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Alien Object L4-2035 multiple view

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The discovery of Object L4-2035 by a Type-35 Patrol Shuttle just along the outer rim of the L4 colony project was a major shock to the infant space colonization board.  News of the alien craft was kept completely secret for fifty-seven years after its discovery.  The location of the alien ship bounced around from where it was first discovered adrift in space near space-island project L4-3 in the year 2035, to the main L4 secret weapons development labs of the LaGrange Republics in 2041 AD.  From there the craft was taken to Juno in 2062 as part of the USSN-LaGrange joint research project to try and unravel the secrets of this enigma.  The craft was mostly intact (63%), but had been hit amidships by a beam weapon that penetrated all the way through it; gutting the interior and destroying the vital systems within.  Presumably causing whatever crew that survived to abandon her.  The ship changed hands again in the early 2070s when the USSN joined with the Earth Federal Republic.  From Juno it made its way out to Tyche (Sol's brown dwarf binary star) and it remained there until 2145 AD.

FROM THE SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL: Nexus Arcana Shemyaza Awakens (Book 1 of the Stygian Conspiracy Trilogy)
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