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Heinkel Class Missile Frigate

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Published: May 13, 2020
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GOVERNMENT: Ceres Regency, Grand Duchy of Ceres (after 2081), Principality of Altair (after 2084)
TYPE: Interstellar Kosmo Frigate
MODELS: Heinkel class SDDG-79
LENGTH: 753.3 feet (229.6 meters)
WIDTH: 241.1 feet (73.5 meters)
HEIGHT: 223.1 feet (68 meters)
MATERIAL: Crystal Composite
POWER PLANT: 2x Ceres Energy CEFR-98.5K
OUTPUT: 98.500 megawatts each (197,000 total)
ARMOR TYPE: Crystal Composite
DISPLACEMENT: 20,000 tons
CREW:  237 + up to 26 mecha pilots (17 Gunners, 120 Engineers, 20 Electricians, 20 Technicians, 20 Operators, 23 Officers, 13 Medical, up to 26 flight)

             1x Ceres Research CRID-T3-2000 Type-3 Mark-III intersection drive
             SPEED: 0.18 light years per hour

             3x Ceres Industrial CI-EMD-7200 electromagnetic drive
             SPEED: 6,536,000 mph each (19,608,000 mph total)

            16x Hanubeau Dynamics  HD-HYIE-7500 High Yield Ion Engine
             SPEED: 28,500 mph each, (456,000 mph total)


             PRIMARY (OFFENSIVE):
             4x Lithgear LG-PC-2002 dual 200-megawatt PHELAC turrets; Effective Range: 1600 miles; Payload: unlimited with nuclear battery clutch system; ROF: 3 blasts every twenty seconds with a cyclic rate of 9 blasts per minute.

              SECONDARY (OFFENSIVE):
              2x Io Factory #1 ITL-Mark-IIIA triple shot ion torpedo tubes; Missile Type: IDST-5000 ion drive space torpedo with computer-guided 5000-pound warhead;Effective Range: 844.4 miles; Payload: 3 space torpedoes each in an autoloading torpedo tube; ROF:  1 torpedo per two seconds with a cyclic rate of 30 torpedoes per minute per torpedo tube.

             POINT DEFENSE:
             2x Lithgear LG-PC-1002 dual 100-megawatt PHELAC turrets; Effective Range: 800 miles; Payload: unlimited with nuclear battery clutch system; ROF: 3 blasts every twenty seconds with a cyclic rate of 9 blasts per minute.

             1x Microwave Radio Communications array with a 1 AU range.
             1x Laser Communications array with a 1000 AU range. 
             1x Super Luminal Velocity communications array with a range of 10 light years.
             1x LADAR array with a range of 220,000 miles.
             1x Passive EMS sensor array with a range of 1,000,000 miles.
             1x Active EMS sensor array with a range of 100,000 miles.
             1x Super Luminal Velocity sensor array with a range of 20 parsecs.
             2x Gravitational Control/Antigravity unit. Effect: Provides artificial lift, g-force compensation, and enhanced maneuverability. One for Intersection Drive

             6x Europa Research ER-DF-2000A 2000-megawatt LEVEL-2 Gravitonic deflector field generators; Effect: has an output of 432 Terajoules and a regeneration rate of 43.2 Terajoules every ten seconds.

             1x 12,000-yd3

             STANDARD: 5 PzWm-01 PanzerWeirMechs & 10 JgWM-02 JägerWeirMechs.

              ASSAULT: 3 KWM-04 Kobald WeirMechs & 20 JPzWm-05 JagdPanzer WeirMechs.

              HEAVY ASSAULT: 5 PzWm-01 PanzerWeirMechs & 20 JPzWm-05 JagdPanzer WeirMechs.

              SPECIAL OPERATIONS: 3 KWM-04 Kobald WeirMechs & 10 JgWM-02 JägerWeirMechs.

              40x Ganymede Industrial  GI-EP-01 emergency escape pods; DETAILS: Escape pods have 24-hour life-support, a speed of Mach 1 (760 mph), 3 weeks of food for six people, full reentry capability, parachutes for free fall, life raft for six people (water landing), and 24 hours of fuel for rocket engines.
               The Heinkel class was built as a mass produced missile-frigate for the depleted Ceres Regency navy after their crushing defeat at the Vesta Atlas Gap during the 1st Interplanetary War. Most of the Richtoven class destroyers of the Regency had been badly damaged or destroyed during that battle and the Regency needed a new ship quickly. The Heinkel was their answer. A simple design that could transport battle robots to and from combat, with adequate anti-ship weapons, armor and speed, the Heinkel filled the role of stop-gap destroyer-frigate and destroyer-leader until the newer Zerstorer class destroyer was put into mass production (a Richtoven upgrade). Heinkels served with the Ceres Regency until the creation of the Grand Duchy of Ceres in the early 2080s, by 2085 (and the transition of the Duchy into the Principality of Altair in the Altair star system) the Heinkel was the most numerous of the Ceres designed ships in their Kosmo Kriegsmarine.

The ship is from the Science Fiction Novel "Nexus Arcana: The Stygian Conspiracy":

Nexus Arcana Books.

Series 1
The Stygian Conspiracy Trilogy:

Shemyaza Awakens

Ruins of the Ancients

Children of Methuselah
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