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HBR-01K improved by Kodai-Okuda HBR-01K improved :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 11 3 Prototype_Carnedas_style_Starship by Kodai-Okuda Prototype_Carnedas_style_Starship :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 28 35 Federation Cruiser comparison by Kodai-Okuda Federation Cruiser comparison :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 23 7 USS MacArthur Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS MacArthur Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 37 11 LN-70 Warp Engine by Kodai-Okuda LN-70 Warp Engine :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 9 0 Warp Drives 23rd Century by Kodai-Okuda Warp Drives 23rd Century :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 19 10 USS Cassini Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Cassini Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 27 19 USS Porter Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Porter Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 32 15 USS Excalibur Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Excalibur Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 32 57 USS Kiev Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Kiev Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 38 24 USS Discovery Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Discovery Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 49 42 USS Columbia Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Columbia Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 39 24 USS Soyuz Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda USS Soyuz Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 37 12 Romulan Battlecruiser Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda Romulan Battlecruiser Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 29 14 Romulan Warbird Tender Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda Romulan Warbird Tender Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 41 29 Romulan Firebird Data Sheet by Kodai-Okuda Romulan Firebird Data Sheet :iconkodai-okuda:Kodai-Okuda 32 15


Yamato Preliminary Design A-140F3 by Tzoli Yamato Preliminary Design A-140F3 :icontzoli:Tzoli 13 2 Yamato Preliminary Design A-140J3 by Tzoli Yamato Preliminary Design A-140J3 :icontzoli:Tzoli 47 5 UN Spacy (early) ARMD Carrier by Chiletrek UN Spacy (early) ARMD Carrier :iconchiletrek:Chiletrek 45 18 UN Spacy (early) Oberth class destroyer by Chiletrek UN Spacy (early) Oberth class destroyer :iconchiletrek:Chiletrek 18 4 Axanar Nacelles by adrasil Axanar Nacelles :iconadrasil:adrasil 16 12 Meltran Fleet 01 by Chiletrek Meltran Fleet 01 :iconchiletrek:Chiletrek 17 14 Thorin Hidrofoil 5a by pyraker Thorin Hidrofoil 5a :iconpyraker:pyraker 104 14 Yamato Preliminary Design A-140G2-A by Tzoli Yamato Preliminary Design A-140G2-A :icontzoli:Tzoli 21 8 Colonial Defender Frigate (TOS) by Chiletrek Colonial Defender Frigate (TOS) :iconchiletrek:Chiletrek 19 27 American Mech Destroyer Color Study by Rob-Cavanna American Mech Destroyer Color Study :iconrob-cavanna:Rob-Cavanna 59 33 RvR02b Brigandine Rebuild C4D by Tarrow100 RvR02b Brigandine Rebuild C4D :icontarrow100:Tarrow100 27 4 Yamato Preliminary Design A-140F by Tzoli Yamato Preliminary Design A-140F :icontzoli:Tzoli 11 3 A-4L BuNo 149497 VC-2, 1975 by fighterman35 A-4L BuNo 149497 VC-2, 1975 :iconfighterman35:fighterman35 15 0 Rockwell-MBB X-31 by fighterman35 Rockwell-MBB X-31 :iconfighterman35:fighterman35 13 0 F-14A NMC 204 BuNo 157983 by fighterman35 F-14A NMC 204 BuNo 157983 :iconfighterman35:fighterman35 10 0 V-22 FSD#3 BuNo 163913 by fighterman35 V-22 FSD#3 BuNo 163913 :iconfighterman35:fighterman35 9 0


Ahem, allow me to start by saying I am a total FN FAL fanboy and own the US civilian variant of this weapon (DSA 58). This piece accura...

by AdamKop

An impressive vision of an epic scene from a distant space battle, this piece does a good job of presenting the feel of combat between ...

A well thought out vision of a futuristic-military dropship/attack craft based on the Russian Hind-D. The image certainly meets its int...

An excellent vision of the classic style of science fiction artwork. This piece looks like it just came off the presses at "Amazing Sto...


Lost somewhere in time.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am a Science Fiction writer and SF 3D artist.
My SF series is the Nexus Arcana saga.

Nexus Arcana Books.

