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EFSM and JDF comparison Chart Improved

The Earth Federal Space Marine fleet was initially comprised of ships of the Earth Federal Republic and the Prodono Newel Xergis class battlecruiser named the "Posse Comitatus".  The EFSM fleet remained part of the EFR until 2076 when the conspirators attempted to disband the EFSM since they didn't control it.  The EFSM split from the Earth Federal Republic and fled to the liberated Jupiter colonies (space stations, Burnal Spheres, and O'Neil cylinders) of the now defeated United Nations Space Corps.  From this combined force of EFSM and UNSC forces the Jovian Defense Force was born.  Refuges from both Mars, Venus, and the former UNSC bases in the asteroid belt that did not flee the combined EFSN/Ceres Regency invasion of Mars, Venus, and the asteroid colonies helped forge the Jupiter Federal Colonies and Neo-Hebrews of Saturn who in turn governed the JDF jointly until after 2080.

Newel Xergis Class Prodono Battlecruiser Fold Capable, Salvaged Alien ship
Kiev class Battleship FTL Capable
Arctic Class Destroyer-Escort
Protector Space Boat
Kentucky MK-IA Assault Shuttle/Picket
Kentucky MK-I Assault Shuttle/Picket

All of these ships are from the Nexus Arcana series of science fiction novels and are official "canon" of that series.
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 Another nice chart! And wow those ships are so varied, I mean, I can see all the basic shapes they have in common but still, every ship seems to have it's own distintive identity (different placement of towers, guns, hull colours, ...) Headbang Emoticon.

 I like a lot the Protector Space Boat :D
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Hi Chiletrek,

Thank you.

The EFSM & early JDF navy is a "ragtag, fugitive fleet on a lonely quest". :D
Because the EFSM seceded from the Earth Federal Republic, their fleet consisted of many of the older EFSM 1st generation ships.  That portion of their fleet will be replaced as the old UNSC/Solar Empire manufacturing plants (Bernal Spheres) come back online and start producing new ships.
The Lord Nelson, Warspite, Alaska, and Nevada ware built at "NoWhere Station" which I still need to redo (in a much larger version).

NoWhere Station by Kodai-Okuda

That is the headquarters of the JDF and their main manufacturing plant until 2080 when the former-UNSC bases are up and running again.
Glad you like the Protector, however, I am sad to say that it will not appear in the JDF after the year 2080 as newer ships will replace it (specifically the PSB-types/Protean Space Bomber which is a variable bomber that transforms from bomber to battlesuit).
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 Will you be remaking that station? Interesting, I wonder how it will look like :plotting: .

 That's fine, it is like when someone loves the Constitution class and ends-up watching DS9 or something... the ship is no longerin production, but you still like it :D .
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Hi Chiletrek,

Yes, I will be doing a new model of "NoWhere Station".
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 Very cool! Good luck :) .