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Hi hi I'm Kogochew! I create a few different things of big girls size pics and comics, I am workin on 4 story type things for OC's if you want original stuff

I also do fanarts of games and shows, either through a whole series of one show fanarts, one offs, comics or the on occasion Pick Your Big Plenty to see if you wanna see something specific tho the options are

Currently not doing requests

Am doing Commissions

Thanks for lookin' at meh!

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Link to examples Yahoy, couldn’t think of some self-birthday thing, so instead decided hey gonna experiment commissions. So like there’s the cost chart there, gonna explain more below. So first simplest rule, Paypal, gotta have it to be able to pay, will provide the outlinish messy sketch kinda showin where everything is with each other and after that’s given the okay then it’s payment time and will start workin Now normal comm rules Give ref’s plz, neeed them to know, can’t just guess stuff Don’t hafta have a background, that’s optional, can just be a single color/gradient no prob no charge OC’s and fanarts both okie, as well as crossing them over with each other Different outfits are okay, just provide both the ref to the character and the outfit Can do multiple panels, the amount of price n stuff kinda depends on what’s added, sometimes extra panels will count as the background too depending on what/how much is shown A lot of other kinda question stuff can be done through
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Doin' another round of pick your big, if you're unfamiliar the thingy is for you to pick from a list of available girls who'll be the big of the scene, and what the scene is. First come, first serve, you choose what it is with your choice. Example of the before Pick Your Big with Digimon girls: So same idea, comment below with your choice of the available girl, I'll mark you as the chooser of their pic, and then I'll send ya a note askin' what your idea is. The main rules are: The big has to be the girl you picked Don't pick someone already picked If you're having them interact with tinies either give a ref for the one tiny they're playin with or if multiple, they'll be lil squiggly marshmallows, -OC's totes allowed, just again make sure you give good ref of the OC so I can do it One per person, if there's a long point of not havin anymore chosen I'll make an update post lettin people have a second pick, if at that point there's still none then that'll prolly be the
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Did a lil colorin collab with :iconUnderworld-star: for some RWBY gals doin' a lil smush smush, go check it out n give her a follow
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hey there hows it going?

It's goin good, how bout you?

good i just wondering if you doing any collabs or art trades?