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Published: July 22, 2016
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GOVERNMENT: Earth Federal Republic, Venus Consortium, Mars Colonial Republics
TYPE: Main Battle Robot (Planetary Type)
MODELS: McDonald-Doogrim MBR-02 (Legionnaire)
LENGTH: 14.8 feet
WIDTH: 20 feet
HEIGHT: 33 feet
MATERIAL: Crystalline Composite
POWER PLANT: Federal Energy FEFR-4
OUTPUT:  4000 kilowatts (4 megawatts), only 2500 kilowatts required
ARMOR TYPE: Crystalline Composite
CREW: 1 Pilot

             PRIMARY (FLIGHT):
             10x Rocket-Dynamics RD-IE90k 90-kilowatt high yield ion engines
             SPEED: 1292 mph each (Atmospheric Speeds: Forward: 10,336 mph via 8-engines, Reverse: 1292 mph, Horizontal: 1292 mph)

             PRIMARY (WALKER):
             1x Arctic Motors RE-02 walker engine
             SPEED: 80 mph

             PRIMARY (OFFENSIVE):
             1x Norking NAC-35GP 35mm autocannon gunpod; Effective Range: 3528 yards (2 miles); Payload: 100-round autoloading drum; ROF: single shot, and bursts of 5 or 10 rounds with a cyclic rate of up to 600 rounds per minute max. 

              SECONDARY (OFFENSIVE):
             3x LaGrange Aerospace  LA-ML103 missile launcher; Missile Type: uses LaGrange MARK-76 medium-range missiles with 10lb, LADAR guided warhead; Effective Range: 282.9 miles; Payload: 12 missiles; ROF: 1, 2 or 3 missiles within two seconds.

             SECONDARY (ASSAULT):
             1x Federal Armory FA-AC-R303 30 millimeter triple-barrel autocannon; Effective Range: 864 yards; Payload: 300 rounds in a belt-fed magazine; ROF: fires bursts of 3, 15, or 30  rounds per discharge with a cyclic rate of 1800 rounds per minute maximum.

              PRIMARY (DEFENSE):
             1x Venus Military Industries VMI-RFP-01 1-megawatt rapid fire PHELAC gun; Effective Range: 8 miles; Payload: 100 blasts every 102 seconds or one blast every 1.5 seconds; ROF: 10 blasts per 2-seconds with a cyclic rate of 120 blasts per minute.

             1x Cydonia Research CRBA-01 2-megawatt, one-ton, Beam Ax; Effective Range: melee; ROF: as per the pilot's ability.  Ax is stored on left leg of MBR-02.  The Ax generates a particle beam blade held in an electrogravitic field. 

             1x Microwave Communications suite with a 12,000 mile range.
             1x Laser Radio Communications array with a 10,000-mile range.
             1x RADAR array with a range of 5000 miles.
             1x LADAR array with a range of 5000 miles.
             1x Multispectrum video sensor suite with a range of 1000 miles.

             1x Medium Combat Shield located on the left shoulder; Armor Thickness: 12 inches; Weight: 2 tons.

