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JDF Ship comparison chart

The Jovian Defense Forces (Jupiter Armada):

1: Prodono Newel Xergis class "Battlecruiser" as of the year 3.74200 Galactic Standard (approximately: 125,800 BC Earth relative), was originally a Dreadnaught in 1.8014 GS (319,860 BC Earth Relative)
2: Nevada class non-FTL light assault ship
3: Alaska class non-FTL planetary assault ship
4: Warspite class non-FTL battle carrier
5: Lord Nelson Class Spacecraft Carrier
6: Narvi class FTL capable Destroyer (refit Conqueror class Solar Empire destroyer)

7: Yucatan class FTL capable patrol carrier (refit of Nevada class)
8: Iapetus class FTL capable planetary assault ship (refit of Alaska class)
9: Lexington class FTL capable battle carrier (refit of Warspite class)
10: Io Class Spacecraft Carrier
11: Shinano Class Heavy Spacecraft Carrier
12: Sentinel class Heavy Cruiser
13: Centauri Class space battlecruiser

The chart above shows the evolution of the Jupiter Armada Cosmo Navies of the Jovian Defense Forces (Jupiter and Saturn Governments) during the 1st Interplanetary War (2070-2079) through the Ceres Conflict (2083-2084) and just prior to the Outer Sphere War (2085-2086). 

The 4th Cosmo Navy:
This fleet was primary a planetary assault force created in 2077 for an assault on Mars during the final phases of the war between the Earth Federal Space Marines and the UN Solar Empire.  The 4th Cosmo Navy began as the EFSN/EFSM 3rd Space Navy, but was given the new designation of 4th Cosmo Navy when the Lord Nelson class was added to it in 2077 AD.  The purpose of the then new fleet of planetary assault ships was to perform the dual role of both an invasion force to attack the Inner Sphere of the Sol system should such an action ever be required to take place; and also to act as the main defense force of the Jupiter Federal Colonies that were slowly coming together in the former United Nations Space Corps bases that littered the moons of Jupiter.  The fleet was over 1000-ships strong (mostly Nevada class ships), but was found to be severely lacking when the Earth Federal Space Navy attacked the Jupiter Sphere in 2079 in an effort to seize total control of the Sol star system.  The 4th Cosmo Navy barely repelled the EFSN fleet and towards the end of 2079, a new fleet of FTL capable ships were introduced to replace the sublight fleet.

5th Cosmo Navy:
Primarily comprised of refit 4th Cosmo Navy ships, the 5th Cosmo Navy was outfitted with the new Ion-Field generators developed by the Methuseians of the Neo-Hebrews of Saturn, and 2nd Generation Stellar Warp Drives (except for the Narvi class Petya refit, that picket used a Type-3 intersection drive unit).  The new fleet had more powerful beam cannons, thicker armor, and carried the more powerful series of Heavy Battlerobots developed by the EFSM during the war with the Solar Empire.  The 5th Cosmo Navy served as the primary defense fleet of the Outer Sphere planets of the Sol system (except for Pluto) and thus a command ship was added to the compliment of ships from the 4th Cosmo Navy.   In command of the fleets of the 5th Cosmo Navy were the large Shinano class, dual-deck, spacecraft carriers/planetary assault ships.  These craft had the standard compliment of battlerobots and space fighters as that of the Lord Nelson class, but also had a shuttle-bay above the main deck that could carry up to ten AS-01D shuttles (with full powerarmor compliment) internally and an additional ten AS-01Ds could be held in place on top of this over-deck hangar moored via graviton anchors on each pad.  This impressive array of ships were only a portion of what the Jupiter Federal Colonies government intended, but were sufficient to get them through the first few years of the 2080s.  With the outbreak of the Ceres Conflict in 2083, the 5th Cosmo Navy was put to the test, and while it did survive, it was clear that additional craft were needed to help overcome some of its shortcomings.

6th Cosmo Navy:
An extension of the 5th Cosmos Navy, the 6th saw the addition of the Michael Romanov class of Main Space Battleship (MSB) to deal with the Colonial Confederacy fleet stationed at Pluto (should they ever pose a threat), and to help bolster the Jupiter Federal Colonies space fleet against the Ceres armada.  A new project--dubbed the "Maye-McGovern Plan" due to the fact that both President April Maye and Prime Minister John McGovern had come up with the idea of a large-scale, FTL capable, multi-mission combat fleet to defend Jupiter and her colonies--was put into initial planning phases, but only started with the 6th Cosmo Navy.  To lead the charge of the 6th Cosmo Navy, the Maye-McGovern Plan called for the creation of a Space Control Ship capable of taking on the Posse Comitatus in the event that the Earth Federal Republic used the alien warship during the Ceres Conflict or the Outer Sphere War.  The Excelion class Space Control Ship built to command the 6th Cosmo Navy battlegroups did not equal the Prodono Newel-Xergis class warship one-on-one, even though the Excelion was larger and heavier in displacement than the alien warship.  The technological difference was just too great, however, three Excelions could equal one of the Newel-Xergis class warships.  Excelion incorporated 3rd generation stellar warp drive technology and paved the way for the construction of even larger warships by the Terrans.  While the Excelion class of ships did see some action in both the Ceres Conflict and the Outer Sphere war, their real test under combat conditions was during the 2nd Interplanetary War of the 2090s.

