ATTENTION! A scammer used my name!

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I just got the message of some friends that someone used my name (or almost, the scammer was so stupid to even write my name incorrectly, it used 'Koekeldoedelje' instead of 'Koekeldoedeltje') to steal my art and scam people on the app Animo.
She put art of me in some HARPG art groups and pretended to be me. She even sold an old YCH of me to someone (and I hope there aren't anymore people who are scammed by that person). Apparently he/she did delete the account already so hopefully he/she can't scam other people anymore.

I'm really sorry to anyone who had to deal with that person. And I'm really f*cking mad that this happened. The people who already follow me for a long time and who know me, know that I'm not someone that easily gets mad and swears. I hate it that my art gets stolen but that is nothing compared to stealing from the people I like and who support me.
I really hope the scammer folows my account and sees how dissapointed, sad and mad I am. Please just give the money back to anyone you stole from and start practising yourself instead of being a lazy liar.

I'm only actively selling commissions on and (a dutch horse site). I only accept money via gift on and via paypal at my emailadres Anything else, don't trust it. If you hesitate, you can always send me a note on here. 

I really wish I could do more than being angry and writing this journal.
If you have been scammed, please send me a note, maybe I can still do something to make things right. 

x Koekeldoedeltje
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