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Maddie the Crusader by KodaCrusader Maddie the Crusader :iconkodacrusader:KodaCrusader 1 0 Skylar the Crusader by KodaCrusader Skylar the Crusader :iconkodacrusader:KodaCrusader 4 0 Koda the Crusader by KodaCrusader Koda the Crusader :iconkodacrusader:KodaCrusader 4 0
An Eventful Meeting
After his last encounter at the castle, Koda needed answers as to what that experience was. He summoned a wolf fought against monsters in another world.
"If i remember right, this eyeball app is what took me there. Let's see if..."
Koda looked at his search history and the destination was there.
"Good! I just hope i make it out in one piece."
"Beginning navigation"
Koda was then warped to the Metaverse and found himself outside the castle again.
"Here i am."
When he looked down...
"Whoa, my clothes changed again! I had this back when i summoned that wolf. Guess I'll be fine."
Koda then looked at the castle entrance and saw an open window above the doors.
"Let's not go through the front door." He said to himself, remembering that's how he got caught.
So, Koda hopped up on a few wooden platforms and went in through the window. He then saw the lobby and the Shadow King again. But he had a group of guards in front of him.
"That intruder is not allowed to do as he pleases in my castl
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Maddie Davis by KodaCrusader Maddie Davis :iconkodacrusader:KodaCrusader 4 0 Koda Rivera by KodaCrusader Koda Rivera :iconkodacrusader:KodaCrusader 4 0
Koda's Journey to Skull Island

Koda's Journey to Skull Island Part 13

It was the crack of dawn and things were getting dangerously serious. The biggest Skull Crawler had awakened and Kong was too weak at the time to fight it. Everyone was running through the jungle trying to make their escape from the massive creature. As for Brooks and San, they were waiting at the boat. They knew it was dawn, but...
"They told us to leave at dawn."
"I know."
"It's dawn!"
"I know!"
"So what are we going to do?"
Brooks didn't want to leave the others behind, but Conrad said if he, Marlow, Weaver, and Koda weren't back by dawn, leave without them. He and San had to make a decision and make it fast. He thought it over quickly and got an idea.
Meanwhile, in the forest, everyone was running from the massive skull crawler chasing after them. Soon, they reached a marsh that was at the edge of the island.
"This is the edge of the island. Weaver, get up on those rocks and fire a flare. With any luck, Brooks will se
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Koda's Journey to Skull Island

Koda's Journey to Skull Island Part 12

The whole group had been divided again, but this time with each group has their own agenda. The civilians were heading to the boat to head for the exfil site at the north end of the river, while Colonel Packard and his men were headed to the Sea Stallion for the ammunition to kill Kong. They reached the spot where Jack Chapman was originally killed. They found his personal belongings hung up in a tree by a dagger, which he put there.
"Make sure those get back to his family." Packard said. At least that way, his family will have something to remember him by.
"Dear Billy, your dad was one of the best to ever do it." Mills said and grabbed Chapman's stuff.
As for the civilians, they were in the forest making their way, when Conrad stopped the group. He crouched down to a branch that had mushrooms on it. He grabbed the branch and it felt wet.
"There's water close by."
"Are you lost? Which way?" Brooks asked
"Hang on." He said
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Koda's Journey to Skull Island

Koda's Journey to Skull Island Part 11

Everyone was making their way west of the island to find Jack Chapman, even though the civilians didn't like the idea. The plan was to get to the exfil site at the north end of the island, but Colonel Packard cared more about finding Chapman and killing Kong. The valley they were passing through was filled with bones both small and big. Some of the big ones looked like they rose up from underground. Then, the group came upon a big opening in the valley with the biggest corpses they have ever seen.
"Yeah, you smell that? That's death." Marlow said
"What the hell is this place?"
"This is what's left of Kong's parents." Marlow answered
"I've taken enough photos of mass graves to recognize one."
"The crash site's just on the other side of this valley. We'll cross through and make it to the highest point west." Packard said, but Marlow strongly disagreed.
"Uh-uh. This place is a real no-no, sir."
"We need to be going to the no
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Persona Awakening Challenge

Persona Awakening Challenge: Koda Rivera

(Since I'm interested in the Persona series, I thought I'd try it out as well. It will be based on the awakenings of Persona 5, and it's only just for fun.)
(Warning: Has a little swearing in it)
"Whoa, what the-?"
Koda was outside the entrance of what looked like a castle.
"Is that a castle? What's it doing here?"
He looks back at his phone.
"Did this app create the castle? Weird."
Koda walks inside the castle and comes into the lobby.
"Hello? Anyone here?"
Just then, a couple of Shadows appear.
"There's the intruder!"
Koda sees the Shadows coming to him.
"Apprehend him!"
He tries to leave, but 2 more Shadows appear out of nowhere blocking the exit.
He then gets grabbed by the Shadows and dragged away.
"Hey, let go!"
He gets taken to the throne room and sees a shadow king wearing a royal outfit.
Koda: "Who are you?"
??: "I am the king of this castle. You think you can just sneak in here and do wh
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Wolf Mask by KodaCrusader Wolf Mask :iconkodacrusader:KodaCrusader 1 1
Empire of the Plant People