These craft are from the Science Fiction novel series Nexus Arcana, and are featured in all three books of the first three trilogies (The Stygian Conspiracy, The Grand Duke's Ambition, and The Goddess of Gallandria).

Constructive comments are welcome.
Trolling is not.

Finally got back to the ships for the 2nd trilogy.
I will update this chart as I finish more ships.

Made changes that conform to book 4  "Mars Mayhem", book 5 "Godahkeen", and book 6 "The Outer Sphere War".

Added link to Excelion class.

Nexus Arcana Books.

Series 1
The Stygian Conspiracy Trilogy:

Shemyaza Awakens…

Ruins of the Ancients…

Children of Methuselah…
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FishyTree's avatar
I REALLY like #14. the "Jupiter Federal Colonies Excelion class Space Control Ship"
It servers a similar role to my own "Divinity class" in that it's a large, command and control type capital ship. (my favorite kind of ship:)) Also, quick question. What are the "smoke stack" looking devices on top of some of the later ships? I really like them as a feature as they give the ships a kind of "WWI ships in space" vibe. Which is really cool. 
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Thank you.

I need to actually redo that ship to conform to the new aesthetic.
The ship's purpose is similar to that of the United States Navy's Sea Control Ship.…

The "smoke-stacks" are Ion-Field Generators.
They're from my Role Playing Game that I made back in 2005-2007 that I never published but did put online for a while to build interest in my book that was coming out a year later.

From my RPG:

The ion field dampener, or I-Field system, is an extension of the nuclear dampener system. This system was a combination of Earth Federal Republic nuclear dampeners, and Varna Ultra-Technology electron element force fields. The I-Field is able to absorb the energy of ALL TYPES OF ENERGY WEAPONS, including chain reaction weapons like disintegraters and all types of missile warheads(missiles detonate when they hit the I-field). The maximum amount of Gigajoules the I-Field is able to absorb is determined by the cubic yards of the device and the TAL (Technical Achievement Level). The I-Field is able to surround a craft if the I-Field’s range per cubic yard (see chart below) exceeds the longest axis of the craft (usually the length). If the I-Field has an area of effect that is less then the longest axis of the craft, then the I-Field can only cover one arc of the craft and six I-Fields will be required to cover all arcs.

FishyTree's avatar
Ahh, so like a Wasp class? Very cool. And that would make the I-Field generators, a sort of shield for radiation / DEWs? I assume radiation as well, if it can stop energy weapons, it must also be used to help with the basic radiation and charged particles of space? 
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Yes, exactly like a WASP class or other amphibious assault ships.
The Jupiter Navy of the Jovian Defense Forces were designed for planetary assault against Mars, Earth, Gia (in the Alpha Centauri star system) and Ceres.
The I-Field generator will stop all forms of radiation (within its max gigajoule range), including heat, or photons, or other particles.
What it will NOT stop are physical weapons.
All Nexus Arcana star ships are fitted with Tesla-Shauberger graviton generators internally (some of the early space ships are not) which act as deflectors, however, those deflectors repel solid objects slowly (micro-asteroids at a distance will start deflecting miles away from the ship as it travels) and are not the military grade deflector defense system.  However, slugs from rail, GAUSS, or autocannon rounds fired at the ship up close will hit since the Tesla-Shauberger generator doesn't have time to deflect the rounds (usually within a mile of the ship).  The idea is like a ship in the ocean only with the "wake" all around the ship, anything at a distance (no matter how fast it is moving) will be deflected (unless it is too large).  Anything that "plops" at the ship within the "eye" of the wake will hit.

Tesla-Shauberger gravitational control unit by Kodai-Okuda
Could I get links to those picks and especially the Japanese line of ships?
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Not available at the present time.
I have not done them yet.
Do the Japanese have ships in this universe?
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Yes, they are part of the Jupiter Federal Colonies.  The largest Japanese shipyard is called Nippon Military Industries.
ulimann644's avatar
I know nothing about the books but the ships looks really cool.
I like it when someone builds space-vessels from SF-novels. I think those kind of chart is also cool for fans of the novels because they could better imagine the dimensions between the different ship-classes - and how they basicly looks like.
Very good job. :)
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Thank you,

It is difficult and there has been some issues with the hand-drawn/scanned images not being of proper scale, so the 3D ships (made in Lightwave 11.5) are a welcome correction to those problems.  As with many novels, getting the scale right is hard to do when transferring what a ship is supposed to look like from the written word. :)

Many influences went into the design phase of these ships.  I didn't like how the hand-drawn versions were originally, so I altered them to fit into a more Western-SF style, but retaining the Japanese-anime-style look overall.  I think the combination of the two makes for a very unique approach to spacecraft and starships....or at lease I hope it does. :D

Thank you again for the kind words. :)
Hunter2045's avatar
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Thank you. 
It is part of a current refresher study I'm doing on Peter Elson, John Berkley, and Chris Foss style SF artwork of the 1970s/80s.
These gents were among some of the most influential SF artists of that era. 
At the same time these ships will appear in my SF novel series (some as far as the 4th novel, 1st book of the 2nd trilogy whose plot is currently being mapped out).
I like being able to combine my work with furthering my own continuing art-education to improve my skills.

Thanks again for the kind words.
Hunter2045's avatar
You're welcome.
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