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Klingon D-2 Swordsman by Kodai-Okuda Klingon D-2 Swordsman :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 5 4 Starfleet Ships of The Line Circa 2120 2260 (WIP) by Kodai-Okuda Starfleet Ships of The Line Circa 2120 2260 (WIP) :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 8 15 Klingon D-1 Dk'Tahg Dueler by Kodai-Okuda Klingon D-1 Dk'Tahg Dueler :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 28 28 USS Moscow Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Moscow Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 28 34 USS Horizon Class data sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Horizon Class data sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 75 44 HBR-01K improved by Kodai-Okuda HBR-01K improved :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 14 5 Prototype_Cerebus_Class_Star_Cruiser by Kodai-Okuda Prototype_Cerebus_Class_Star_Cruiser :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 37 64 Federation Cruiser comparison by Kodai-Okuda Federation Cruiser comparison :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 31 11 USS MacArthur Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS MacArthur Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 44 11 LN-70 Warp Engine by Kodai-Okuda LN-70 Warp Engine :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 10 0 Warp Drives 23rd Century by Kodai-Okuda Warp Drives 23rd Century :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 21 10 USS Cassini Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Cassini Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 32 23 USS Porter Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Porter Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 37 15 USS Excalibur Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Excalibur Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 37 57 USS Kiev Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Kiev Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 42 24 USS Discovery Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Discovery Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 62 42


Meet the JR-Prise by JRXTIN Meet the JR-Prise :iconjrxtin:JRXTIN 42 35 KDF D6 Light Cruiser (Axanar) by Chiletrek KDF D6 Light Cruiser (Axanar) :iconchiletrek:Chiletrek 24 33 U.S.S. Constellation (Heavy Crusier) [Pre-T5YW] by Quantum808 U.S.S. Constellation (Heavy Crusier) [Pre-T5YW] :iconquantum808:Quantum808 15 7 EASS Constitution NCC-1700 Redux by etccommand EASS Constitution NCC-1700 Redux :iconetccommand:etccommand 11 1 UESPA Lor Vela by adrasil UESPA Lor Vela :iconadrasil:adrasil 13 5 UESPA Shran by adrasil UESPA Shran :iconadrasil:adrasil 14 2 Design K-25F Light Cruiser by Tzoli Design K-25F Light Cruiser :icontzoli:Tzoli 52 39 Constitution Class Refit/Zenterprise Sub-class by Quantum808 Constitution Class Refit/Zenterprise Sub-class :iconquantum808:Quantum808 18 9 MACROSS: I Saw Her First by WolfKroger74 MACROSS: I Saw Her First :iconwolfkroger74:WolfKroger74 46 11 MACROSS: Hot Wings Vol19 by WolfKroger74 MACROSS: Hot Wings Vol19 :iconwolfkroger74:WolfKroger74 50 0 MACROSS: Hot Wings Vol18 by WolfKroger74 MACROSS: Hot Wings Vol18 :iconwolfkroger74:WolfKroger74 68 6 MACROSS: Hot Wings Vol17 by WolfKroger74 MACROSS: Hot Wings Vol17 :iconwolfkroger74:WolfKroger74 65 10 R.S.S. Senate (Flagcrusier) by Quantum808 R.S.S. Senate (Flagcrusier) :iconquantum808:Quantum808 18 6 BSA: Alert Vipers launched by Joran-Belar BSA: Alert Vipers launched :iconjoran-belar:Joran-Belar 39 3 Baikal Class by adrasil Baikal Class :iconadrasil:adrasil 15 7


Ahem, allow me to start by saying I am a total FN FAL fanboy and own the US civilian variant of this weapon (DSA 58). This piece accura...

by AdamKop

An impressive vision of an epic scene from a distant space battle, this piece does a good job of presenting the feel of combat between ...

A well thought out vision of a futuristic-military dropship/attack craft based on the Russian Hind-D. The image certainly meets its int...

An excellent vision of the classic style of science fiction artwork. This piece looks like it just came off the presses at "Amazing Sto...


Lost somewhere in time.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am a Science Fiction writer and SF 3D artist.
My SF series is the Nexus Arcana saga.

Nexus Arcana Books.

