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Ceres Regency Ship comparison Chart Improved

Location  Ceres Regency
The Ceres Regency played a pivotal role in the war against the UN Soviet Solar Empire.  They were conditional allies of the EFR during the 1st Interplanetary War of the 2070 to 2079 period, but maintained complete autonomy in both policy and military action.  The Ceres fleet was responsible for decimating the UNSC fleet of shuttles and non-FTL ships, as well as crippling the capitol ships of the Earth Federal Space Marines 1st Space Navy after they seceded from the Earth Federal Republic (the JDF fleet repelled the Ceres fleet forcing them back into the Inner Sphere of Sol: Mars, Earth, Venus, and the man-made Ceres micro-system of planetoids). 

All of these ships are from the Nexus Arcana series of science fiction novels and are official "canon" of that series.

Added links to my website for these ships.
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