moment to spare,

and keyblades were crafted with so much care.

Riku and Sora got lung infections, So they were quaranteened to different sections.

And SAKURA loves everyone she must, for she is full of hormones and lust.

While Zabimaru was broken in half, Kakashi did nothing but laugh.

Bleach was shown again, part two, with hot sexy pictures now to debue.

and so Kakashi went astray, and we miss her to this very day.

Then Sakura Con 2009 Shone down,

and Black Star came to town,

and god knows that con was all about him,

Koi was at his every whim.

But he lent his stage to the best,
A Soul Eater group that passed that test.

Cause Patti and Liz stayed Nsync.

Even though they had less in common than one might think.

And Halloween Town was so much fun, even though all the outfits broke a ton.

And Anti Sora could not see, just the way it's meant to be.

Enraged and tired of sparkling light, Team Xigbar took Edward on in the night.

Then the anbu came to take on the mission--

Bloody and tired and needing physicians.

Tema was voted in, unanimoous it was to begin. Not a person said no, so we took her to go.

With Kelly chasing after a steak, while Gaara did nothing but laugh and forsake.

So the anbus ran across a scroll, while everyone laughed as it took its toll...

Love Letters are dangerous and vile, best that boy stays in denial.

With monopoly boards on hand, the game became rather grand.

So the two year mark is near, and I bring to you a fireflies tear

With all that said and done, here's what you have won,

there's a show I made for the number two, brought to you, by you.

Shortly after was a video of all le good times created by me for the group, if you're interested it's on the Koi Cosplay Youtube here…

All members mean a great deal to me, and I want everyone to understand this, so I thought i'd show it by posting up what i've done recently for the group.

Though I never feel like I could do enough!

-Naruto Facers of Koi Facers.
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Hey everyone I know it's been a long time since any official updates have been passed down to any fans about Koi Cosplay but here's basically a spheel on how we're all doing cosplay wise: BROKENESS.

Ahahaha xD!

We're all fairly broke right now and it has caused a lot of unrest and lack of motivation, so despite our best efforts we may not be able to scrap up too much for you for a while. It's not that we're just it's just that we're all on life support in a way XD. Although we do what we can for the group and we attempt to put out as much as possible it is always has been, and always will be, a work of love, and due to food overriding our hobbies we've been out of commission for a while.

I wish we all lived closer together, but you see how that all goes, life carries you by the wrist directs you where to go!

We all still love each other very much, we shall see where the tides of life will carry us and what we can do for 2010 based on the love of our respective hobbies! Shout out goes to all the wonderful fans who have stuck by us reguardless of the lack of productivity!

And on that note, I was inspired by a friend of mine, to ask everyone what your favorite cosplay is, why it's your favorite, and what it has done to change your life!

I'm looking forward to the answers!

Naru out!

PS....don't forget to join el clubbo: tee hee :iconkoi-fanclub:
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SASU and Sakura's BIRTHDAY

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 12:41 PM
KOI COSPLAY - Out to Lunch

Y-con is officially over and the world keeps turning XD

Naru and Sasu just celebrated their anniversary at the land of Magic -Disney Land- which apparently was AMAZING!! -sad face- i wanna go now too!!! XDD

With November's chill well on its way to freezing and supernatural's geekdom filling the house, there is just one thing that needs to be known..well 2 XD

SASU and SAKURA's Birthdays are COMING UP!!!!

SASU's is Nov 11 and Sakura's is Nov 27th.

Send the love!! :D


Koi Cosplay

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Yaoi Con Yo.

Tue Oct 27, 2009, 6:02 PM
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So everyone should be made aware that all KOI peoplez will be in attendance at the Yaoi Con Thing!

If you are going then you should meet us, or something, cause we bite. Big time. If you don't like being bitten, RUN AWAY! Koi = Zombie.

