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About 3,000 pageviews for a wifto with only 70 pieces in his gallery as this is written...about 42 pageviews per piece is a pretty good average for an account that gets zero pushing, no daily deviations, does nothing to warrant being "undiscovered talent" to DeviantART staff, encounters "closed" or hardly attended Groups that constantly reduce odds of being seen, and has many of my genres' artists with similar or smaller averages for all their myriad pieces urging hatred of my name. A TRULY surreal experience, so how did all this start, and will it keep on going?

Way back in July 2013, after years of assorted folks telling me DeviantART was this great global artist community, chock full of resources and direct access to pros, innovators, and aspiring hobbyists alike, I finally decided to open a dA account for whatever occasional mere use suggestions for freeware I might make, as well as be available to make any other artistic references to studios/galleries/museums/etcetera if ever asked...pretty simple and minimal stuff to support global arts, but better than nothing with time I usually don't have, I thought.

Back then, JWildfire, a freeware, had not yet developed to its current point; I'd make occasional use of its manipulated fractals in GIMP compositing to show how media might be mixed for mere creative ideas; I used Apo 7x (a freeware) to composite with JWildfire in GIMP again to show mixed media possibilities; I used GIMP and Inkscape (a freeware) separately and together to suggest HOW they might be used to create objects, as mere ideas; and of course, I then used Mandelbulb 3D to demonstrate "non-metallic" further possibility of that freeware. Once then I was so amused by JWildfire's raw fractal in shape of a certain 'weed' I decided to post it as stock. I would've added animation and VFX ideas, from freewares, but about then dA got quirky re flash/gif.

So there I was with my little free DeviantART account, which has never once gone "premium" nor otherwise sought aggressive marketing, widely randomly intending "I dunno...I got this using this stuff, hope it gives others ideas" and hardly having the time to give dA "OCD" attention. I did occasionally as always favor artists from diverse media genres and often explain my artistic reasons; but again, once in a while. For about my first six months I had hardly any "faves" (from lack of concern to post in more than a few groups, if at all, so even 1 or 2 seemed "you're kidding!"). Then by early 2014 JWildfire and my skills with it were improving; my first actual "faves" seemed to start about the time I made "Anemones" with it; then "Winter Muse" made with Incendia (free version) got popular...but so did "Arachnal Fractal" made from Sterling2 (freeware) overlaid on a JW background. To be honest, I thought by Spring 2014 I'd made enough examples and having no real public interest back to me other than "faves", I might as well just post my own occasional pieces based on JWildfire fractals, as that of all freeware seemed to be suited to Bosch-like surrealism and nihilism, with DaDa being my personal favorite genres and Salvador Dali my favorite artist.

By mid-summer 2014, off just fractals made with progressive versions of JWildfire, I suddenly experienced a deluge of positive notes and congratulatory comments from what seemed to be "OCD"-level, day-one, or both makers of primarily Mandelbulb 3D highly intricate "metallic" fractals; this barrage of positivity was daily from a dozen or so people, yet not once did they favorite ANY of my works...they then also put me on "Watch" lists, so I'd do the same with them especially since our works were different and so would be any "influence" if any. I always thought it odd I could be so "beloved" and "hailed" yet at the same time not really a "favorite" in any way at all, but I thought maybe that's how online artists sometimes do these days.

Then I started to hear in notes from some members how my recently-acquired "cheering section" was aggressively pushing to the world that I had to be "watched" and "engaged" because these folks were all "policing" me for "stealing their artwork and that of untold other artists". Well, blame it on my Prussian descent, but immediately upon such discovery I blocked as many of them as I could, hid their comments, and even tried to give them the honorable way of backing out through representing "shucks, them big words is too much fussin' over this little clone of Lennie Small, I'm gittin' red-faced and the vapors" in a new journal entry. For a few months into 2015 I didn't post anything at all to dA, except one retro style and one spooky-style typography example made in GIMP...awfully hard to say somebody stole THOSE from any fractals, I thought. To be honest, I was pretty much sick of and through with DeviantART a year ago, being not much more than a punching bag for sadists.

