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Zerstorer Class Destroyer

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By Kodai-Okuda   |   
Published: May 16, 2020
© 2020 Kodai-Okuda


GOVERNMENT: Ceres Regency (designed during), Grand Duchy of Ceres (built in 2085), Principality of Altair (2085+)
TYPE: Interstellar Kosmo Destoyer
MODELS: Zerstorer class SDD-85 ( Richtoven class refit)
LENGTH: 629.9 feet (192 meters)
WIDTH: 73 feet (22.25 meters)
HEIGHT: 73 feet (22.25 meters)
MATERIAL: Crystal Composite
POWER PLANT: Ceres Energy CEFR-60K
OUTPUT: 60,000 megawatts
ARMOR TYPE: Crystal Composite
CREW:  83 + up to 20 mecha pilots (40 Gunners, 8 Engineers, 8 Electricians, 8 Technicians, 8 Operators, 7 Officers, 4 Medical, up to 20 mecha pilots)

             1x Ceres Research CRID-T3-2000 Type-3 Mark-III intersection drive
             SPEED: 0.27 light years per hour

             4x Ceres Industrial CI-EMD-7200A electromagnetic drive
             SPEED: 7,600,000 mph each (30,400,000 mph total)


             PRIMARY (OFFENSIVE):
             4x Mauzer Mechanics MM-MBC-400 dual 200-megawatt MAULER (MAson-Unified-LasER) Beam turrets*; Effective Range: 1440 miles; Payload: unlimited with nuclear battery clutch system; ROF: 3 blasts every twenty seconds with a cyclic rate of 9 blasts per minute.  
          *MAULER beam weapons do full damage to energy resistant armor like that used by the Prodono and other alien powers.

              SECONDARY (OFFENSIVE):
              12x Io Factory #1 ITL-Mark II ion torpedo tubes; Missile Type: IDST-5000 ion drive space torpedo with computer-guided 5000-pound warhead;Effective Range: 844.4 miles; Payload: 10 space torpedoes each in an autoloading torpedo tube; ROF:  1 torpedo per two seconds with a cyclic rate of 30 torpedoes per minute per torpedo tube.

              TERTIARY (OFFENSIVE):
              2x Lithgear LG-EMPAC-500 500-megawatt electromagnetic particle accelerator cannon; Effective Range: 2500 miles; Payload: unlimited with nuclear battery clutch system; ROF: 1 blast every ten seconds or six blasts per minute each cannon.

             1x Microwave Radio Communications array with a 1-AU range.
             1x Laser Communications array with a 1000-AU range.
             1x Super Luminal Velocity communications array with a range of 10-light years.
             1x LADAR array with a range of 220,000 miles.
             1x Passive EMS sensor array with a range of 1,000,000 miles.
             1x Active EMS sensor array with a range of 100,000 miles.
             1x Super Luminal Velocity sensor array with a range of 20 parsecs.
             1x Gravitational Control/Antigravity unit. Effect: Provides artificial lift, g-force compensation, and enhanced maneuverability.
             1x Gravitational Control/Antigravity unit for Intersection Drive.

             6x Europa Research ER-DF-2000A 2000-megawatt LEVEL-2 Gravitonic deflector field generators; Effect: has an output of 432 terajoules and a regeneration rate of 43.2 terajoules every ten seconds.

             1x 6000-yd3;


             RECONNAISSANCE: 5 PzWm-01 PanzerWeirMechs

             STANDARD: 10 JgWM-02 JägerWeirMechs.

              ASSAULT: 20 JPzWm-05 JagdPanzer WeirMechs.
             SPECIAL OPERATIONS: 2 KWM-04 Kobald WeirMechs & 10 JagdPanzer WeirMechs

              18x Ganymede Industrial  GI-EP-01 emergency escape pods; DETAILS: Escape pods have 24-hour life-support, a speed of Mach 1 (760 mph), 3 weeks of food for six people, full reentry capability, parachutes for free fall, life raft for six people (water landing), and 24 hours of fuel for rocket engines.

