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USSN EFR LaGrange Cruisers
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Published: January 10, 2018
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Like the Colorado class of space destroyers before it, the Anapolis class family of space warships was loosely based on the General Atomics VII space warship.  A combination of both the Colorado class and the Saturn class frigate of the USSN led to the creation of the Anapolis class in late 2068 in preparation for the EFR's war against the Solar Empire.

Anapolis class:

Named after the one of the largest Air Forces bases in South America located in Anapolis Brazil, this class of ship was the most advanced warship built during the 2060s.  It was designed and developed to fight both the venerable assault shuttle and frigate designs of the United Nations Space Corps, and the Prodono warships found at Alpha Centauri.  It acted as the command ship for task forces and squadrons of the Earth Federal Republic space fleets (1st Navy and 2nd Navy), and as the main capital ship of the EFSN until the introduction of the Kurita class of space battleship in the late 2070s.  When UN Solar Empire Supreme Commander Edric Von Stalin introduced his "Iron Clad" fleet in 2072, the Anapolis class was still superior to nearly ALL of the ships in his new armada.  It was only the introduction of the Kiev class space battleship in 2073 that tipped the scales.

Thomas Jefferson class:
The next ship in the development of the EFR space cruiser lineage was named after the American revolutionary in honor of the spirit of the Earth Federal Republic's revolution against the Marxist Solar Empire.  The Thomas Jefferson class ships were refits of the Anapolis class cruisers after the Battle of Pallas in 2072 proved the UN Solar Empire's "Iron Clads" were more than a match for most of the ships under the Anapolis.  The Thomas Jefferson was fitted with additional mecha carrying capability (like all EFR ships after that battle) in order to help defend the ship from the UN's new space fighters.  This class served until the introduction of the EFR's first Intersection Drive units and was replaced by the John Adams class.

John Adams class:
With the defeat of the Marxists and the destruction of the United Nations Solar Empire, the Earth Federal Republic turned its attention to refitting their existing fleet with Faster-Than-Light engines to solidify their control of the Inner Sphere of the Sol system and to defend against the Fascists of the Ceres Regency and subsequent Grand Duchy of Ceres.  The rise of the Progressive-Technocrats of the Principality of Altair caused the need for an improved and more powerful cruiser design than the John Adams. 

Ajax Class:
The outbreak of war with the Progressive-Technocracy of the Principality of Altair caused the Earth Federal Republic to upgrade the Ajax as part of their obligation to the Planetary Alliance.  While the Jupiter Federal Republic fleet went on the offensive, the EFR fleets were charged with defending the home front of the Planetary Alliance and thus the Ajax class was born out of this need.  Defense and durability was balanced with offensive anti-ship capability in a comparatively small package for ships of the 2nd Interplanetary War of the 2090s.  Ajax incorporated many of the new technologies of that decade and was an adequate defensive warship.

Junyokan class:

The last of the Anapolis family of space cruisers, this ship was refit with Ion-Blasters in order to give it the means of taking on alien spacecraft should the need arise.  Like the Ajax before it, the Junyokan was primarily a solar system defense ship used in many orbital guards of the Planetary Alliance.  The class served until 2120 when they were technically mothballed and put into reserve status. 
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