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USSN EFR LaGrange Carriers by Kodai-Okuda USSN EFR LaGrange Carriers by Kodai-Okuda
The above chart shows the development of the Planetary Assault Ships/Carriers of the Earth Federal Republic during the 21st Century. 
The UNSC ST-58 was the primary reason for the construction of the Buenos Aires class PAS/Aerospace Fighter Carrier during the 1st Interplanetary War.  This carrier was based on the Anapolis class cruiser and is technically a variant of that ship.  It's main purpose was to ferry an interceptor squadron of Heavy Space Fighters into the combat zone to help protect the capital ships of the EFSN fleets of that time period.  After the Battle of Pallas in 2072, the Rio De Janeiro Class was introduced to fix the shortcomings of the Buenos Aires class.  Two large "runway" flight-decks were added with their own anti-gravity systems and launch catapults to help get the interceptors into space, but also to allow the ship to be used in the planetary assault role.  After the war--as the mission of the EFSN expanded to the entirety of the Inner Sphere of the Sol star system, the Rio De Janeiro class was upgraded to the Vina Del Mar class--introduced in 2079 AD--as an FTL capable ship.  It boasted an increased hangar size to accommodate Heavy Space Fighters rather than just exosuits in the core-hangar at the center of the vessel.  The Vina Del Mar served until the outbreak of the 2nd Interplanetary War when the PAS type ships were re purposed for use as Orbital Defense Platforms for the Capital planets of the Planetary Alliance.  The new class was dubbed the Aztec class and was given a compliment of space battle robots and exoarmors instead of heavy space fighters.  The Aztec's mission was defense whereas its predecessors were offensive spacecraft.  Thus, there was no longer a need for the HSF-01 type aerospace fighters to be assigned to these ships.  The final variant was the Toltec Orbital Defense Platform.  It was given a compliment of nothing but space battle robots and was armed with Ion Blaster cannon turrets.  It was the last ship in this class before the entire family of these ships was retired in 2118 AD.   

Buenos Aires class
Rio De Janeiro class
Vina Del Mar class
Aztec class
Toltec class
Chiletrek Featured By Owner Edited Feb 5, 2018
 Lice line-up of ships, and it is also very nice to add a little summary of this line, just to always keep a reminder of eah one's roles when they were active.
Kodai-Okuda Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Chiletrek,

Thank you.
Chiletrek Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018
 You are welcome :) .
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