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Panzerweirmech MKII

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By Kodai-Okuda   |   
Published: March 6, 2016
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GOVERNMENT:  Grand Duchy of Ceres (originally developed by the Ceres Regency)
TYPE:   Heavy Battle Robot
MODEL: Panzer-WeirMech Mark-II PzWM-05
LENGTH (Depth): 18.6 feet
WIDTH: 47 feet (with shield)
HEIGHT: 78.6 feet
MATERIAL: Poly-Titanium Alloy
POWER PLANT: 3x Ceres Energy CEFR-50
OUTPUT: 50 megawatts each (96,235.5 kilowatts required/96.235 megawatts)
ARMOR TYPE: Crystal Composite
CREW: 2 (1 Pilot, 1 gunner)

             PRIMARY (GROUND):
             1x Mezzerschmidt WE-120 walker engine    
             SPEED: 30 mph

             PRIMARY (FLIGHT):
             4x Vokker Vk-IE-5 High Yield Ion Engines
             SPEED: 7600 mph each (Delta-V:  15,200 mph Z-axis, y-axis movement.)

             SECONDARY (FLIGHT):
             22x Vokker Vk-IE-.5 High Yield Ion Engines
             SPEED: 760 mph each (Delta-V: 4560 mph z-axis, 9120 mph y-axis, 1520 mph.)

             PRIMARY (OFFENSIVE):
             1x Handheld Mawzer PGP-25 PHELAC gunpod-rifle; Effective Range: 200 miles; Payload: 100 blasts ; ROF: semi-automatic with a cyclic rate of 15 blasts per minute.

             2x Watzler SRML-520 ; Missile Type: Ceres CSRM-005 short range television guided missile; Effective Range: 11 miles; Payload: 40 missiles; ROF: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, or all 20 missiles can be fired at once.

              1x Microwave Radio Communications array with a 18,000-mile range.
              1x Laser communications system with 80,000 mile range
              1x LADAR array with a range of 10,000 miles.
              1x Multispectral Video/Optical array with a range of 1000 miles.
              1x Tesla-Shauberger Antigravity maneuver unit; Power: 20 megawatts; Effect: provides artificial lift,g-force compensation and enhanced maneuverability.

             1x Volk-Wolf Deflector Field Generator VW- DFG-50 omnidirectional LEVEL-1 Gravitonic deflector field generator; Range: 50 foot diameter; Power Requirement: 50 megawatts; Output: 9000 gigajoules with a regeneration of 900 gigajoules every ten seconds

             As the second phase of his plan started into motion, Charles Dalltan came to the realization that he would need to replace the vast army of mechanized units that were destroyed during the 1st Interplanetary War at the Battle of the Vesta Atlas Gap.  The Regent was particularly concerned with the fact that he lacked the legions necessary for any type of prolonged conflict with the Jovian powers, specifically the Neo-Hebrews of Saturn.  Due to this deficiency, Dalltan proceeded with a program of rearmament–starting in 2080–of highly specialized battle robots derived from the two existing Ceres WeirMech types and one entirely new concept.  Two of these types would specialize in either space or atmospheric combat while a third would be general purpose.  The PzWm-05 PanzerWeirMech Mark-II was the design best suited to planetary/planetoid combat and thus put into production as a replacement for the venerable Panzer Mark-I type units.
    Armed with the high-powered Mawzer PGP-25 twenty-five megawatt PHELAC gunpod, the PzWm-05 was a formidable strategic unit.  The primary offensive purpose of the gunpod was to destroy small vessels such as the Kentucky type pickets, the Type-59 corvette, and the Texas class destroyer-escort if they came within orbital range.  It’s secondary use was as an anti-mecha weapon.  The major drawback of the gunpod was its limited number of shots.  At only 100 blasts per energy clip the PGP-25 greatly limited the endurance of the PzWm-05 during combat operations.  It was for this reason that the PzWm-05 was fitted with a pair of high-capacity missile pods.
    Two Watzler SRML-520 twenty-shot short range missile launcher pods were mounted on the torso of the mecha just to each side of the cockpit hatch of the machine.  These pods held forty Ceres CSRM-005 short range missiles for use against other battle robots and space fighters.  The major drawback of these missiles is that they were of an extreme short range of only 11 miles.  The failure of the Ceres design teams to incorporate a missile with improved range in time for the 2nd phase of his plans was a great disappointment to the Regent prior to the creation of the Grand Duchy.  Still, Charles was forced to accept the drawbacks of the PsWm-05 until such time as he could replace this machine with a more advanced unit.
    The major improvements of the PzWm-05 were its new Mezzerschmidt WE-120 walker engine and its Vokker high yield ion engines.  The WE-120 gave the PzWm-05 a running speed of 30 miles per hour, a full 10 mph faster than the Mark-I.  The VK-IE-5 engines gave the battle robot an impressive speed of 15,200 mph using any two engines in either y- or z-axis.  The Vokker VK-IE-.5 vernier engines were mounted on the PzWm-05 in strategic areas that allowed the machine to take advantage of them for high speed maneuvers.  This gave the mecha considerable dodge capability and agility in space compared to its contemporaries.  However, this speed also came at a heavy price to the pilots and would not be possible without the antigravity system.  Even with improved G-compensators over those of the Mark-I, the g-forces were not safe for durations longer than a few minutes and dodge maneuvers at that velocity--even on low-g planetoids--could be fatal if not for the antigravity unit mounted on the Mark-II. 
    The power requirements of the PzWm-05 were slightly more than that of the older PzWm-01 Panzer Mark-I due to the newly fitted Ion engines and improved walker engine.  Thus the Mark-II was fitted with a third Ceres Energy CEFR-50 fifty megawatt fusion reactor to feed the power-hungry ion engine array and all other systems of the vehicle.
    While it’s armor plating was suitable for combat with the standard MBR-01 variants of the 2080s, the developers of the Panzer Mark-II felt the need to give the machine an energy shield capable of absorbing damage from the standard anti-mecha weapons of the Kentucky variants and Type-59/80 corvettes.  One Volk-Wolf VW-DFG-50 deflector field generator was added the left forearm of the battle robot.  The VW-DFG-050 did not meet the expectations of the Ceres military brass, nor Charles Dalltan.  It was an excellent shield against weapon fire from other battle robots and space fighters, but did not provide the intended amount of protection from anti-mecha weapons of escort vessels.
    Overall the PzWm-05 Panzer Mark-II design was something of a minor success even though it never lived up to any of the mission parameters put forward by the military minds of the Ceres Regency.  The combination of speed and an antigravity system gave it a major advantage against the EFR and Jovian powers.  The Panzer Mark-II was not the mecha that Dalltan was hoping for from the 2080 upgrade program.  However, it was vastly superior to the Mark-I and for the 2nd Phase of the Grand Duke’s plan, it was good enough.

