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Keep Calm and Call Batman

By koboot
An updated version of my "Keep Calm and Call Batman" parody poster.

The wallpaper here is 1280x960, click "download image" for the full image.

PLEASE do not take this image and use it for your own profit. Creating your own version is fine, I've seen plenty of "Keep Calm and Call Batman" products. Many people had the same idea! That's great, and it's fun to have a popular image from a popular meme, but it's not fun to see an image that you worked on as a magnet or mousepad on ebay or another shop. I do see them, and I do ask them to take the product down and make their own version.

Feel free to link to this page, share it on tumblr (with credit please!), show it to friends, etc. I love that people love this parody! But please, please. DO NOT USE THIS WALLPAPER OR MY ORIGINAL VERSION OF THIS IN A PRODUCT YOU WILL SELL.
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my friends tried to be batman 2mins ago!! great timing that i saw this!!
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who ya gonna call?

You never bend, you never break
You seem to know just what it takes
You're a fighter
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Keep calm and call me? *nickname is Batman*
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#GoBatman!!!!!!! He awesome!:)
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lolololololololololol! I LOVE IT!!!!
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This is pretty funny!
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I dont think he can hear me...
Gyotetsku-sama's avatar
i tried but my flashlight went out!
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one thing only to say this is like a boss
NotAsianOtaku0211's avatar
my grandmas's fav.superhero=)
inukai44's avatar
I want this as a shirt
Suiish's avatar
Awesome! I love it, using it now C:
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does anyone know where i can get this as a poster A2 sized or bigger? it's proving really hard to find it bigger than A4 which is teeny for a wall poster
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Well I made this originally as a small graphic and then as a wallpaper, so that would be why there isn't a version of this large enough to use as a poster in an actual room. The versions of this that you see in other locations if they look like this but are in different sizes, are just resizes of this and the original "Keep Calm and Call Batman" that I made. Sorry!

I am looking in to websites like cafe press and such where people would be able to buy a real poster of it, but unfortunately I don't have anything set up right now. Would you like me to send you a message or leave you a note if I do get a poster version of this in to an online store?
The-Hidden-Twilight's avatar
Makes perfect sense. :)
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