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Ahem, allow me to start by saying I am a total FN FAL fanboy and own the US civilian variant of this weapon (DSA 58). This piece accura...

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Lost somewhere in time.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am a Science Fiction writer and SF 3D artist.
My SF series is the Nexus Arcana saga.

Nexus Arcana Books.

Series 1
The Stygian Conspiracy Trilogy:

Shemyaza Awakens…

Ruins of the Ancients…

Children of Methuselah…
I got a flash of ambition over the weekend as I got into the finishing stages of working on my girlfriend's 4.0 Jeep engine.  It is crazy what inspires my artwork or what inspires me to change it.  As of right now, I am in the process of making more refined and detailed UV maps for my Lexington class battlecarrier.  If all goes well, I will use the new object files (that I am doing as individual parts: engines, Stellar Warp nacelles, PHELAC turret, I-Field generator, etc.) to redo ALL of the ships of that type.  If I like how they come out, I will begin the process of redoing ALL of the UV maps of my ships. :)


BK-01S Zhukov MK-II improved
GOVERNMENT: Union of Solar Republics
TYPE: 1st Generation BattleKnight
MODEL: BK-01S Space Zhukov MK-II
LENGTH: 8.8 feet (2.7 meters)
WIDTH: 14.8 feet (4.5 meters)
HEIGHT: 30.8 feet (9.4 meters)
MATERIAL: Crystal Composite
POWER PLANT: Ganymede Energy GENR-260 nuclear reactor
OUTPUT: 260 kilowatts
ARMOR TYPE: Crystal Composite
CREW: 1Pilot

             PRIMARY (FLIGHT) :
             4x Vesta Motors VM-TNRE-57 Thermo-Nuclear Rocket Engine
             SPEED: 100 mph each (400 mph total)
             FUEL:   2.3 yd3, 287.5 minutes or 4.8 hours.

             WALKER ENGINE:
             1x USR-BKE-12
             SPEED: 30 mph

             PRIMARY (DEFENSIVE):
             2x Lithgear LG-AC20 20-millimeter autocannons; Effective Range: 384 yards; Payload: 100 rounds of plasma-tipped ammo each; ROF: 5, 10, or 20 round burst per discharge with a cyclic rate of up to 600 rounds per minute.

             PRIMARY (ASSAULT):
             1x PC-GP1.5 PHELAC 1.5-megawatt gunpod;Effective Range: 12 miles; Payload: 200 blasts stored in a 300-megawatt detachable nuclear battery energy clip; ROF: singleshot or bursts of five per pull of the trigger with a cyclic rate of up to 100 blasts per melee.

             1x Centauri Research CR-PA-1 1000-pound plasma axe; Effective Range: melee weapon (about 12 feet from fully extended arm); Payload: 24 hours of continuous use; ROF: up to five slashes per 10 seconds average although experienced pilots could sometimes bring the total to eight per ten seconds.

              1x Neural Link System; Effect: provides a direct link between the pilot’s synaptic brain impulses, via a telemental helmet, and the BattleKnight’s computer control systems providing enhanced control and maneuverability for the pilot of the machine.
              1x Microwave Radio Communications array with a 1000-mile range.
              1x LADAR array with a range of 1000 miles.
              1x RADAR sensor array with a range of 50-miles.
              1x Multispectral Video/Optical array with a range of 1000 miles.

             4x Lithgear LG-CL10 chaff/decoy launchers; Effective Range: 100 yards; Payload: 100 bomblets;ROF: 1-10 bomblets per discharge with a cyclic rate of up to 300 bomblets per minute.
             1x Medium Combat Shield; Armor Thickness: 5 inches; Weight: 792.75 lbs.
             1x Electrostatic armor generator mounted on the medium shield; Range: 15 feet: Power Required: .2 megawatts; Power Source: nuclear battery with a 36-hour life; Effect: Provides a defensive shield which causes all projectile rounds to do only lose their effectiveness and non-nuclear/incendiary missiles do no damage as they detonate on the edge of the field (15 feet).  Energy, nuclear, and incendiary weapons do full damage.

             (ALL MODELS)
             The BK-01 Zhukov family of BattleKnights was named after the famous leader of the “Peoples Revolution”, former UNSC Supreme Commander Alphonse Zhukov.  Zhukov was credited with almost single handedly liberating the proletarian peoples of the UN Solar Empire from the iron-fisted rule of the Empire’s Soviet forces on Hygiea and Vesta where the BK-01 was under development during the early 2070s.
             The BattleKnights that bear Zhukov’s name were the first models produced for the new USR forces in preparation for their assault on the Martian moons of Phobos and Deimos.  Originally, these battlerobots were a secret project commissioned by then UN Solar Empire Lady-Chairman Isabeau Furrier for use in the Solar Empire’s new fleet of spacecraft.  The UN intended to construct this new fleet at Vesta covertly before Zhukov and his band of outlaws captured the planetoid base and stumbled upon the project.
             The BattleKnights were based on the Prodono style of battlesuits found at Alpha Centauri.  The BattleKnights incorporated many of the alien battlesuit features, especially the maneuver thruster configurations and the Neural Link System (NLS).  One of the BK-01s computers was dedicated to the NLS system.  The NLS and maneuver thruster combination made the BattleKnights of this era extremely agile in space, but they were not as nimble in an atmosphere.  All of these models were built exclusively by the Union of Solar Republics from 2075 onward.

