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Published: August 18, 2010
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Oh lol
I fail so hard without my drawing tablet lol
sorry |'D

I shall have my tablet back tomorrow thoughhh
although I guess it kinda is tomorrow now here
'cause it's 2am

Lol when you search fail this comes up and that's not even one of the keywords
how does shit like this even happen man that's beautiful
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Why are you so adorable?!
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"John is adorable because he is honest and heroic and nerdy and a good friend." - Andrew Hussie

/shot so hard
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Those are pretty good reasons of being adorable.
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ikr I went to Andrew like "jslds Andrew Hussie why is John so adorable jkdslfds 8C"
and he said that
and I was like ".. yes :I "

Except it wasn't a proper conversation like that because I don't know him /sob
it was on formspring |'D
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I think I read that while I was creeping on his formspring. xD Derp.
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I wish he would answer his formspring more oftennnn
Then he could see all the Stalker messages Beautiful questions I've left him :C

I think he's deleted most of mine though lolll
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It's okay, he hasn't even answered mine. xD
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aww /pats
one dayyy
he might
answer them

I've sent him on there a picture I drew of John and in the corner I wrote "I <3 U Mr Hussie ;D"
I hope he answers that one
that would be lol.

I'm so weird aaa
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I'm so sorry. I looked up fail and this was the second thing to come up O.O
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How does that even happen that's not even one of the keywords
but no I checked and you're right

It's totally the truth though this is fail |'D
I was just practicing lineartin on paint n shizzle

ohman that's beautiful
/edits description of this picture
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