Series 1
The Stygian Conspiracy Trilogy:

Shemyaza Awakens…

Ruins of the Ancients…

Children of Methuselah…
I got a flash of ambition over the weekend as I got into the finishing stages of working on my girlfriend's 4.0 Jeep engine.  It is crazy what inspires my artwork or what inspires me to change it.  As of right now, I am in the process of making more refined and detailed UV maps for my Lexington class battlecarrier.  If all goes well, I will use the new object files (that I am doing as individual parts: engines, Stellar Warp nacelles, PHELAC turret, I-Field generator, etc.) to redo ALL of the ships of that type.  If I like how they come out, I will begin the process of redoing ALL of the UV maps of my ships. :)


Klingon D-2 Swordsman
The Klingon D-2 Mek'Leth class gets its namesake from the sword of the same name.  These ships were a cross between a frigate and a destroyer and were the basic fighting ship of the Klingon Empire throughout the 22nd, 23rd, and early 24th Centuries.  Many of them were destroyed in the 4-years war with the Federation.


This is the next ship in my ST: Classic Universe fleet of Klingon ships. 
The D-2 (Federation code for the Mek'Leth) Swordsman type starship.
I still have to finish mapping and texturing the disruptor turrets (they are small, you can see one on the side of the bridge pod of this ship).
Then I have to send the model to layout for lighting, and finishing.
Klingon D-1 Dk'Tahg Dueler
The Klingon Dk'Tahg class Dueler was the most common Klingon warship in the Empire throughout the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd Centuries up until the Federation-Klingon war (4-years war). 
These small vessels were sturdy little ships that were used for both duels of honor between rival houses of the Klingon Empire, person duels of debts of honor, and as corvettes/interceptors within the various armadas of the Klingon houses. 
When the Federation encountered these vessels in the late 22nd century on the fringes of Romulan space they gave these ships the code "D1" as per the standard Federation nomenclature (using A, B, C, D, etc.).  All subsequent ships of the Klingon Empire that were encountered during the 22nd and 23rd Centuries were given a "D" designation and then a number for the individual ship class.  It was only after the 4-years war that the Federation began classifying Klingon ships under their proper Klingon names (like K'tara class Bird of Prey or K'Tinga class battlecruiser), though models encountered during the war (like the Klolode class for the D7) still carried the "D" designation after the war.

The D-1 Dk'Tahg was the predecessor of the K'Tara class Bird of Prey that uses many of the same design principles as the Dk'Tahg.  The K'Tara replaced the Dk'Tahg after the Klingons acquired cloaking technology from the Romulans in the late 2260s.  The K'Tara also used a photon torpedo launcher (or plasma torp launcher on early models) in place of the magnetic pulse cannon.


Working on my first Klingon ship for my Star Trek: Classic Universe.

This one will take me some time as I'm trying to get the classic Klingon gray color scheme correct.

Here is the ship in layout.
Finally got the lighting correct.
I'm using the original 1966 lighting style which I got from these images and the original D7 Prop as my color palette guide for my Klingon ships.

D7 3d:…

D7 bridge:

Shown in show with lighting:…

Added Disruptors.
Added dual view of Lightwave modeler and layout for Chiletrek. :)

Starfleet Ships of The Line Circa 2120 2260 (WIP)
Working on the Pre-ST:TOS chart for my "Star Trek: Classic Universe" alternate timeline of Star Trek.

Did some rearrangements, added shade blocks for different time periods and organized the starships better.
A Glimpse of Things to Come
Just a teaser showing the 13-models I've finished.  I've got the Hamilton done and uploaded, now I'm working on the UV-maps, Bump-maps, diffusion-maps, specularity-maps, and Alpha-masks (for windows and decals), for the other 12.  The Scout and Destroyer will likely get done this week.

I added a "Y.L." for year launched to try and give some perspective of when these ships come out.
Why they come out is due to the events in Roddenberry's Star Trek TOS, and James Blish's novels (I know the novels are not "canon" but I don't give a rat's behind).


Changed the format of the image from Lightwave's workspace to a more appropriate chart.
Added a title for my line of ships in honor of Matt Jefferies and Franz Joseph.

Changed classification of these ships to "Special Operations" since I now have "First Line Ships" in another chart.
More Star Trek related news.
Les Moonves is out at CBS.
This means the merger of CBS and Viacom has a stronger chance of happening (though not for 18-months due to negociations, but that could change).
Moonves leaving could also mean the end of the current incarnation of Star Trek: Discovery and the possibility of a new version of it since a merger between CBS and Viacom (even if only in terms of owned IPs) would end the non-compete clause the two have with regards to Star Trek.
Should Shari Redstone take control of both companies via her company National Amusements, then there will be a shake up at CBS and considering her past statements on the issue of Star Trek being split between the two companies; a merger of the ip again will no doubt cause changes that would likely put STD into a position where it will need to alter course in terms of aesthetics.…


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