...If you don't know who's writing this at this point YOU ARE NOT A FAN! -on crack still.- Bwa hahaha DreamsComeTroo

So anyways, I was just sending a let-you-know sorta thing out to everyone so that EVERYONE KNOWS, ... see how this works thar? that we'll be doing a MASQUARADE SKIT and it's going to be amazing, and we're going to BEAT SOMEONE UP IN IT no really.... life or death man life or death... BE AFRAID.

The carnage unfolds.

So anyways just leavin a little bit of info that that and that, --- so you all thar.

Friday = Guess (OH MY GOD YOU SHOULD!)

Saturday = Guess (You'll never guess this one anyways >>;)

Sunday = Kingdom Hearts XD and something else?? Not sure! YOU'LL NEVER KNOW WAHAHAHA XD

Sekriiiiits are fuuuunnyyyyyyy

Can't wait to see everyone there! Including the peeps of amazing that we never get to see!

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First off, much love to :iconsamfail: for purchasing a three month subscription, as you can see pictures are chillin like villians at the top of this here spiffy ass journal. Thanks to the lovely support of this here dude/dess.


What are we going to do for the kiribans?!!?

Amazingly enough, there was two catchers for the Koi Cosplay account kiriban, (I think there might be more)

So I just suggest that all three winners fight to the death.


OR fly to each other for a rock paper scissor match! TO THE DEATH.

Or just it out....TO THE DEATH!

I think at this point everything should be to the death.


Don't you?

Seriously though, LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ I want it youtubed xD

...Is this possible?

:P! Sakura wants to be the subject of at least one of these kiribans because she's lonely xD so there you have it ! Pick away you lucky lucky you, both of you.

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So everyone involved in Comic Con had tons of fun xD

But because our subscription is out I can't really show you here XDDD

If anyone wants to see any of the photos we acquired you can go to Koi Cosplay My Space and look through them all here! You know the low down :P!…

It was nice to see everyone again, this speaking from Naru's mouth I missed Gaara and Tema and Kakashi LOADS so it was really relaxing to chill with them, albeit we all did several ADD takes and ended off in our own various places at times, it was nice to spend the time outside of the con with them as well.

We barely slept, but it was still oh so worth it!

So once again thank you for everyone and sorry we missed all the people running about hunting us down with signs, Comic Con is monstrous so it's difficult to find peoples XD !!

See you all at Y Con!


Tue May 19, 2009, 12:38 PM
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HEY EVERYONE ;lkajfdl;kjaf << spasm.

This is Naruto from Koi, aka supernovadobe reporting in about the plans for Fanime~!~~!!!!

....This was spasm again....

Too much energy drink....


:iconadmantius: :iconjinglepoofanimation: :icondreamscometroo: :iconantiquity-dreams: :icontematime:

All members will be collabing together on certain days, so to give you a run down i'll list them off all military style yo~!@!!! -salutes-

Friday: Final Fantasy Seven (ALL DIFFERENT ARCS AND CHARACTERS, BUT YOU CAN'T MISS US) Collabs include Tifa, Zack, Cloud, and Reno

Saturday: Final Fantasy X-2 Collabs include: Paine, Rikku, Yuna

Sunday: Lolita Naruto Collabs include: Gaara, Sasuke, Naruto, Itachi, Temari

Monday: Vocoloid (We're collabing with some partners, and I don't know if they want their secret out yet, i'll ask them and get back to you guys on this, but the total group will be four.)

Rave nights: Collab include SNJ raver outfits (I .... HATED MAKING THIS BTW) Collabs include these characters: Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi.


We got our table very early, so I'm pretty sure we may be by the door again, we have two seperate tables, and :icontematime: will be selling fangs with us, for anyone who wants information on that, please be sure to stop by and visit!

:icondreamscometroo: Is the main debuter at this table, and this year will be selling TONS of original work, as well as original characters and prints.

(PS Wolfram I have some gifts for you, please stop by.)

