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By koibito
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Foxy introduced me to a comic recently called "Two Kinds" (found here: [link] ).
I think the main support character is sooo cute, I just had to sketch her! ^_^ I'm also trying out new styles right now. . .so I figured what the hell?

And yes, that's the main character, Trace Legacy, in a cup. Don't ask. . I really don't know.

((Pose/style is "stolen" from one of the robert's anime store ads. I'm in love with this guy's style at the moment ^^; ))

Yeah, big style jump from the last couple. Gotta find something comfy for me still :D
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N.... no way!!

This looks just like MY character, Yumi!!!
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hum. i've just found this pic. and i realise it's comparatively old. (a week!) I wonder how on earth I could have missed this.

Love the colours and the eyes... good god, the eyes.... beautiful. I feel jealous and depressed.
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Thanks Kakita. ^_- The girl is from the webcomic, TwoKinds. . .albeit mine looks slightly different from how he draws her.
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this came out so pretty! n__n dawr her eyes are so cool!
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Yay! I'm glad you like ^_^
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Wow, this picture is amasingly cute! ^_^ strait to my favs! ^_^
Gotta go check this guy out now! ^_^
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Aww that's so cute :3 I love how you drew her eyes, they look so shiny! :D
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Very AMAZING!!!!!! Great work!!!! :clap::clap:
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