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BBC Sherlock - Mycroft



Finally fixed the colors! Tried to get rid of some of the white noise, but I don't know if it worked.

Most glaring horrible things should be fixed now. :D

Troubleshooting: (p1) Alright, the first problem is that two on the 'img' folder files lost their extensions. Just edit the file name to contain a .png at the end and then see what happens.

(p2) Fixed! There were images missing. And it's now a rar file.

Aaaah, three images lost transparency. One secondddd.

Stupid lab computers. /hightails to dorm

Zip file here: [link]

Important information:
Shimeji are little mascots that run around the desktop, and there are many others on dA. This is my first attempt at one. The original Shimeji can be found here: [link]
Shimeji can only be run on windows, and you will need the latest java.


Instructions for use (UPDATED)
1. Click download link on the side and wait for it to download
2. Double click the downloaded .rar file and a new window should pop up with a 'Mycroft' folder. If that doesn't happen, you need an extractor like winrar
3. There should be a button saying something like 'extract to'. Click it, and specify an easy to remember location. This should extract the whole folder to this location
4. Go to the extracted folder and double click the .exe to get started.
5. To remove, delete the folder
6. To edit the images go to the 'img' file and you will find all the .pngs.


Right clicking the icon at the bottom of the screen brings up a menu in japanese.
The options are:
1. Create a new Mycroft
2. Have the Mycroft come over to your mouse
3. Delete all Mycrofts but one
4. Return any IE screens the Mycroft may have thrown off
5. Exit


Common problems:
Aaaaaaah where do I download?
Over there -->

When I clicked the .exe a box came up in japanese and nothing happened! What went wrong?
Make sure you extract the whole folder, not just the .exe

[Nothing/something unexpected] happens when I open the downloaded file! What do I do?
You need an extractor like winRAR


Making your own Shimeji:
Download an existing Shimeji, maybe the original, maybe this one.
Go to the 'img' folder and alter all the images as you wish
The images are all called shime[number].png
1. stand
2-3. walk cycle
4. falling
5-10. picked up swinging
11. sit
12. holding wall
13-14. climbing wall
15-17. idle after being called to mouse
18-19. impact and bounce
20-21. lying and crawling
22. flying
23. holding ceiling
24-25. moving on ceiling
26. looking up
27-29. idle
30-31. sitting down and hanging legs
32-33. kicking legs
34-36. pushing window walk cycle
37. thrown the window
38-41. pull clone from floor
42-46. clone self

Note: I'm going to try to fix the color a little later, maybe this Mac is giving me weirdass colors.

Sherlock: [link] (by :icony0do:)
Moriarty: [link] (by :icony0do:)
John: [link] (by:iconsadyna:)
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