The table will have a lot of recycled stuff at super low bargain prices because I want to clean out all my stock for my comic i'm going to be premeiring at Sakura Con next year artist alley.

Also for everyone interested, I am doing a fund raiser for the human rights campaign as suggested by a couple close friends of mine. The fund raiser is only included in works that have prop eight suggestions, all the profit of those sells will be sent to the organization fighting for the rights that were stolen from me and my wife. Please be sure to ask what these items are and i'll be happy to show you!

I hope to see you all there at my table, and I hope to see everyone in general, I don't get to go on vacations often and neither does my wife, so I'll enjoy all the love you give us, and best wishes to all on cosplay etc, I HOPE FOR LESS STRESS ON ALL!!!!

Speaking of stress, this as a personal note: a lot of my art was stolen before the debut from me, a specific sketchbook went missing recently, and I'm pretty sure it was jacked from me, a lot of prints went missing, so I won't have a lot of new fanart, as this specific sketch book was revolving around Naruto, Soul Eater, Kingdom Hearts etc, I'm so sorry that I don't have much to give, especially all my recent Black Star art. I hope you guys understand. I've also been handling a LOT of stress recently as life has been throwing me some....extremely unexpected blows.

However i've been rolling in the punches and my backup original art saved the day, so either way I have a lot to give!

Hope to see you all there. ^^

:iconvampireritual: :iconadmantius: :iconantiquity-dreams: :icondreamscometroo: :iconkopininja: :iconcrazypretzel: :iconkariana: :iconjinglepoofanimation: :icontematime:


Wed May 6, 2009, 1:01 PM
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Waaaaazuuuuup MY COMPADRESSSSSS!!?!?!?

This is :icondreamscometroo: here bringing you an update on what we've been up to lately. So without further ado i'm going to traverse the gap between Sakura Con and what's going to happen at Fanime!

For everyone who knew we went to Sakura con kudos to you -hands out orange lollipops- for everyone who wanted to know what we DID well!!! We debubuted our Soul Eater, had some fun, debuted our KH Halloween Town Cosplays which were pretty epic. (MINE WAS SO EPIC IT BROKE FIVE TIMES WOOOOOOT....that means it couldn't handle the epic of itself and fell apart.)

and on Sunday we FINALLY debuted bloody anbu for our Kakashi who is currently away to Iraq, it's something she always wanted to do. (Soul Eater and KH Halloween town were for ME, because....  I dunno why... I'm speshul. And Soul Eater rocks anyways.)

So anyyyyyways the entire group went, we got some collabers with us too, kudos and much much much thank yous to :iconcosmic-empress: for debuting your awesome KH HT Axel with our Saturday group, we hope for more epicness in collabing from you in the future. :iconcaineyamiyasha: stepped in for the Yondaime shoots if you're wondering who the Yondaime was sunday in our shoots lolz. We also had tons of help from B, Pretz's girlfriend, who... has a DA??? Yes? Also our lovely lovely collaber :iconeclecticmaniac: who cosplayed Liz for Soul Eater, Anti-Sora for Kh HT, and Kiba for Bloody Anbu. As well as Sakura's boyfriend who cosplayed Patti for Soul Eater.

..... Lolz I will figure this out.

ANYWHOz, we got all ready and our Temari came up in a nine hour drive from San Diego with a rented van we were going to take to Seattle. From then on it was a fourteen hour road trip with nine people. (This can be stressful but I think we handled it pretty well.) Everyone was pretty tired when we arrived, and my keyblade broke in the van xDDD (yay that thing was so troublesome) but other than that we were all okay. We got our pre-reg stuff, got fully into Gakuen, and went out to Sakura Con! Thursday some of us actually were in Gakuen gear, just so you know. We got stopped for pictures by Euro, so we took some just before we left.

