Team Fortress 2 Medigun 2009
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Yey! A REAL Update!


Last year I decided to re-make my entire Team Fortress 2 Medic Get-Up, in an attempt to make it more accurate, less fragile, and make the Medigun lighter (since the old one was WAY off-balance and quite heavy for a prop!)

I believe I succeeded in making it more accurate, and it is definitely more balanced... but still heavy :(

Simple but difficult at the same time.... Almost the entire Gun is made out of PVC Parts and Components. Starting from the front - The entire thing is solid PVC is Putty filling/shaping (to get the cone structure towards the front.) If you wish to see how the from was put together - go to my scraps and I have a few WIP images there.
A PVC Inner structure continues, but is Hidden by wood. (The inner structure is just a pipe.) The square section with the cone is a modified PVC fitting, with a Square Wood frame with the edges rounded off. The little notches sticking out is plywood glued on, and the bolts are just Rounded Nut Heads glued on. The handle is wood and is glued in to the box structure.
The red section is a wood structure - with the PVC tube running through the middle. This is the heaviest part, and was meant to help off-set the weight of the front. The black circles on the side are just just out wood PVC circles painted and glued on. The handle is solid wood, and there are carriage bolts running into the box structure and bolted - so it is very structurally sound.
The tail end are PVC fittings put on the end of the PVC inner-structure, which also houses the battery pack. (For the lights.)
The bottom still includes the seldom-seen and known about toggle switch and Red/Yellow wires. The front electronics is a circuit which contains a large Red LED in the center, and 4 strobing small LEDs around it to give it a nice solid and pulsing effect.

In total, it probably cost about 100-200 in materials, and about two weeks of construction time.

Next up - I will get some pics up of the new Medipack!
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ihatesuicidemouse's avatar
It could be an exact replica of the actual Medigun!
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DrMantisTobogganMD's avatar
Would it be easier to make a YouTube video on this
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pupett23's avatar
pupett23|Hobbyist Writer
you do it?

pls tall me how!
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DatKitty's avatar
DatKitty|Hobbyist Filmographer
please sell these
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therealclockworks's avatar
 This is amazing... I NEED TEN...

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SagaSage's avatar
SagaSage|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is some extremely impressive craftsmanship-  seriously, in just two weeks you made that? That is unbelievable!

And if the amount of accurate detail wasn't enough you got a light to work on the end as well, that's just epic!
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AwesomeSlender919's avatar
AwesomeSlender919|Hobbyist Digital Artist
THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME AND CAN YOU MAKE A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO MAKE THIS AWESOME INVENTION THX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AwesomeSlender919 OUT!!!!
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sup3rnovatjj's avatar
sup3rnovatjj|Hobbyist General Artist
If only it had a fog machine that could make colored fog...
That would be even cooler.
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darthvader45's avatar
Then you could "heal" people.
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Mad-Whovian-In-A-Box's avatar
my goodness, this is amazing! I'd LOVE to build one for myself! 
might I ask, if I can...
is there any tutorial for this? I'd LOVE to build one for myself! ^-^
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SkyminSlash's avatar
SkyminSlash|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh this is awesome...attempting to make my own but i'm not a crafty-ish person so I'm having some trouble. It'd be amazing if you somehow put up a tutorial, but this was 3-4 years ago...
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McLeach's avatar
hi ^^

have you are turtorial for this.

with the cm or inches?

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Spakon's avatar
Spakon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
want!...need....to.....build....can'tdoitbecauseIsuckatbuildingbutstill! WANT IT, NEED IT!
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TheCrossoverer89's avatar
*snif* its beautiful
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LgMONSTAa's avatar
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Xsurfer12's avatar
can you PM me how to make this magnificent medi gun please? and also the materials i need for it?
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Felashix|Hobbyist General Artist
Now this is one AWESOME cosplay prop
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Keiko-XD's avatar
Keiko-XD|Student Photographer
can i buy it from you? pleeeeeeaseeee i need it!!!!!
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32-teahousemoons's avatar
this is when cosplay props become cosplay sculptural art pieces. This is boss
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decib3lage272's avatar
decib3lage272|Student General Artist
omg O.O i love it
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TheAwesomeJohnny's avatar
Exellent work dude :D
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