         The Zerstorer was little more than an upgrade of the Richtoven class Destroyer. The lessons learned from both the 1st Interplanetary War, the Ceres Conflict and the Outer Sphere War culminated into a whole new Kosmo-Kriegsmarine modernization and rearmament program that started in 2080 (designs began) and was put into production by the start of the Outer Sphere War (2084). The first squadrons of refit Richtovens started in 2084, but the actual (built from scratch as a new vessel) Zerstorer class destroyers were not coming out of the Altair shipyards until 2085. By 2093 the entire fleet of Richtoven class ships had been scrapped and recycled into Zerstorer class ships. The most notable upgrades of the Zerstorer were its Intersection Drive, high-tech materials used to build it (crystal composite rather than composite-alloy), and the new MAULER Meson-Laser beam weapon system designed to defeat Prodono-style energy resistant armor. Two additional deflector field generators were added for additional shield strength to defend the vessel. It also traded its space fighters for WeirMechs (Mecha/battle robots).

The ship is from the Science Fiction Novel "Nexus Arcana: The Stygian Conspiracy":

Nexus Arcana Books.

Series 1
The Stygian Conspiracy Trilogy:

Shemyaza Awakens

Ruins of the Ancients

Children of Methuselah
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply. I'm not getting notifications. I've already submitted a trouble ticket but the "Bell" doesn't work for me. Don't know why.

I dislike this new system (Eclipse) and am reworking my website gallery to start uploading my artwork there. This change at Deviantart is not working for me. I hope they fix all the bugs and issues, but I'm not very hopeful.

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Odin12345Hobbyist Artist

The feature of this ship design similar to Super Robot Wars, such as Shirogane.

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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Really? I didn't not know this.
I didn't find the Shirogane, but I did find the Kurogane.

The inspiration of the Ceres Regency designs is Flash Gordon and Fireball XL-5 among other Class Golden Age SF.

The other major influence is Studie Nue's Gunbuster series.

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Odin12345Hobbyist Artist

It's okay, but the class of that ship is Noah, my apology. As for Shirogane, there is, if you click Image if you see a white and blue ship.



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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the links and the information.
It amazes me how my art inspires others to think of their favorite ships or the work of others even when I did not use those designs/art.
I do appreciate the information about other SF art I am not aware of, so your links to those two new ships (new for me) helps me expand my pallet of inspiration artwork. :)
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Odin12345Hobbyist Artist

Yeah, but, I decide to had those ships in my Fanfiction story involved SRW and etc elements on my Naruto x Gundam SEED Crossover, includes Hiryu Custom.

Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
I see. Interesting.
I cannot use direct copies of anyone else's work in Nexus Arcana and wouldn't, because I have to create original pieces like this one that are unique to the Nexus Arcana Intellectual Property which are registered with the US Library of Congress and the Copyright & Trademark offices.

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Odin12345Hobbyist Artist

I know. But not just designs, but its names such as Jackdaw of Black Flag and Morrigan of Assassin's Creed.

I also fan and crush on Morrigan Aensland.

Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
I see.
While I'm not familiar with those names, I do know that I cannot legally use them. :)
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FishyTreeHobbyist Digital Artist

Very nice design! Though, if I could give you some advice? Tone the normal/bump/height map down a bit. With it that strong, it makes the ship look smaller than it is because of the amount of displacement in the materials.

I'd also very the shades of red at the fore section. Like, one darker, and one lighter shade combined with the current shade.

I'd also make the fore windows smaller, those things are like 50 meters across at that scale.

Just some thoughts. It's your design at the end of the day.

Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you.
Thank you for the advice.
However, I need to clarify a few things because I think we use different 3D software so there may be some confusion.
Bump height is zero in lightwave. The effect you see is a bevel effect in substance designer that creates depth.
This ship is only 192 meters/629.9 feet long (measured from tip to tail in Lightwave using its measuring tool in meters), it is actually pretty small.
The bridge windows (as measured in lightwave) are exactly 1.7 meters long by 1.3 meters wide (large ones), the smaller ones are 1.4 meters long by 87.9 centimeters wide.
The data sheet might be too small to read well. The scale is 1 hex = 3 point 5 meters not 35 meters if that helps.
I may increase the font size of the wording of the chart to help clarify.
Thanks again for the suggestions. :)

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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
I changed the Font size.
It was too hard to read/too small.
Thanks again. :)
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 There is a very nice thing when it comes to this kind of upgrades, that even if the ships were then build from scratch, they did kept the overall shape and style, so there is no delay for the crews to get familiar with their ships :) .
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Hi Chiletrek,

The Ceres fleet was designed in the 2060s with the intention of the ships being able to last for 50-years through a series of upgrades and minor redesigns.
The newly built ships are virtually identical to the older ships creating a much faster learning curse for crews of the older ships to adapt to the newer classes.
The war doctrine of Ceres/Altair is very different than that of the other Earth-borne stellar nations.  The emphasis of the Ceres Regency/Grand Duchy of Ceres/Principality of Altair (all different incarnations of the same group/nation) was on larger ships due to their use of Electromagnetic drives and over-sized/multiple Intersection drives which take up more internal volume and consume far power raw power than the plasma-drives and stellar warp drives of the other nations.
The Ceres/Altair government focused on space-expansion and colonization either via conquest/blitzkrieg or by settlements into star systems around Altair (within 20-light years).
Chiletrek's avatar
 50 years is a long time, but as long as the hulls can endure the pass of time (with continuing refits and upgrades of course) then it's good.

 It seems that the people of Ceres/Altair are better to keep a close ye on because of the conquests they make; But is there any habitable worlds around Altair in your novels? Or is that young star just their main natural location from which they expand?
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Hi Chiltrek,

Yes there are a few habitable moons, but most of Ceres are on large-scale colony space stations (which by the 2070s are built quickly, 1-year per pair of O'Neill cylinders). With most of the colonies around Sol, the colony fleets use a Township class ship which has the machinery to build 1 Industrial Bernal Sphere within 60-days if an adequate supply of raw materials are available. Once the Bernal Sphere is complete the process of building colony space islands starts (mostly automated with human oversight/operators). Altair was started in 2078 so by book 4 (2082) they've had four-years and thus have 2 Bernal Spheres and 8 O'Neill Cylinders, by the end of the Ceres Conflict (2084/85 at the end of book 5) that number doubles due to the two Bernal Spheres (4 Bernals, 16 O'Neill Cylinders), by book 6 (Outer Sphere War 2087/88) they have 8 Bernal Spheres and 32 O'Neill Cylinders (however, some of those are destroyed by the end of the book). Each of the major Earth-Borne powers do this as it is efficient and quick. Smaller space stations and shipyards are also built during this time. The reason is that in Zero-G weight and size of objects are not an issue so long as you can maintain control of the mass. With gravity-manipulation this is possible and makes construction of large-scale, non-combat, space stations and industrial facilities very easy. In fact, it takes much longer to build planet-bound bases and colonial settlements than it does to make massive space stations. 
Chiletrek's avatar
 That... is... amazing! Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] . Really, just 1 year per pair of O'Neill Cylinders? I admit that what you say makes sense, but I would add that, by then, humanity has indeed getting very experienced to live and work in space. Also freeing worls to just have smaller settlements to minimize the ecological impact.
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you.
With zero-g, construction robots, improved material creation, and improved mining tech, the construction times are ten-times faster than the original O'Neill Cylinders of the 2030s.
Yes, planetary settlements are entirely agricultural for food production.
Chiletrek's avatar
 You are welcome!

 This is the magic of good sci-fi, because it makes me wish we could get to be like that one day :thumbsup: or :goodjob: 
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you, Chiletrek,

I wish more people liked my SF like you do. :)
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