             (BK-01S Space Zhukov MK-II)
             Developed by USR Chief Engineer Suvorov specifically for the assault on the Martian moons of Phobos and Deimos, the BK-01S Space Zhukov MK-II was considerably faster and better armored than the BK-01 Zhukov MKI.  The BK-01S used the same nuclear battery and walker systems as the BK-01.
              It also used the same Vesta Motors VM-TNRE57 thermonuclear rocket engines, except that instead of a pair of these rocket motors, the Zhukov Mark II used four.  This reduced the total fuel of the mecha from 2.87 cubic yards of plutonium pellets to 2.3 cubic yards of nuclear fuel, thus reducing the flight time of the vehicle from 12 hours (which was considered to be unnecessarily long in Suvorov’s opinion) to 4.8 hours.  The trade-off for fuel was speed.  The old engines only pushed the Zhukov Mark I at speeds of 200 mph while the Space Zhukov could travel at twice that velocity.  This allowed the BK-01S to go faster, but still not anywhere near fast enough to go head-to-head with the SF-01A, SF-02, or SF-03 employed by the Solar Empire.  These nuclear engines were not intended for flight in an atmosphere and only allowed the BattleKnight to boost up to an altitude of 400 feet maximum, thus the BK-01S could not achieve orbit under its own power and required transport to and from the surface of a planet.
             The BK-01S also used the same two 20-millimeter head-mounted autocannons as the Zhukov Mark I.  Its other weapons were different however.
              The gunpod of the BK-01S was an energy weapon designed to fire at longer range than the AC-GP35 was able to.  One PC-GP1 1.5-megawatt rapid-fire PHELAC gunpod was the standard issue weapon system of the BK-01S.  This weapon used a 300-megawatt nuclear battery energy-clip that held 200 blasts for the weapon, which was replaceable with a fresh e-magazine during combat operations.  Normally two extra e-magazines were carried on the hips of the mecha.  The PC-GP1 fired in bursts of five blasts per discharge of the weapon allowing for a moderately hard “punch” against most enemy targets.
              The final weapon system of the BK-01S was the Centauri Research CR-PA-1 1000-pound plasma axe.  Although not as powerful as the EFSM version of this weapon system, the CR-PA-1 was still very devastating against the hovertanks and MATs of the Solar Empire.  Even the dreaded Type-55 was not immune to the bite of this weapon’s blade.  The CR-PA-1 became the standard proximal weapon of all BattleKnights of the BK-01 series except for the original BK-01 (which was deemed obsolete by the time the plasma axe was standard issue).
              A medium-sized shield, which would become the basis for the standard shield used by the majority of the BattleKnight types produced, replaced the old buckler style of small combat shield of the BK-01.  This shield was nearly four times as strong as the original BK-01 shield and only a little more than twice the weight.  In the case of the BK-01S, this shield was fitted with an electrostatic armor generator unit.  This generator unit had only moderate effectiveness and was easily destroyed during combat.  However, when used on the Space Zhukov, this generator provided better protection against missile attacks than the chaff/decoy launchers mounted in the calves of the mecha.
              Like the BK-01,the Space Zhukov used four anti-missile chaff/decoy launchers for defense against missile weapons.
             The BK-01S Space Zhukov Mark II also used the same NLS-01 system as the BK-01.
             The BK-01S model was built in moderate numbers during the 2075-76 period, but was ultimately replaced by the BK-01A (armed with the PC-GP1) which was introduced in mid-2076 after the Battles of Phobos and Deimos.  The BK-01S was produced in very limited quantities after 2076 as an NCO unit for both ground and space forces.  The ground unit version of the BK-01S was renamed BK-01N (for Non-Commissioned Officer) and was identical to the BK-01S except for its shield, which was the standard medium shield used by the BK-01S only without the electrostatic armor generator unit attached.  The space unit version was dubbed the BK-01SN for (Space NCO type) and was exactly the same as the original BK-01S in nearly every respect.

Nexus Arcana Books.

Series 1
The Stygian Conspiracy Trilogy:

Shemyaza Awakens…

Ruins of the Ancients…

Children of Methuselah…
Well, it is official.  ST:TOS is NOT part of Kurtzman's Star Trek. Neither are the ST:TMP movies.…


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