Sakura actually was not in Gakuen, but she was doing Sakura, and got sucked into the photoshoot xDDDD

AFTER PRE-REG pickup, we spent the night with :iconblackfruitbat: and :iconraven-unit: who I thank you for all your wonderful hospitality! For putting up with our crazy antics, and for loving us like you do !

The next morning I had to wake up pretty early, do some crazy driving stuffs, and then crash and wake up again at eight to get into Soul Eater.

Soul Eater was pretty epic as seen here

And mucho antics!

(shakies fistie at self for being so..... ridiculous in poses)

I personally thought this was my favorite cosplay out of the ENTIIIIIIIRE LINEUP because it was so easy to inter
ract on a character basis level. Everyone has so much interaction with each other in the show it was fun to do Maka Chops and dance around everyone arrogantly as Black Star while Kid shook his head, stopped me for the sixteenth time, and messed around with my costume until it was "Kampeki" I mean when you think about it, Soul Eater characters have high levels of interaction in comparison to Naruto, and especially KH HT, when we were in Halloween Town, it was a little different, but Soul Eater I definately think hit me home on a character basis level so I had tons of fun with that! Not only that but it was super fun because we were all the right sizes! Sasu makes a good Death cause she's so short... -gets hit in the face- and and and and Patti and Liz were the right sizes too!!! AND -nerdbreakdown-

After that I did some running around, and had a little emergency or two later on at night at the rave. Nothing too serious to mention though, just lots of fun.

Then Saturday we debuted Halloween Town, it was much fun leading our collaber around (anti sora)

Halloween Town I think everyone in the group worked the hardest on, CEPT FOR ME lol, well I worked hard on mine but credits to the jacket go to :iconcaineyamiyasha: who I commissioned. Everyone here should definately go check out his site, he has awesome sauce skillz when it comes to TEH WAY OF DE COSPLAY! Aside from that everything you see here was completely hand made by everyone involved with their original AU cosplays. I thought this was really fun and dynamic group because of all the originality involved and I think the costume I enjoyed seeing for the first time the most was definately :iconadmantius: for pulling off the epic Dracula look, I knew what she was doing, I just didn't expect it to be so amazing. So creds for everyone on pulling off the alternate universe style! So it was much fun, our collaber Kelly pulled out all the stops with her HT version of Anti Sora, and it was really great leading her around. She was a big sport about it like she always is and had we all had some laughs trying to tell her that she wasn't facing cameras when she was posing for pictures. XDDD (Also having her try to chase me up an escalator when she can't see threatening to kill me because I ran away from her was pretty awesome too xD)

Anyways HT on a whole rocked my sawks and was a totally awesome debut, super fun, and even without the character dynamics it was great to hang with just my friends instead of being in character. So once again, props to everyone for pulling out all the stops on this one, it means a lot to me and Sasu, AND BOO TO EVERYONE WHO KNOCKS KOI COSPLAY FOR NOT DOING ANYTHING OTHER THAN NARUTO -thumbs down- Cause we gotz DA VARIETY! AND THE ELBOW GREASE, TO PULL THIS OFF! -tenacious D style rock on-

Anyways SPREAKING OF NARUTO. After a fun filled saturday being smashed with pictures and rocking it out epic style at the rave, we all got into Bloody Anbu gear sunday and strutted our stuff blood-ridden style. It was a debut meant especially for Kakashi and even though she wasn't there with us, there wasn't even one Koi Member who didn't miss her presence...seriously.

I'd like to make mention here that my jacket, shit, my entire cosplay was inspired by :iconorin: who made me want to cosplay as Hokage. The symbol on the back of the jacket I asked for in advance to be able to place there. I kinda wanted to give recognition to this amazing artist for inspiring...HOURS....and HOURS.... of love and affection into my cosplay as Naruto Rokudaime. BTW, MY NECKLACE WENT MISSING AT THE RAVE AND I HAD TO BUY A CRAPPY ONE AT THE DEALERS ROOM WAAAHA~!~!~~!!! I will make a new one though x.x but mine was so cooolllll......

