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Pi-02 W2


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Pi-02 W2


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Kurita W

Earth Federal Republic Space Navy Book 3

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ST-69 w

UN Solar Empire Book 2

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Pi-02 W2

Jovian Defense Forces Book 3

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Earth Federal Republic Book 2

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Borodino w

UN Solar Empire Book 1

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LaGrange Republics From Book 1

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USSN Cosmo-fortress Juno

United States Space Navy

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Nexus Arcana The Stygian Conspiracy

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Sketches from my Art Drawing Book

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Vintage-battlestar-galactica-colonial 1 Bedde986f5

Works I admire by other Artists

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Planetary Alliance Fleet 2086-2093

Nexus Arcana The Goddess of Gallandria

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1998 Jeep engine rebuild start


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Vintage-battlestar-galactica-colonial 1 Bedde986f5

Mecha art of other artists

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USS ConstitutionII Data Sheet

Star Trek

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Earth Federal Republic Book 1

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Protean Fighters of the 1st Interplanetary War

Technology Recognition and Development Charts

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Ren Jar pistol

Prodono book 1

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St49 W

UN Space Corps From Book 1

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EFR Combat Armor Working

Works in Progress.

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Bismarck W

Ceres Regency Book 2

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NoWhere Station Titan

EFSM and JDF Forces Book 2

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USR Ship comparison chart (WIP)

Union Of Solar Republics

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Guren-PhoenixKallen entry

Odds and Ends

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JDF Ship comparison chart Saturn Forces

Neo-Hebrews of Saturn

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Solar Empire Ship comparison Chart Improved (WIP)


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