Empire of the Plant People Part 4

Kayden and Dawn had finished constructing the first bridge and were collecting planks for the next bridge.
"The plant seems to be immobilized. Make haste and retrieve the plank."
Kayden grabbed the plank and they left, thus collecting 4 planks. They began navigating the tunnels to collect two more planks. However...
Kayden grabbed his sister and ducked behind a plant big enough to hide behind. They peeked and saw 2 plant soldiers plotting.
"It won't be long now, the tunnels are almost finished."
"They don't stand a chance, we overwhelm them!"
"First, we'll destroy their power lines and disable their communications!"
"Then, haha we'll suck down all their businesses and factories!"
"Then, we'll make them do what we want!"
(evil laughter)
"Whoa, Ficus wasn't kidding." Kayden whispered
"We must stop their evil plans!"
Kayden grabbed his sister and they went back the way they came. After collecting two more planks, they wen
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Koda's Journey to Skull Island Part 10

Koda's Journey to Skull Island Part 10

It was nighttime and right now Colonel Packard, his men, Steve, and Randa were camped out for the night. Cole was about to head out.
"Mills, quit dicking around. I'm going on perimeter."
Randa came over to the fire and sat across from Colonel Packard.
"Colonel Packard, this mission to the crash site is folly. I understand going after your man. But the rest of it, this is beyond us."
However, his words fell upon deaf ears. Colonel Packard wasn't going to stop until they got to the crash site for the ammunition.
"You don't like the way I'm running things? You know where the door is. You set this in motion when you put this place on the map. I will not cut and run. I know an enemy when I see it."
Soon, sunrise came. The civilians were ready to leave the village and get to the north side of the island before it was too late. Right now, they were in the shipwreck as Marlow mourned near Gunpei Ikari's handmade grave before leav
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Koda's Journey to Skull Island Part 9

Koda's Journey to Skull Island Part 9

Colonel Packard's group was making headway towards Jack Chapman's location for the ammunition to kill Kong. As they were crossing through a grassy plain, Packard heard a creature in the distance. When he turned in the direction of the noise, he didn't see any creature, but he saw something else that got his attention.
"Well, would you look at that?" He said and pointed towards a mountain that a bloody handprint on it. One that was Kong's size and there was enough blood for a clear sight.
"It bleeds. We did that. We hook up with Chapman, there's enough munitions on that downed Sea Stallion to finish the job."
The group then kept heading north. Randa however, was amazed by what he was seeing.
"Magnificent." He said quietly
"You know why I carry this instead of an M-16?" Cole asked him.
Randa shook his head saying 'no'.
"Took it off a farmer fighting for the NVA. He surrendered right after we leveled his village. He was 50 ye
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My Sonic Forces Avatar by KodaCrusader My Sonic Forces Avatar :iconkodacrusader:KodaCrusader 3 0
Koda's Journey to Skull Island Part 8