And after all the crazy antics and working on the shoot clip for the movie that came out right after Sakura Con Almost Lover, (WHICH YOU SHOULD SEE IF YOU HAVEN'T ON OUR YOUTUBE) we went ahead and chilled with Zabuza and Haku again and had some amazing bubble tea, our party was pretty chillax and there was much lolz to be had over reading something .... I'll leave that a mystery.

When everything was said and done there was much amazingness at Sakura Con, it was a good vacation and really left me unwound. It was really great to see everyone again, because Koi Cosplay is based all over the world, we don't get any chances to be together outside of twice or maybe if we're lucky three times a year.

I think I forgot some good timez we had, but let it be said here that it will stay in my memory despite not being on text, there was much emotion and high tension at this con but at the same time it was all worth it in the end. Especially for :icontematime: Who was voted in unanimously by EVERY single member of Koi at the very end of Sunday's festivities, so everyone please give her some lovins.

Much love to everyone at Sakura Con! To the people who thought I was awesome when I was Black Star all the way down to the people who were too shy to say hello to our group!!!!

Keep on the lookout, a couple of Koi members are going to be debuting new stuff at Fanime, and me and Sasu are going to be at the artist alley again! So search us out! Say hello! DON'T BE AFRAID I DON'T BITE!!!!


P.S. Koi Cosplay Tributes make us happy

Naruto Uzumaki Winter

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New Member of Koi

Sat Apr 25, 2009, 11:48 AM
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For those who haven't heard... We have a new addition to our family!!

Everyone please give :icontematime: lots of love and congratulations for becoming the 9th member of Koi. She had worked so hard and done so well over the course of a year and deserves a welcoming hug :D!

Beyond all that, keep an eye out for our new costumes which we debuted at Sakura con.

Friday: Soul Eater
Saturday: Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town
Sunday: Battle Torn Anbu

With more to come..

:iconvampireritual: :iconadmantius: :iconantiquity-dreams: :icondreamscometroo: :iconkopininja: :iconcrazypretzel: :iconkariana: :iconjinglepoofanimation: :icontematime:
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Holy mother of pearl we're all very bad at keeping things updated.

As you can see from the gallery, we've been busy goofing off with Konoha Gakuen Den cosplay. This is not to say that we haven't been working extra hard on other cosplays.. we're just sometime procrastinators and have severe cases of ADD.  

Like this friend of ours who was jumping from bush to bush in the middle of the night. She ended up getting caught up in this tree like this cat that Sasu used to own. The cat was white and....omg fishes!

Huh? Oh. See?! The ADD is bad.



Almost every member is attending and we have a 3 new cosplays to debute! We also have several Goldfish coming along to join us in the cosplay plans, such as:

Ashhole :D

And more.

So Keep and eye out for us if you're attending and bring on the countdown!

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... < insert explosion here *lawl* >

Kakashi Style Christmas

Fri Jan 2, 2009, 3:52 PM
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Sooooooooooooooo Koi Cosplay ran into an old lady, and had to help her across the street, then we found a cat with a cist and had to save it....

Then we had issues with a sidewalk we had to pave...

and THEN we got around to making the video for Christmas... Which we ended up calling "Christmas Kakashi Style" Just.......because it is tremendouslylateandwe'resorry.

But you guys asked ...begged in some cases, so we delivered albeit slowly.

Soo you can entertain yourselves here, sorry for the quality, we had hella fun doing it XD…

Along with other news :iconjinglepoofanimation: :iconantiquity-dreams: and :icondreamscometroo: are going to be attending the Gasakon event in Seattle. To learn more about it...

Google it... xD There may or may not be another member of Koi showing up, but it's probably one of the only chances you'll get to see us before Sakura Con so have fun !

As for the third piece of information I was going to announce today... I almost forgot...but I did a runner up contest a while back in order to decide who would get the runner up issuance...