Series 1
The Stygian Conspiracy Trilogy:

Shemyaza Awakens…

Ruins of the Ancients…

Children of Methuselah…
I got a flash of ambition over the weekend as I got into the finishing stages of working on my girlfriend's 4.0 Jeep engine.  It is crazy what inspires my artwork or what inspires me to change it.  As of right now, I am in the process of making more refined and detailed UV maps for my Lexington class battlecarrier.  If all goes well, I will use the new object files (that I am doing as individual parts: engines, Stellar Warp nacelles, PHELAC turret, I-Field generator, etc.) to redo ALL of the ships of that type.  If I like how they come out, I will begin the process of redoing ALL of the UV maps of my ships. :)


by Mike Wadsworth Resnick

At the start, Hugo brought out _Amazing_,
In spite of some serious hazing
From lawyers and writers.
(It seems that the blighters Sought cash for their written star-gazing).

John Campbell then surveyed the field, And said,
"Now this drivel must yield.
I shall draw a fine line With writers like Heinlein,
And think of the power I'll wield!"

Tony Boucher at once saw the light,
And he said (sounding quite erudite):
"I don't give a fig
If the concept is big --
_My_ authors must know how to write!"

Then Horace Gold quickly appeared,
And he wasn't the failure we'd feared,
_Galaxy_ was afire
With wit and satire --
And the poorer stuff all disappeared.

Then along came Mike Moorcock, who said:
"SF is most certainly dead.
Who wants to re-hash
Even more of this trash?
I'll give them the New Wave instead."

Judy-Lynn del Rey said,
"Lester, Our readers will never dig Bester,
But with cute fuzzy robots
There's no ifs and no buts,
You'll be a most happy investor."

A mirror shade crowd made the scene,
And said, looking hungry and lean,
"With punks made of cyber,
And no moral fiber,
We'll sweep the bestseller list clean."

When Lucas from college departed,
His vision to film was imparted;
The books have been pleasant,
But quite adolescent --
And now we're right back where we started.
HBR-01K improved


GOVERNMENT: Earth Federal Space Marines/Jovian Defense Forces
TYPE: Heavy Battle Robot
MODELS: StarDragoon-Maxinger HBR-01K (Kabuto Special)
LENGTH: 11.25 feet (3.4 meters)
WIDTH: 22.5 feet (6.9 meters)
HEIGHT: 33.75 feet (10.3 meters)
MATERIAL: Composite-Alloy
POWER PLANT: Stellar Dynamics SDFR-7.4
OUTPUT: 7410.5003 kilowatts (7.4 megawatts)
ARMOR TYPE: Crystal Composite
CREW: 1 Pilot

             PRIMARY (FLIGHT):
             8x Stellar-Dynamics TNRE-06 thermonuclear rocket engines
             SPEED: 450 mph each (3600 mph total)

             PRIMARY (WALKER):
             1x DængJäger RWE-06 walker engine
             SPEED: 80 mph

             PRIMARY (DEFENSIVE):
             1x MMI RFL-1.5LC 1.5-megawatt laser cannon; Effective Range: 15 miles payload: unlimited with 150-megawatt nuclear battery clutch system; ROF: ten blasts every two seconds.

              SECONDARY (OFFENSIVE):
              2x MMI SRM-01-G missile launcher; Missile Type: standard EFR 10-pound short-range ground-assault missile with computer-guided warhead; Effective Range: 83 miles; Payload: 27 missiles; ROF: 1, 2, or 3 missiles within two seconds. 

             PRIMARY (OFFENSIVE):
             1x SkyKing-GrandJäger SG-EMPAC-28 28-megawatt electromagnetic particle accelerator cannon gunpod; Effective Range: 140 miles; Payload: 100 blasts stored in a detachable 2800-megawatt nuclear battery energy drum magazine; ROF: one blast per discharge (2 seconds) thirty blasts per minute.

             1x Pallas Arms RC-35-6 35-millimeter six-barrel Gatling rail cannon; Effective Range: 1141 yards; Payload: 6000-round autoloading belt-fed from a large external drum magazine; ROF: fires bursts of 6, 18, 36, or 60 rounds per discharge with a cyclic rate of up to 3600 rounds per minute.

             PROXIMAL WEAPON:
             1x Warptron Plasma Mace WPM-2 2-megawatt 1-ton plasma mace; Proximal Type: bludgeoning type; Effective Range: melee/proximal; Payload: 72 hours of continuous use; ROF: based on the pilot's skill and reflexes, but normally up to 30 swings per minute.

