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Earth Federal Space Navy 2nd Navy Fleet Structure

A World War II-style fleet organization and structure chart for the 2nd Space Navy of the Earth Federal Republic circa 2068 to 2072 AD.

Ship Classes of the 2nd Space Navy.

Carrier Vessel Space/Planetary Assault Ship -- Buenos Aires Class
Frigate Leader/Heavy Frigate -- Saturn Class
Main Space Cruiser -- Anapolis Class
Main Space Destroyer -- Colorado Class
Main Space Frigate -- Juno class
Main Space Corvette -- Type-59
Main Space Destroyer-Escort -- Arctic Class
Picket -- Kentucky Class MK-IA

Breakdown of the EFR 2nd Space Navy:

Main Fleet (not shown): The total number of ships of the 2nd Space Navy before being broken down into their respective groups and forces.  The Main Fleet is comprised of all 3154 ships in the 2nd Navy.  The mission of the 2nd Navy was to defend the Earth-Luna sphere from United Nations Solar Empire fleets during the 1st Interplanetary War (2070 to 2077).

Command Group:
This is the total number of ships within this sub-group of the main fleet.  It is the group in which the Commodore's Logistics Task Force is attached to, as well as the forty-eight Perimeter Action Forces, and the forty-two Tactical Interceptor Forces.  The Command Group's mission was to act as a mobile "rear-area" that coordinated the defense of the Earth-Luna sphere and mopped up anything left by the other groups.  The Command Group also has a Fleet Captain who is responsible for relaying and carrying out the Commodore's plans for the Command Group.

Attack Group: Consists of four portions of the main fleet that are separate from, but under the indirect control of the Commodore's Logistics Task Force.  Each Attack Group is commanded by a Fleet Captain and has three Carrier Task Forces (one of which the Fleet Captain is in), and eight Strike Forces.  The Attack Group's missions were to seek and destroy UN Solar Empire shipping between their gas refineries on Venus and their colonies on Mars. 

Battle Group: These groups are comprised of two portions of the main fleet that are detached from, but under the indirect control of the Commodore's Logistics Task Force.  Each Battle Group consists of one Operations Task Force under the command of a Fleet Captain who also is in command of the forty Expeditionary Forces, and twenty-two Patrol Units.  The mission of the two Battle Groups is to engage enemy fleets that attempt to penetrate the Earth-Luna Sphere and to secure and defend any assets which are captured by Earth Federal Space Navy forces (like the various asteroid bases between Venus, Earth, and Mars). 

Carrier Task Force: Three of these are in each of the four Attack Groups (total 12).  These carrier forces are the command centers that coordinate the actions of the Strike Forces and give aerospace fighter support to them.

Strike Force: There are eight of these per attack group (total of 32).  They are cruiser based forces which combine long-range and heavy beam weaponry to strike enemy units from a distance.

Perimeter Action Force:
There are forty-eight of these attached to the Command Group.  These forces act as the defensive outer shell for the command group in hostile zones and when the command group is traveling between EFSN bases or other assets.

Tactical Interceptor Force: The Command Group has forty-two of these forces which maintain a secondary "shell" around the Logistics Task Force.  If enemy units get past the Perimeter Action Forces, the Tactical Interceptor Forces will meet and engage enemy units to prevent them from getting to the Logistics Task Force.

Operations Task Force:  There is one of these per Battle Group (2 total).  Each of these forces acts as the command center and coordinate the missions of each Battle Group.

Expeditionary Force: Each Battle Group has forty of these forces (80 total).  The mission of each Expeditionary Force is to seek out and intercept any enemy units, or new bases/installations that are within striking distance of the EFR and LaGrange assets in the Earth-Luna sphere.

Patrol Unit: There are twenty-two of these per Battle Group (44 total).  The Patrol Units primary duty is to maintain the security around the bases, space stations, and other cosmic-assets of the Earth Federal Republic and her allies within the Earth-Luna sphere.

Fleet Officers:
1 Flag Officer (Commodore Karl Webb)
7 Group Leaders (rank is usually Fleet Captain, but can be as low as Commander)
12 Carrier Task Force Commanders (rank is usually Captain, but can be as low as Lt. Commander)
32 Strike Force Commanders (rank is usually Captain, but can be as low as Lt. Commander)
48 Perimeter Action Force Leader (ranks is usually Captain, but can be as low as Lt. Commander)
42 Tactical Interceptor Force Commanders (rank is usually Captain, but can be as low as Lt. Commander)
80 Expeditionary Force Commanders (rank is usually Captain, but can be as low as Lt. Commander)
44 Patrol Leaders (rank is usually Commander, but can be as low as Lieutenant)
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 That is quite interesting, kudos for you not getting confussed making this, as people not familiarized with this kind of charts would... like me, lol. But I figured it out :D .
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Hi Chiletrek,

Thank you.

I finished that one late last night (and I have a cold), however, I'll do a more detailed explanation today to help (with links to the ships).
There are people who I know who are playing an offline Dice & Paper RPG of the Nexus Arcana universe using the old GDW Traveler RPG system, so I provide these charts to help them (and anybody else) who is playing in the Nexus Arcana universe using OFFLINE Dice & Paper RPG. 
It also helps readers of my novels so they can get an idea of what Commodore Karl Webb's fleet is comprised of.
I do not allow ONLINE distribution of my work, nor do I allow anybody to copy my work for any reason (not saying you would, but this is a public post so I need to clarify for others reading this).  I have sent quite a few Cease and Desists out to people trying to use my artwork for other science fiction settings.
I will give written approval for private, non-commercial, and non-profit use of my artwork for any SF game SYSTEM (D20, Palladium, Gurps, etc.) provided the names of the classes, the stats, weapon types, engine types, and all other data remain unchanged AND the person using the artwork/designs link to my novels on Amazon as the source material.
If they want to use my artwork, they need to give me free advertising (which is a form of trade and barter). 
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 Sorry to hear about the cold, I hope it will pass soon.

 I had no idea there is a classic Dice and Paper RPG of your universe :D . It is very nice from you that you make extra stuff to help them. And don't worry, I don't copy things because I have my own ideas ;) ... although I can only speak for myself.

 If/when I use your artworks, I will indeed advertise you :D .
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Hi ChileTrek,

Thank you.

Traveller is the game that most people use for my SF world (that I know of).

With the Steve Jackson Games version being the one that is still available, but most of the groups I know of are using the old GDW version from the 1970s which is out of print.…
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 You are welcome.

 Cool that they use your universe to blow-up things :D .

 I am not really acquainted with RPG games though.