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I probably have more important things to do right now, but I don't know what they are.

So, as with most people who read, you sort of develop a voice in your head for the characters, right? Well, the voices in my head for my characters were being rather loud for awhile, so I decided to let them out with the help of this meme.

As I decided which characters to put here I realized that I have no head canons for any of my female characters... :I (no wait, that's a lie. Just take the most stereotypical cheerleader girl and you have Lisice and Foa's voice)

I threw Trouble in there because although I have voices in mind for Devoss, Balgair, Kurege, and Crevan, I couldn't think of people to match them with.

SO! On to who we have here;

In my head Kettu has always had a young voice similar to Adam Young. Whenever I listen to Owl City music I imagine him singing it. Especially the song "Galaxies", which I'm currently in love with right now.

Vic Mignogna was the voice of Zorro before I even started writing Vulpes. He always was, always will be, and it's just perfect for him in every way. Vic just has that right tone with the perfect amount of sass.

No matter who the voice Renard has, it must be raspy and a bit harsh. The only person I could think of close to this is the voice actor of Kaltag from the movie Balto. (listen to him here: [link] ) I must say that this voice is slightly to high for Renard. He has a deep voice. But Danny Mann has voice acted so many characters besides Kaltag, I don't think bringing it down a notch would be hard for him.

The first time I watched Chowder I said to myself "This is Trouble's voice forever and always." No other voice could fit for him. Sadly, Nicky Jones is growing up which means puberty is stealing his voice away. You can even hear him getting older if you compare the first Chowder episode to the last. When I caught the first signs of his voice maturing, I got sad. Trouble's voice was leaving me.

I'll probably do this again for my other characters later in the future once I can find people who share the voices for my characters that I have in my head. Maybe I'll even put some girls in the next one.

All pictures pulled off from google, except for the ones I drew. I don't own any.

Blank Here: [link]
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Lolol, I love this and I don't even know. Though I honestly imagined Trouble to have a really young voice (though I never connected it to Chowder. CAN'T UNSEE!!!) This meme looks so fun though. I should totally do this if I can finish everything else first today because I'm at home sick today