NOTES: An SBR-01R is shown for scale.

This battle robot is from the Nexus Arcana series of military Science Fiction novels.

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 Something I have noticed when making 3d models of mechas is that how stiff they could look when we first start moving them around. But once we get to feel and know the designs better and once new poses could be made, then there will be no less epic than any Gundam or Macross or any other mechas we would know. And I do like this design a lot, I like the head :D .
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Hi Chiletrek,

Yep, it is supposed to look "stiff" to differentiate it from the far more advanced alien mecha.
It is one of the things I wanted to strive for in Nexus Arcana, and that is a level of realism by taking real-life robots and extrapolating them to my SF.
The LS3 Quadruped robot from DARPA is a good example of what we can build right now.  I had to consider that robots sixty or seventy years from now will not be much more "fluid" than that, especially with armor plating, weapons, and the like mounted to it. 
Now, compare this robot to the Prodono Hai Richon battlesuit that is 25.6 feet/7.8 meters tall.  It is more powerful that this 78.6 foot/24 meter tall machine, and looks like a person in a suit of combat armor.  I'm really attempting to show a technological development from the first version of this robot (the Mark-I) to this one, and then on to more advanced units.  As I do that I will be making more machines in Maya, and C4D instead of lightwave (like this machine). 
Thing about anime mecha is that they only make sense if they are made using alien tech (a la Macross) or are supposed to be made in the distant future (like Gundam).  My machines are only 50-70 years in the future and made with only a cursory understanding of the Prodono technology.  So they look like something a little bit more advanced than what we use today. :)

Thank you for the kind words.  I have more "realistic" robots I have to do before I get into the more organic looking types.
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 Your extrapolation works well because we cannot forget the Prodono were a very advanced race that developped for many millenia! while humanity is doing cool tech for less than centuries (in your stories). Butit is true that humanity would make technological leaps if they get their hands in some artifacts made by someone else, like in your story (also Macross, Robotech, Stargate,....). So that robot you made here, is very futuristic by our standards. But I bet that it would still look great in battle scenes :D .

 You are most welcome, and I certainly look forward to see what will you come up with :la: .
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Hi Chiletrek,

You got me thinking I should add the Panzer Mark-I to help show how the new robot is a better version than the old so I changed it and uploaded a larger image with the Panzer Mark-I next to the Panzer Mark-II.

Thank you for the input, you are always a great help. :)
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 That indeed helps get a better view and sense of scaling! :la: . I do like both designs a lot Nod  .

 I am very glad I could be of some help for you :) .
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you. :)
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 You are most welcome :D .
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