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It's been how many years since my last entry and submission? I feel super disappointed in myself that the only time I draw is when I don't want to pay attention at school or when I'm doing homework. I wish I had been more diligent in trying to progress and draw better and just practice. I feel like I haven't made any improvements in like 10 years. And when I draw now or try, I get frustrated. But whatever. I'll just continue on and try to make myself a better artist and just teach myself how to draw better with practice and challenges. 

OH... woah. I just read my past journal entries. Teh fuck lol did I forreal sound like that? Ew...
:] im just happy.
:] school starts on tuesday for me! transferring to a new, CO-ED school [ that doesn't contain suicidal mercy girls that i know of] sounds good... plus the boys, eating in class, the boys, getting to walk around with your cellphone visible... did i mention the boys? lmao, i already made friends with this one, cute guy [ with a major fine ass...] i call him "Noo-noo" which is kind of like... "Kuya" which means brother in tagalog. [ he's uberly cute and dorky]aha, helluh weird, no? saying his ass his nice, but also calling him "brother".  lmao, he doesnt speak/understand tagalog.. and he doesnt now how to cook rice either... but i find him super duper cute, so i'm just like "aha... that's okay, yer cute... you dont need to learn how to cook rice..." [ lmao, my friend was like "what a disgrace to the filipino community! but he's cute.]

... BUT...

Since school is starting... i'm gonna try my super hardest to get really high scores. :] but no worries, i always, ALWAYS have time to draw.. especially when taking notes. i feel happy. Just starting something new... with boys included... : D
oh god... everytime i go on to one of those stupid sites like myspace, or xanga or some other thing like that... it makes me laugh at other ppl... i mean... GOSh. seriously. i hate it how ppl start saying this morbid, emo shit, and i hate it so bad, i start laughing at them... there was this girl... and she tried to commit suicide because of her boyfriend from FAR FAR away that she met online. and as serious as that sounds, i was laughing my ass off because of that stupid reason. and it amazes me... just how the way ppl think. If i typed out all of the things i think or the things that pop up in my head when i see those things... you'd think i'd be a grade A bitch... but... you should watch my sister, so compared to her, i'm an angel.
Today started out just great. i mean, super. goin to 6 flags with my cousins and just having fun... and then... i come home and that's where all the shit hits the fan. I'm so unbelievably angry! INFURIATED! all because of my ignoramus of a father. First, he TELLS me to TELL one of my sisters to empty out the dishwasher, which i do. My lil sister just doesnt do as i tell her... soo, i go to my room and do my own thing, and later on, he comes barging in and yells at me after yelling at my sister. he says "I told you to take out the dishes!" and i correct him by saying "You TOLD me to TELL one of my sisters, so i told jeanette" then he raises his hand like he's gonna slap me, so i'm just waiting for him to do it... but he doesnt. so he's like "So you're BOTH to blame." [ what the fuck? ] and so i storm off into the kitchen, do the damn dishes and ignore him while he mumbles shit about us to himself... like "You guys are only good for fun, but around the house, you dont do shit." [ again, WHAT THE FUCK?! i practically do most of the laundry, HIS laundry too, cook shit for my sisters, clean the kitchen, fix the rooms, ESPECIALLY his.] so me n my lil sister are just like "when he asks me to make him a sandwhich, ima put rat poison in it." then later on, after cleaning the kitchen, AFTER he eats dinner with my uncle and cousins [ i didn't eat dinner coz i hate being in the same room with him, even if a bunch of ppl are with me.] he comes into my room and just stares at me. so i'm like WHAT THE FUCK? and i'm all pissed and shit.

Dammit. he tries to act all nice after he pisses the shit outta me n my sisters... which pisses us off all the more.

Then he leaves and comes back and yells at me saying "Turn off the light in your room." and it isn't my room, its my SISTER'S room! so i correct him again "It's not my room, it's JEANETTE'S room." and he GLARES at me and says "Stop correcting me because it is YOUR room."

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!! he's such an ignorant, pompous ASS of a FATHER! i'm EMBARRASSED to be related to that BASTARD!!!!!

............... im done with my little rampage.
my comps broken...i wont be able to scan shit... sooo... maybe in a few weeks there will be new shit. :]
:] i had the most weirdest dream... first, i couldn't draw nemore, ennen there was this guy... a really, really cute guy, that was going on some... rampage... [ he was still hot ] so we had to freeze him [lmao] so he froze himself willingly if i kissed him... so uh... we just started making out, and later on, he was cured and he told his parents that he was gonna marry me. i freaked out. and i went to play basket ball. lmao, but i dont even like basket ball, and when i tried to shoot the ball, not only did it miss the hoop, but it was so weak, that it landed a few inches from me... wtf?
tch... i need more coffee. Last night was so [bomb]! lmao, eeeccchhhh.... my cousin kept making us laugh, ennen he let us listen to our other cousin's rap that he made with friends... shit, that was a knee-slapper. [ no fri-iills, no fri-iilllss] aww gawsh... then i stayed up till 5:30 coz i had to wake my cousin up. he kept accusing me of looking at [l hentai l] lmao, not truuue! why look at cartoon porn when i could get the real thing?? i should ask vincent bout that... "why do you look at cartoon porn? can't handle the real thing?" lmbo. aagh... im rambling... okay... ima go get something to drink :] payce ya'll, i'm in Canadiia