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Asagi (浅葱 “pale blue-green, indigo”, sometimes written 浅黄 “light yellow”) is one of the oldest types of koi. It was developed in Japan about 160 years ago from the Asagi Magoi, a common black carp (Magoi) with a genetic colour mutation.

Asagi koi are predominantly blue (ai, 藍 "indigo") and red/orange (aka or hi) fish with some white (shiro). Occasionally the blue may be grey and the red may be yellow. The blue should be a consistent shade over the body of the fish but individual scales should be darker in the middle and have a paler edge, resulting in a netting pattern. The red should be rich and bright with a good, crisp edge. White, if present, should be clear and unblemished with a porcelain-like sheen. Asagi koi usually have a blue back, red sides and a white belly. The head and fins are usually a paler shade of blue/grey or white with red on the cheeks and at the base of the fins. The blue tends to darken with age.

Konjo Asagi (紺青浅黄“Navy Blue Asagi”)
This variety of Asagi is the darkest, with a dark grey or almost black back. It is generally not used for showing but can be used for breeding other varieties of koi, they are also kept to provide contrast for brighter coloured koi.

Narumi Asagi (鳴海浅黄 “Asagi from Narumi”)
A medium blue variety of Asagi developed in the Narumi district. This is the most common type of Asagi used for showing.

Mizu or Akebi Asagi (水 or あけび 浅黄 “water or akebi? Asagi”)
The lightest blue Asagi.

Taki Asagi (滝浅黄 “waterfall Asagi”)
An Asagi with a white band between the blue back and the red sides.

Hi Asagi (緋浅黄 “red Asagi”)
An Asagi with red extending onto the back. The red mingles with the blue netting and may even reach the dorsal fin.

Shusui (秋翠 “autumn green”)
An Asagi with doitsu scaling type. See Doitsu article (coming soon).

Examples of Asagi Koi
(members leave a comment if you would like up to two of your Asagi koi deviations featured here)
:thumb490058503: Koi by Nso32 Koi Fish4 by Juicythepear Koi by embethe :thumb318467307:

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Tetra Press 1989, The Tetra Encyclopedia of Koi, Blacksburg, VA.
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Pearls of wisdom gleaned over the years from the Australian Koi Forum.

Disclaimer: I have done my best to provide accurate information but I am not an expert on koi or the Japanese language, if you spot a mistake please send me a note.

Disclaimer #2: When I say features are ‘desirable’, ‘preferred’ or ‘should be’ a certain way I’m just talking about show standards and what breeders look for. The most beautiful koi is one that is happy, healthy and loved, regardless of its markings.

Koi Key: Patterns and Colours
Koi Key: Body and Scale Types
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