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Bliss Compact Dark



*UPDATE v2.24: song title will scroll if too long to display, volume and effects change display in Title section, EQ and FX1 section fixed.
*UPDATE v2.23: skin version Aimp v5, new support link in skin info window and various small fixes.
*UPDATE v2.22: fixed wafeform, lyrics and EQ windows size to match main window, playlist colors modifications, some minor fixes and various elements alignments.
*UPDATE v2.21: new skin info, main window waveform hight increased, additional waveform window (resizable), added album art and volume slider to mini player.
*UPDATE v2.1: added radio waveform, mini player running line info, various small fixes.
*UPDATE v2: (NEW) EQ, dj style EQ, and effects window, fixed playlist headers colors, various small fixes.
*UPDATE v1.4: fixed time display on main window (elapsed, remaining...), added 2 versions of skin (1 for Aimp v.4.00+ and 1 for Aimp v.4.50+. Use according to your Aimp version).
*UPDATE v1.3: progress bar inside of waveform, various small fixes.
*UPDATE v1.2.9: reduced space between tracks in playlist.
*UPDATE v1.2.8: fixed playlists tabs color.

I made this dark grey skin in the intent to reduce eye strain, with accent on waveform display for easier track navigation.

If you feel my Aimp skin helps your productivity and media listening experience, you can support me via:

@ Aimp: www.aimp.ru/?do=catalog&re…
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The tool-tip for the button (when mouse hovers over the button) for displaying the waveform window reads "EQ", it should read "waveform".