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Bliss Compact Dark

By koelo
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*UPDATE v2.22: fixed wafeform, lyrics and EQ windows size to match main window, playlist colors modifications, some minor fixes and various elements alignments.
*UPDATE v2.21: new skin info, main window waveform hight increased, additional waveform window (resizable), added album art and volume slider to mini player.
*UPDATE v2.1: added radio waveform, mini player running line info, various small fixes.
*UPDATE v2: (NEW) EQ, dj style EQ, and effects window, fixed playlist headers colors, various small fixes.
*UPDATE v1.4: fixed time display on main window (elapsed, remaining...), added 2 versions of skin (1 for Aimp v.4.00+ and 1 for Aimp v.4.50+. Use according to your Aimp version).
*UPDATE v1.3: progress bar inside of waveform, various small fixes.
*UPDATE v1.2.9: reduced space between tracks in playlist.
*UPDATE v1.2.8: fixed playlists tabs color.

I made this dark grey skin in the intent to reduce eye strain, with accent on waveform display for easier track navigation.

If you feel my Aimp skin helps your productivity and media listening experience, you can buy me a coffee at:

@ Aimp:…
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it's perfect from any aspect fast, minimal, useful, effecient and...

just "Is there any way to keep wave form window onle opened and minimize the main window of player? "

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Thanx, glad you like it :)

As for your question, well, I think it's not possible because it's a part of Aimp, you can try to hide it bellow task bar, or hide playlist window and put waveform window on top of main window.

This skin is amazing helps a lot with work flow I love the mini player but a small suggestion it has become too long horizontally can I suggest you make the volume bar vertical and keep the retain to main windsor arrow on top of a vertical volume bar which brings back it's minimalist nature because right on on small screens it's taking a huge chunk of space and blocking some tools

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Thank you, I'm glad you like it. As for the mini player, I changed the width to match the width of the main main window as well as all elements in the skin (except visualization and info window)...So, I will not promise you anything, but if you send me a screenshot of your screen how it's "taking a huge chunk of space and blocking some tools" I'll understand better what you mean and maybe I'll take it into consideration for the next update.

Thank you for the response. Much appreciated.
Hello! I like your skin very much, but I wonder if you could make even more simple ultra-compact version of it? It shouldn't take too much time but would be really handy, for me at least =) Everything should be pretty clear from the pic: all elements above playback control are not really needed; radio record, shuffle and repeat buttons are rarely used (I don't use them at all); playback control buttons can be moved to the right (or to the left - doesn't really matter) and free space can be used for volume control - the longer it is the easier is precise volume ajustment with mouse (rarelly used, but still); buttons in the upper right corner of playlist window are pretty useless, by removing them one gets an extra space, probably for another playlist.

With these modified skin AIMP will be almost perfect for my kind of job =) To be perfect it needs "playback follows cursor" and "cursor follows playback" options, but that is not up to skin author...

Ideal-aimp by deadbeef-stv  

If you could give away source files for the skin I could do those modifications myself, but I think that is too much to ask. I tried to do something like that, but I have no experience and after starting over for 5 times decided to ask you for help =)
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Hi there, glad you like the skin :)
Sorry but no compact version. This skin wasn't ment to be public in the first place. I uploaded the skin to Aimp website just to get some help solwing problems I couldn't on my own, and when I saw it went pretty well I decided to leave it public and ocassionaly work on it when I got time.
I don't know what is "your kind of job" but as it is, it works perfectly fine for me, which is why I made the skin.
While I agree with you that some buttons (like repeat, shuffle, radio rec) I almost never use, I left them present because I know some people use them, and since it's only 3 buttons I don't think it's that much of a big deal. As for the the buttons on the right side I find them pretty usefull, atleast for me...
So...if you're already tried making your own skin, you might wanna try again, if you want a skin perfect for yourself...
The only down side of the Aimp skin editor is the lack of undo/redo option. There is a really nice help file in the editor. You can get help at Aimp forum but there are video tutorials on youtube too. I started out just like you with basicly zero knowledge, it was very frustrating at first but with some time invested I managed to achieve, well, almost all I wanted with the skin.
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Glad you like it, thanx for the fave :)
This is hands down my favorite AIMP skin--and I've tried a ton. It is so perfectly organized and beautiful to look at. My only request for the next version--could you please make the main window's time display (current time/remaining time/track time) a little larger? The display is not easy to read quickly, especially when I'm using it during my radio show. Other than that, this skin is so very perfect!

Thanks for your amazing work, koelo. Most appreciated!
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terrific skin!

only issue i find in taste, is that the Mini Player doesnt have a "current track". or an option at all.

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Thanks, glad you like it :D

Yes, there is a lot of space for improvement...I never thought the skin will get this far anyway, it wasn't ment to be even public,lol :D

Thanks for your suggestion, I'll see what I can do about it in some of the next updates.
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Thanx, glad you like it :D
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Well done bro Nod 
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Thanx bro :D you gonna love the next update ;)
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Your screenshot shows first, elapsed time, then remaining time, and finally total time. But v1.3 [latest] is reversed! First remaining time, then elapsed time! [it's important to me the elapsed time to be the first item]. Another problem is when track time is more than 100 min, the remaining time [as your screenshot, is middle time item] hides the first digit!
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I double checked, I don't have this kinda problem so I really don't know how to help you. Which version of Aimp you use?
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