         The idea behind the MBR-02 Legionnaire was to build a battle robot to replace the ailing armies of both the MBR-01 and the MBR-01As that were still in service with the EFR forces in 2077 AD. The older MBR-01 type mecha within the EFR were beginning to show their obsolescence. The MBR-01 and MBR-01A were no longer able to fulfill the role of mainline battle robots for defense of the Earth Sphere and the newly forming Venus and Mars governments in 2078. Therefore, the Earth Federal Republic turned to the LaGrange Republics to develop an improved battle robot to replace the older mecha using the MBR-01 as the basis for the new battle robot series to cut down on training time for veteran pilots of the MBR-01 series. The main reason for this was the fact that the EFR needed to replace its loses from the 1st Interplanetary War as quickly as it could, and free up the older MBR-01 series to arm the new Venus and Mars governments as part of the "Lend-Lease" program that was to start in 2079 AD.   From these conditions, the MBR-02 series was born.
         The MBR-02 was the EFR's next step in battle robot development after the 1st Interplanetary War. This machine was built in large quantities by the LaGrange Republic factories in the Earth Sphere due to the fact that the EFR's senate was embroiled in partisan political fighting with the Eudaemonists wanting to disarm and the Federalists wishing to rearm.  LaGrange--being an independent ally of the EFR--chose to follow the Federalist path and built huge numbers of MBR-02s with which they could "lease" to the Earth Federal Republic. 
         The MBR-02 used an improved version of the walker engine of the MBR-01 and MBR-01A.  In fact, most of the systems in the MBR-02 were similar, though smaller and lighter weight, as those of the MBR-01.  The biggest difference between the MBR-02 and MBR-01 was the addition of a sensor-head unit on the MBR-02.  This sensor head was used to house the LADAR and RADAR systems in place of the old "dish" used on the MBR-01.
         The MBR-02 used a newly developed Federal Armory FA-AC-R303 30 millimeter triple-barrel autocannon mounted on its right-shoulder as its primary weapon. This weapon system was vastly superior to the AC-R20-04 20-millimeter four-barrel Gatling cannon of the MBR-01.
         The MBR-02 was also designed to use one of the newly developed LaGrange Aerospace LA-ML103 medium-range missile pods. These missile pods fired the MARK-76, 10-pound missile, which could act as both artillery and indirect fire support. These missile pods were mounted on each forearm and the left shoulder of the MBR-02.
         The defensive weapon systems of the MBR-01C was a  Venus Military Industries VMI-RFP-01 1-megawatt rapid fire PHELAC gun ball turret. The turret was mounted on the front of the torso of the battle robot where it was most useful against small ground targets and missiles.
        The gunpod of the MBR-02 was the newly developed  Norking NAC-35GP 35mm autocannon gunpod unit.  This new gunpod replaced the old 30-mm used by the MBR-01 series, and was a more effective weapon overall.   In addition to this gun pod, the MBR-02 was fitted with a Cydonia Research CRBA-01 2-megawatt, one-ton, Beam Ax that provided an excellent proximal weapon system.
        Overall, this combination of weaponry gave the MBR-02 a well-rounded combat capability that the older MBR-01 could no longer provide.
         Like the MBR-01 and MBR-01A, the MBR-02 was used solely for ground combat and was not designed for zero-g flight. The MBR-02 served in nearly all of the military forces of the colonies of the inner sphere of the Sol System from the early 2080s all the way up until the 2100s as the main ground combat unit. The total number of MBR-02s built between 2077 and 2086 is unknown as the LaGrange colonies did not release this information.  What is known is that by 2100 AD, Earth, Venus and Mars were all armed with this unit even as the MBR-03 was being introduced in the 2090s.

NOTE:  This machine/mecha is from the Nexus Arcana science fiction series of novels.
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
I have made improvements to the textures.  They are now not so cluttered as they were before.
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 While I can still see some similarities with the Mbr-01, I can say this newly-made design stands out. Although the new head module is more exposed, it is more in the style of the advanced battle robots we know from many franchises, and I guess it was needed to add some of the extra equipments or, to liberate some room in the main body.

 You know? I was thinking how some of your designs makes me remember the good Roblox-line of combat robots made by TENTE decades ago. Which is not a bad thing considering I always found TENTE to be superior to LEGO... but LEGO been made in the USA had better fate, hehehe. But still, you triggered some amazing memories on me :D .
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Hi Chiletrek,

Thank you.  This machine is a further development of non-Prodono technology mecha built by the Earth Federal Republic.  Unlike the mecha built by the other powers of the 1st Interplanetary War era (Solar Empire, Union of Solar Republics, Jovian Defense Forces, and Ceres Regency), these machines use very little alien technology and are armed with more conventional weapons and defense systems.

The main inspiration for this design is the AL-97 Atlas  and Type-97 Hannibal from the anime Patlabor.


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 Yup, I thought of that, as a kind of progression before using the Prodono technologies, so I pressume is/was during a time when it was still been researched?.

 Cool :D .
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Hi Chiletrek,

The lion's share of the alien technology was taken with the Earth Federal Space Marines when they fled to Jupiter during the war.  When the EFSM splits (due to political reasons) with the Earth Federal Republic, they form the Jovian Defense Forces (Jupiter Federal Colonies, and Neo-Hebrews of Saturn).  The Jovian Defense Forces use a lot of Prodono-based tech, as does the Union of Solar Republics (who also have access to the alien tech that the Solar Empire once held).  The Ceres Regency uses a combined Prodono-Earth technology that mixes the two because they have access to the alien technologies, but not the manpower to exploit it.
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 Wow, nice, so it became a kinf of technological race. The reasons for that are always evil because of possible conflicts but, ironically, that is when humanity makes the greatest technological advancements.
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Yes, sir.  It is a technological race akin to what happened in World War I and World War II.
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 But in a much greater scale, of planets instead of just continents :D .

 For some reason you are making me want to complete my O'Neill Cylinders, hehehe.
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you.

There is a reason for the technological arms race, but I don't reveal that until the last book of the third trilogy (The Goddess of Gallandria trilogy).
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