             1x Laser Radio Communications array with a 10,000-mile range.
             1x Gravitational/Antigravity Control Unit; Effect: Spacecraft type g-compensation unit modified to act as an inertia maneuvering system in place of vector control thrusters
             1x Microwave Radio Communications array with a 12,000-mile range.
             1x RADAR Sensor array with a 1000-mile range.

             1x Shoulder mounted Medium Combat Shield; Armor Thickness: 36 inches; Weight: 2 tons.

          (HBR-01K KABUTO)
         The HBR-01K “Kabuto” model of heavy battle robot was built off the second design submitted to the EFSM in 2076 AD. A new company founded on Pallas called StarDragoon-Maxinger made that design. This newly founded manufacturer had built a mecha that was nearly identical to the SkyKing-GrandJäger design. This was no accident as members of their design team were the ones who founded the new company after a falling-out between some of the developers and the machine fabrication team. The StarDragoon-Maxinger design had initially been beaten by the SkyKing-GrandJäger design due the cost of their HBR. However, General Walsh, at the behest of Major Kabuto Tokugawa of the 7th Special Forces Mechanized Unit, lobbied for the StarDragoon-Maxinger model due to its increased firepower and usefulness as a “command mecha”. Major Kabuto Tokugawa’s persistent efforts garnered StarDragoon-Maxinger their contract to build the machine.In honor of his efforts, the design team at StarDragoon-Maxinger named the battle robot after him.
         The HBR-01K was essentially the same battle robot as the HBR-01D except for its sensors and weapons. The StarDragoon-Maxinger team had emphasized the use of slug-throwing weapons over energy weapons for the fixed mounts on the battle robot due to the possibility of the UN forces using alien mecha from Alpha Centauri. It was thought that the UN has specimens of alien mecha types similar to those that were recovered from the Posse Comitatus after the EFR had salvaged it from the Ross Sea where it crashed. The alien A.G.A.R.-01 (Armored Ground Assault Robot type one) and B.S.-01 (Battlesuit type one) both used energy-resistant armor plating. This meant that if the EFSM forces encountered alien units, piloted by UN personnel, on Mars they could find themselves at a great disadvantage.
         The HBR-01K used three MMI SRM-01-G (ground type) short-range missile launchers instead of only two. The addition of this third launcher was to increase the anti-tank capabilities of the battle robot without the need for a more expensive weapon system. The SRM-01G was plentiful as was the missiles for it.
         The MMI RFL-1.5LC remained unchanged and was used in exactly the same manner as on the HBR-01D model.
         The primary weapon of the HBR-01K was the Pallas Arms RC-35-6 six-barrel Gatling rail cannon. This weapon system was an extension of the Norking RCR-35 35-millimeter rail cannon rifle gunpod used by the HBR-01D. The RC-35-6 had a much higher rate of fire than the gunpod weapon. However, the six-barrel weapon suffered from a limited field of fire, though any mecha caught within its kill-zone was almost certain to be heavily damaged or destroyed. This weapon’s high rate of fire required the use of an external ammo drum. This drum held 6000 rounds of 35-millimeter rail cannon ammunition giving the weapon the ability to fire up to one hundred of the sixty round bursts. One such burst could riddle a UN Type-55 heavy tank into metallic confetti.
         The next of the HBR-01K’s primary weapons was the SkyKing-GrandJäger SG-EMPAC-28 electromagnetic particle accelerator cannon gunpod. This gunpod was designed for use against UN capital ships and assault MATs. It was a deadly weapon system capable of very high rates of fire for an EMPAC weapon. This rate of fire was due to the weapon’s use of a clutch-enhanced nuclear battery which was actually a drum-shaped e-clip located on the top of the gunpod. In theory, if the energy-clip was depleted, the HBR-01K pilot could “reload” the gunpod with a fresh one. However, that feature was never used on the HBR-01K due to the high cost of the nuclear battery. It was simply too expensive to discard during combat. Many SG-EMPAC-28s had their “ejection” systems disabled prior to the mecha’s launch in order to prevent pilot’s from jettisoning a nuclear battery to use a new one once theirs was depleted (not that a spare was even loaded onto the mecha).
         The HBR-01K’s final weapon was its proximal one, the WPM-2 Warptron Plasma Mace. This plasma weapon was slightly more powerful then Warptron’s plasma axe used on the HBR-01D and half the weight of the axe. Like the plasma axe, the plasma mace was a devastatingly powerful weapon that could smash most UN mecha with a single hit and inflict heavy damage to space warships. The mace was stored on either hip of the HBR-01K via its U-shaped magnetic plate; once energized, this plate would hold the mace in place as if it were welded to the mecha.
         Like the HBR-01D, the HBR-01K used a medium combat shield mounted on its left shoulder as its only defensive weapon.
         The HBR-01K used the same antigravity inertia maneuvering system as the HBR-01D, and thus had the same performance in space as its sister battle robot. The HBR-01K suffered from the same speed and altitude restrictions as the HBR-01D due to its non-aerodynamic design.
         The EFSM constructed 375 HBR-01K battle robots for the commanders of their Special Operations units. During the 1st Interplanetary War, there was normally only one HBR-01K for every twenty HBR-01Ds. At wars end, only sixty-three HBR-01Ks were left, all of which were in the hands of the EFSM forces on Saturn, which eventually became the Neo-Hebrews of Saturn. After the war, the Neo-Hebrews put the HBR-01K back into production and produced an additional 3750 units for their planetary defense forces. These mecha stayed in service up until the end of the 3rd Interplanetary War.
Nexus Arcana Books.