And it's :iconconfunduscharm: For eighty votes.

Way to go man.

As for the rest of you, HAPPYCHRISNEWMASYEARS!

:icondreamscometroo: :iconantiquity-dreams: :iconadmantius: :iconcrazypretzel: :iconkariana: :iconkopininja: :iconjinglepoofanimation: :iconvampireritual:

Koi Cosplay ID WINNER

Sat Dec 20, 2008, 6:55 PM
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:icondreamscometroo: :iconantiquity-dreams: :iconadmantius: :iconcrazypretzel: :iconkariana: :iconkopininja: :iconjinglepoofanimation: :iconvampireritual:

Alright this is :icondreamscometroo: here announcing what i'm sure all our amazing contestants have been waiting a while to hear!

We've finally decided upon a winner for the Koi Cosplay ID contest!!!! What was that anyways?

Well for all you Koi Cosplay fags out there (the really hard-core fans....Gaara has endearing termnology xD) it's a contest that was entered in order to get an ID you've created for us up on our site... deciding who would win was really hard on all of us considering we didn't get like three or just four entries.... so without further ado i'm going to name off the contestants one by one and then announce the winner, after announcing the winner i'm going to make mention of a way to become a RUNNER-UP, this person will receive a specific kiriban picture from any one of our members OUTISIDE of Kakashi, since all of her lovely costumes are in storage.

Here are the contestants that entered and their pieces:

:iconanime-king-zi2: created…

:iconprincess-hylian: Created…

:iconchicadequeso: Created…

:iconconfunduscharm: Created… and…

:iconcookieshk: Created…

:iconxdanix9: Created…

:icongelz: Created…

:iconiamabrat622: Created…

:iconketsivaun: Created…

:iconmaniccrazy2006: Created…

:iconemi-chan-93: Created…

The decided winner for this contest, this time around, due to aesthetic appeal, and amazing work goes to :iconxdanix9: for  his submission ABOVE....

I was actually pretty blown away by all the submissions especially in such a short amount of time during such a  hectic part of the year.

So without futher ado i'm going to be explaining the rules to becoming a RUNNER-UP to all those who have already SUBMITTED to everyone in notes! Expect that these deliveries to be within the next day... -looks at his clock- as I can't compose the letter or send it out JUST AT THIS VERY MOMENT as I need to haul ass to my job! XD

^^!!! Thank you to everyone who participated! Expect the new deviation to be up later tonight,as I have to tweak around with it to make it the right size :P!

Naru out~!



I'm giving EVERYONE who entered the contest a second chance, so EVERYONE who watches Koi Cosplay needs to go vote for Runner-UP! For anyone who wants to get involved now, GO VOTE MAN!

You have no excuses it'll just take five minutes! I wanna know who's gonna win BAYO!! THANKS A TON-TRUCK-LOAD!

This is your local Naru saying I LOVE YOU CHRISTMAS! The winner will be decided ONE WEEK from today based on the results of the poll! SO IF YOU WANTED SOMEONE TO WIN, YOU BETTER GO SHOW IT!


:icondreamscometroo: :iconantiquity-dreams: :iconadmantius: :iconcrazypretzel: :iconkariana: :iconkopininja: :iconjinglepoofanimation: :iconvampireritual:
:icondreamscometroo: :iconantiquity-dreams: :iconadmantius: :iconcrazypretzel: :iconkariana: :iconkopininja: :iconjinglepoofanimation: :iconvampireritual:


And Koi Cosplay DA ID contest is ALMOST closed.

The Kiriban winners are:

:iconsasukedreamer13: SasukeDreamer13


:icondragoncoral: dragoncoral

The Koi Cosplay Deviant Art ID contest is over. We will be reviewing all contest entries over the next couple of days and announce the winners and 2 runner ups soon.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us an entry, you’re all super amazing!

With love,

Koi Cosplay

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