Then someone showed me this web page, which still comes up even now:… . Pretty much proves what I just told you about them, doesn't it? Note how some seem to be friends of my attackers, friends told of the "abuse" of art I had been making; one or two didn't get blocked fast enough so look at their self-flattery. At any rate people who obviously hated me Day One for reason(s) known only to them first reached out to then poisened me. At first having a law firm review, my investigators learned most of these privacy invaders have odd if any employment, one sometimes at summer fares, one in particular just an odd lifestyle of sketchy income or support (e.g.,…)...fair use, dear critic, considering your maintenance of your "wanker" page. Anyway, my attackers are mostly folks who prefer fractalling over income or other constructive time use, as well as anyone with their own vested interests in associating with such attack-prone personalities...not much we can take them for, according to lawyers, but DeviantART as "Safe Haven" for these people if TPP enacted may be different, also if we use EU address due to recent EU "Safe Haven" tossout. Say, THAT might actually help artists: letting Courts remind sites they can't allow themselves to be used as damaging attack vectors...think of the effects folks like these have on hobbyists, women, kids, others, people who aren't me. Don't worry about "pulling" data; from my own account to all the relevant pages, it's been oft-recorded all year (example at my link).

Thus why I did all my 2015 JWildfire fractals: exclusively to show them, ask now "Anybody got a flame with a create date on or before any of mine?", and otherwise ask "So exactly what if any art has been stolen with any of these fractals?"...indeed, with ANYTHING posted especially summer 2013 to September 2014. Oh, and in November 2015 dA had that "Holiday Card Project" notice, including requests for folks to get hospitals interested; right away I contacted a business manager of a large Nevada healthcare org; he was interested but needed more info; he and I both contacted alleged project coordinator (…,, and how did dA's own savvy marketing director respond? Why, stop pushing the project, pretend nobody ever said that, and leave me looking like a fool to locals...about what you'd expect from people who defend attackers on grounds such as "they pay for premium, you don't".

I admit I started 2015 with Eric Cartman-like goals here as dA neither boosts nor disparages my own general artistic abilities or peculiar outside appreciation thereof; and I proved what I set out to prove before saying "ptooey!" to this St. Vitus' Dance. Then it happened that this year I genuinely touched a few people's lives constructively with my art and comments; to such watchers, artists, and others, I am sincerely shocked, humbled, and most appreciative re our artistic interaction and your approvals. Please believe that if I encouraged you or favorited your art at any time, it was and shall forever be what I meant by it, otherwise my opinions would be "for sale" and useless from the start.

All this said, lastly know my own mother died as my attackers started 2014; now my wife's brother has passed away this Thanksgiving. We're older ourselves in all but gone today's internet-as-truth-god world, you can see why I would be damned to let two-bit scammers have something "out there" to be "discovered" in non-art searches, and I hope you'll understand if you see no more postings here or don't see me faving/commenting any more. Don't think in any way I don't appreciate you or would speak other than very well of you in the real world; my concern for your feelings is all that caused this journal announcement instead of another "plug-pull" on the creeps. I'm not much use to anyone here, would've stayed gone last year, I've made my personal point, and too much death has taken its toll on my interest here.

To cite the original Dr. Who character at his departure, "go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I have not been mistaken in mine". A prosperous 2016 to you all, and best wishes always...cheers!


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Dan Arendt
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Fractals. Nihilism. Dada. Op Art. It's all good, and I'm just here (occasionally) to support surrealism in particular and great or really aspiring artists in general. I stick to freeware here because it's hard to get results which are *that* bad from commercial 3D, media, and VFX software. I also like the geometry and look of many generated fractals, and believe they are nice not only in their own right but useful in other art/media projects. BTW, the "ID" image above was made in Xaos...I have the best luck with JWildfire. Cheers!


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