Series 1
The Stygian Conspiracy Trilogy:

Shemyaza Awakens…

Ruins of the Ancients…

Children of Methuselah…
Commission project for David Zahir.
Ship is based on the Ronin Class, Carnedas class (STD ship), Nebula class, and conceptual art by John Eaves.

Ronin Class/Eaves Class by Mark Kingsnorth:…

Carnedas class:
Front/top from Eaglemoss:…

Aft from STD screenshot:…

Side view:…

John Eaves Concept:…

This model has not been UV-mapped or textured properly yet.
Current textures are for demonstration of shading, contours, and general design of this ship.
This configuration is also tentative and may be altered as the client requests.
Please note that this image will be updated as I make alterations and add the final UV-Mapping and actual textures.


Added photon torpedoes, and additional phaser banks.
Also added Impulse crystal in the style of Star Trek Online's Odyssey class cruisers.
"Rounded" the ship overall and replaced the Carnedas style of square pylons with the Hestia class type from Star Trek Online.
Still using test-textures for this draft of the ship.


Finished the UP-Mapping, window Alpha-Masks, and texturing of the saucer section.
Added the four vernier control thruster packs.
Added four nav lights.
Finished the top Navigational Deflector (that sucked........really sucked as the angle made getting the glow from the dish very difficult).
I used the Carnedas style of hull coloring and both 2.5 meter size windows (for crew quarters) and 4 meter size windows (for observation decks and officer quarters).  I took the window sizes from the Galaxy class.  I also used the Sovereign class' style of life-boats only with the grayish-white color of those found on the Intrepid class.
If the client is satisfied the saucer is done and I will move on to the secondary hull.

Fixed window alpha-mask.  The dark-gray was bleeding into the ones in those areas of the saucer.
Federation Cruiser comparison
A chart showing the full evolution of first line cruisers of the Federation from 2200 to 2280.

Note: This is for the Classic Star Trek universe only.

Red and white side views belong to David John Nielson and I stake no claim to the copyright of those images.
They are used here for reference purposes only and no infringement is intended.…
USS MacArthur Data Sheet
The Phase-III version of the constitution class using the LN-72 warp engines, and a "stealth" color scheme for space combat.
The MacArthur class was built after the Excalibur class USS MacArthur engaged what her captain thought was a trio of D-7 battlecruisers in 2073.  Unfortunately for the USS MacArthur the ships were K'Tinga class and were thus superior to the Excalibur class (Phase-I) Constitution type of advanced cruisers.  The out classed USS MacArthur was badly damaged during the fray and was forced to retreat from the system along the Neutral Zone that she engaged the three K'Tinga class warships.  After the encounter, Starfleet chose to upgrade the USS MacArthur to the Phase-II (Enterprise type from the Motion Picture), however, the V'Ger incident exposed some of the shortcomings of the Phase-II refit and thus a Phase-III plan was put into action.  The result was the MacArthur class of 2076.

The LN-72 Warp Engine design comes from the USS Ingram class which is an Excelsior class variant.…


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