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I wanted to apologize for the vast silence over the last few years from this group. We're all still alive and well, but won't probably be doing much more group cosplays 

I moved on to doing just art primarily, which I realized more recently is really where my passion is. You can see my work, and or improvement (wow I can't believe how much I have honestly improved when I look at the older works i used to post online here) here…

I'll be updating there more often - but mostly I just wanted some radio silence for a while to clear my head. (It wasn't my intention to be gone for so long, but I just felt that I didn't want to be known for my costume work anymore I suppose) 

A lot of the reason I left had to do with me seeing a dramatic shift and all the growing pains accompanying that over the years. Costume play is an amazing industry now, kind of almost a giant, and very widespread and well known. While that is all good and I am very proud of our community and its amazing jump, it's not for me anymore. I don't do well with just about anything if it becomes mainstream. I am kind of the type to just abandon interest in things for no real specified reason a lot. However I felt the only way I could really sever my ties with cosplay would be to delete my accounts. I know what kind of person I am, (big people pleaser here) and I knew that I would want to continue to do what my audience wanted rather than what I wanted. Most if not all of my audience wanted cosplay- and while some people showed interest in my art, I felt my art wasn't up to snuff and I went to focus on that instead. 

Art has always been a background passion I've been cultivating behind the scenes, and over the past few years, after dropping cosplay, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my art abilities. I guess I'm just the kind of person that can't focus on more than one hobby at once and tends to get stressed if I spread myself over many different kinds of artistic expression. 

I may still cosplay again, I wouldn't completely say that I've abandoned that, it's a creative craft so it has investment to me, and I still adore certain creatures and characters and may want to take a crack at em- but on a whole- supernovadobe was no more a long time ago, and I didn't even bother to say goodbye because I knew that would be really emotional for me and I felt it was better just to leave it all behind. 

So that's where I went, and what happened. 

Sorry for the radio silence, and the lack of content. Everyone else kind of followed suit after I quit, I don't think on purpose, or because of me, but just that we are a group, and a lot of us don't like doing things without each other, so when I opted to stop and delete all my accounts, there was just kind of a rapid disinterest in continuing on with cosplay. 

We still have things in the works, like a lets play channel on Koi, I'm working on a video right now for my own personal YouTube, I do wig tutorials still and still do wig commissions things are happening- but I should warn you that a lot of these things are VASTLY unrelated to cosplay. 

I know that's what a lot of you signed up for, and what a lot of you wanted from us, and I feel it's fair to warn you that officially, that probably won't be something we will be doing anymore, at least, not unless I have interest again, which, I can't completely deny it- you never know where the future will take us! 

Anyways- you can find me online now under the handle "dreamzcometroo" just about anywhere- something I didn't bother to publicize. If you have interest in art, that's where I'll be. No cosplay, no none of that- just art, maybe some wigs, but really nothing like what you probably followed me for. 

I can't be any more sorry for this, I felt the community changed way too much for me to continue to take part in it, it still feels like it's about community in a way and I am glad that people have creative outlets, cosplay is really what you make of it... but the expenses and just the general fragmented interests and the amount of growing pains just got to me. It's hard to book rooms, hard to get tables, hard to get badges, it just became less fun and more work than what it was worth.

I appreciate everyone here, and I appreciate being able to share the fun times I had, I cherish them and even if I did have some rough times, I still wouldn't trade the experience of being a cosplayer for anything. It was a amazing journey and a huge part of my early to late twenties, and I loved all the people I met, and of course am still open to talk to anyone interested- such a experience will never be forgotten. 

With much love ---!! Always! 

Kim Winter / Naruto from Koi Cosplay 
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