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Golden Freddy

There is not enough Golden Freddy fanart from Fnaf.
So here’s my representation!
Come join us

You can find my tumblr version here!

Golden Freddy is copyrighted to Scott Cawthon.
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The Dazzlings got their pendants back and indestructible now. ( their pendants ) And they went to Freddy's to eat pizza...
:iconadagiodazzleplz::icontellplz: Well, this is the place, girls. Freddy FazBear's Pizzeria.
:iconsonataduskplz::icontellplz: Awww, why wouldn't it be Taco Bell?
:iconariablazeplz::icontellplz: *sigh* Sonata, because Taco Bell is CLOSED these days?!?!
:iconsonataduskplz::icontellplz: Oh, right.
:iconadagiodazzleplz::icontellplz: No blabbering, girls. It's now.
*this happens*