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Published: August 12, 2010
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I love Troll John so harddd
so hard.
I really wish he was canon oh jegus ;A;

I kinda changed the way I draw his sleeves 'cause... I feel like it :I

TrollWrinklefucker ohyesss
Do Trolls even have Irons I don't even know

Troll John design (c) ~ktjayne
Normal John, Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie

EDIT: [link] umf<3
Oh man I just looked at that sprite edit again and in the bg was Troll Nick Cage how did I not notice that before
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this is so john!
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kopycat101Student General Artist
OMG, I wanna hug him! SO ADORABLE! *dies from the cuteness*
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Heh well how do you like my take on him?~
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You are amazinngg good sirrr
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XD dont call me sirrrr also the human troll accounts are being made if you want one better hurry up!
Koi-Suru-Kokoro's avatar
sorry I call everyone sir |'D

bluh sakdsa
I don't know if I should make one or not aaa /dilemmaaah
also if I did who would I beee
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well we have a cG tA cA and i think a aA maybe.. be tC :D
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I kinda made up the tC thing and his human name to get started offf
They're kinda lame though I could change them if you guys had anything better :'I
So far the only human name I can think of that sounds like Gamzee is Gary lol |'D
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alright now just go find people. did you think up the pesterchum nick?
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/finds people*
I'm totallyChill lolol |'D
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fishsiclesStudent Writer
I almost missed the troll-Ghost Pogo. Nice detail.
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We need to make this fanon canon somehow. It was done with Tavros, SO WE CAN DO IT AGAIN.
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Someone needs to suggest it to Andrew or somethingg /flails

Where doing it man
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I really hope Troll John becomes canon sometime too. He is so adorable.
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Even as a troll, John is John-the lovable dork.
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Mattox33 Filmographer
I love how everything has horns. XD
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Even the Irons |'D
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Mattox33 Filmographer
Yeah. :D
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I just want to give him all the hugs. All of them.
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MalconvokerHobbyist Writer
GAH! Why do all your pictures of John make me squee like a horrible fangirl?! So Cute~!
Koi-Suru-Kokoro's avatar
Heheh |'D
I'm glad you like themm~ <3
Thank youu
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Cute cute cuuuuuuuute!! Trollhammer is a nice touch. I approve.
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