Koda's Journey to Skull Island Part 8

After meeting Hank Marlow, he took the civilians back to the home where the tribe lives. There was a big wall where their village was. The group had to get through it by boat, since it was sitting on a river.
"You probably noticed a lot of weird things on this island. As long as we stay in here where the people live, we'll be all right."
"That wall, is that supposed to keep out that thing?" Weaver asked
"No, he's not the one they're to keep out."
"Then, what are they trying to keep out?" Koda asked
"These people live up on top of the trees while we're down on the roots. Some of them don't even seem to age."
As Marlow was explaining, the group was walking through the village. All the locals had markings on them, some in different colors. Some were yellow, like earlier. Some were blue.
"There's no crime, no personal property. They're past all that."
Just then, the group was greeted by a couple, who seemed to be the v
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Group Poster 001 by as07 Group Poster 001 :iconas07:as07 8 0 Super Arm Wrestling by RetroUniverseArt Super Arm Wrestling :iconretrouniverseart:RetroUniverseArt 93 23 Dragon Flying by FlashW Dragon Flying :iconflashw:FlashW 321 21 Krypto: Super Road Rover by RetroUniverseArt Krypto: Super Road Rover :iconretrouniverseart:RetroUniverseArt 109 21 Shine by kenket Shine :iconkenket:kenket 4,038 106
Knight Pride Episode 3
Knight Pride
The Fall of Avalon
J.D on his knight cycle stops
Benic: J.D what's wrong?
J.D: I sense another strong Presence, & If I am not mistaking he is fighting General Tranic.
Benic: My old man? Surely my Old man can take him down.
J.D: I'm not to sure about it. I got a bad feeling about who ever he is fighting is dangerous. He is much closer, Let's help him out.
Benic: Right
They head in the direction of the fight.
Queen Lara senses something.
Jess: Mother what's wrong?
Lara: I fear you're father is in Danger.
Jess: What? There is no one that can beat Father.
Lara: This enemy is very Dangerous. Go, Go help him now!
Jess: But,
Queen Lara: I will be fine. Vonny go with her & help the King!
Vonny: As you wish.
Jess: "nodded"
Jess & Vonny leave
The battle on the front lines isn't going well
Kalia: "shoots a few arrows at the Underworld knight" This is nuts. I shoot 3 down. then 6 more take their place
Lulet: We can't give up now. "shoots a couple arrow
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Knight Pride: Episode 2
Knight Pride.
Episode 2: The Exiled Prince returns.
On the outside the Kingdom of Avalon.
A Dark Figure stands on a Large Rock Looking at the Kingdom.
A 2nd figure materialized behind him.
???: Lord Ferral. Everything is ready.
Ferral: Good Dark-Lyn, "turns to looks at him Generals behind them" Prepare for battle. Avalon will be ours.
A Green lion steps forward
Badow: All Hail Lord Ferral!
The Army starts Marching toward the Kingdom.
A knight Looks through a Telescope & sees something coming from the Distance.
Knight: General Tranic, Something is coming this way.
General Tranic: "Looks through the Telescope" I don't believe it, The Army of the Underworld!
Knight: The Army of the Underworld? I thought you & the King wiped them out many years ago.
General Tranic: So did I. Raise the Alarm!
J.D & Benic were having a good game.
Benic: My Bishop takes you're Castle. Pretty sweet move right Pal?
J.D: Indeed, But not good enough, My Knight takes you're Bishop.
Benic: What?!!
J.D: Yo
:iconjferral:JFerral 6 16
Knight Pride episode 4
Knight Pride
Episode 4: The Lady of the Lake.
After the fall of Avalon, J.D & his fellow Knights were Teleport away from Avalon near 1 of the Outpost far away from the kingdom.
A few knights were on Guard, They then see a group coming.
???: Holt! Identity your self!
J.D: Stand down!
???: Prince Jonathan! "Kneels down" Forgive me. I am Wayland.
J.D: Rise Sir Wayland.
Wayland: What's happening Sire. We got a message that Avalon was being attacked.
J.D: It's true.
Wayland: Did the King ask you here to ask for reinforcements for the kingdom?
J.D: The King is dead & the Kingdom has fallen.
Wayland: What? That can not be..
J.D: I’m afraid so, since my father is dead, I am now the King,
Alex: You!! * Run up and punch J.D in the guts*
Jess: J.D! *Run up to him*
Benic: Hey! What did you do that for!? He's our new King!
Alex: King..him!? Don't me laugh...he's no king. He's nothing like his own father, he just a worthless knight that couldn't beat his own brother. I telling you he's far mor
:iconjferral:JFerral 4 15
Eeveeloution - Takemeon by RetroUniverseArt Eeveeloution - Takemeon :iconretrouniverseart:RetroUniverseArt 58 11 Fakemon Starters by RickRichards Fakemon Starters :iconrickrichards:RickRichards 27 7
Knight Pride: Episode 1
The Knight Pride
episode 1: Avalon
*In the galaxy of planet Fantoria, home where all Anthromorphic lived*
In the Country side a group of lion knights from the Knight Pride are preparing to set up Camp,
Outside the camp stands a knight leaning on a beautiful Golden sword
???: I am Jonathan Primeheart, my Friends all call me J.D, I am the son of the Great King Jon, I am now the King of the Knight Pride of Avalon, a Kingdom that has Fallen into enemy hands a month ago,
J.D: You are wondering how it happened? Then let me tell you my story,
(In the castle of Avalon, a knight is on the lookout and see is there any outsiders showing up or survival knights returns.)
Knight 1: Sir, I see something.
Outpost Captain: What is it?
Knight 1: "looking through a Telescope" The Prince & General Tranic are returning!
Outpost Captain: You, Send a Messenger to the King that the Prince & The General are returning.
Knight 2: Yes Sir!
Later in the Castle in the Throne room King Jon is going through some Docu
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Maddie the Crusader
First pic of 2019!

This is Maddie, Koda's childhood friend, in her Crusader outfit. The magic scepter would be her choice, but she would play more defense than offense compared to her friends. She can also use spells for other reasons too.

Maddie © me

Art by :iconkoru-xypress:
Jan 1, 2019
:iconkodacrusader:KodaCrusader has changed their username (formerly ShiroVanguard)
4 deviations
Name: Maddie Davis

Age: 19
Species: Leopard
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Gray
Likes: Books, Reading, Mysteries, Koda
Dislikes: Bats
Personality: Shy, insecure, and keeps to herself
Extra Features: Wears Glasses, a skilled computer hacker.

Bio: Maddie is a childhood friend of Koda. She developed a love for books ever since she was 7 yrs old. She and Koda would read stories together whenever she came to his house. As they grew up, there came a time when Maddie felt insecure about herself for loving books. She thought that in time, Koda might stop being friends with her since he was also friends with Doug and Skylar. But he proved her wrong and even helped her get along with them. When she heard about Koda going out to find his father, she volunteered to look into it and help him find any info regarding his father's disappearance.


KodaCrusader's Profile Picture
Isaiah James
United States
I'm a video gamer who likes to visit here every once in a while. I also like doing literature and like to work with other deviants.



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