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Gene (my OC)
I drew my Oc gene in a new pose and gave her more earthy colors. Gene is 12 or 13 in age. Her personality is chill and calm. She loves the outdoors. She’s very smart and loves to be alone.
Kou is my OC, who i often pair with my other Oc Zod. These two are the main characters in my story “Whispers of Magic.” I’m currently writing that story on wattpad, I did post the forest chapter on her as well.

This drawing is posted on my Instagram. Go follow me on Instagram @koalaKunArt

I hope you like it~
The forest that never sleeps, noise that rides the wind and shakes I’m leaves from trees. A single leaf drifts slowly to the ground ever so softly resting there on the forest floor. The leaf laid in front of a dying tree but soon this dying tree started glowing brightly with whispers of a sweet yet deep soft voice. This new voice of the forest filled the air with liveliness as the animals and other forest spirits gather around to met this new life. This unique glow was created by a yellow eyed, red haired spirit that they called 'Zod', the name given to him having being born from a really old tree of red elven wood.

Zod soon became a curious wander often taking advantage of being able to change into a human. Zod may have been a child but in human years zod lived for centuries. When Zod returned to the human world he often noticed how quickly their world changes from the world of Zod's magical forest. During his time out of the magical forest he often wonders if the other spirits adventure out past the forest limits. The guardian of the forest always tells Zod the dangers of leaving the forest limits. The guardian often warns young spirits that venturing out of the forest is dangerous because they never know what other creatures are out there or what the humans will do if they seen them. Many other spirits call the guardians warning a myth since nothing happened in 2000 centuries.

Zod figured if nothing happened in so long that it should be safe to explore the unknown world of the humans. Zod often wondered how it would be have someone to talk to like a friend. He often seen humans interacting with each other. Zod longed for someone to have a conversation with, many of the other spirits kept their distance from each other. Zod often talked the animals he befriended, now they usually just stare at him wondering what he's is saying but since Zod is a gentle spirit they are willing to spend time with him. Zod is usually walking around the forest in search of some excitement, until one day.

He's walking around with no destination in mind when he found himself in an unfamiliar part of the forest. Zod began looking around for clues of where he might be but he didn't recognize this part of the forest. As Zod became confused of where he was, he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the pond he happened to be standing near. He didn't look like himself in fact he looked more human then a spirit. He started feeling his face and also noticed he was wearing weird clothes, clothes he often seen human children wearing. When he thought of human children he looked in the pond again noticing he was a child. He didn't know what happened he was just walking around the forest like He normally does but as he thought more and more he realized the forest started becoming silent as he wandered around the magical forest.

The more he thought of the forest sounds the more he noticed how quite the forest around him was so he started walking in hopes he would find out where he was. As he walked through this unknown place he heard a calm voice of a child. He slowly followed the calm voice to a child standing in a clearing of the forest. He looked like he was lost or in search of something.
Slowly Zod followed the blue haired boy who then turned around and looked at him with ocean blue eyes.

"who are you?" The boy said looking at Zod.

Zod only stared at the mysterious human boy wondering why this boy could see him, when the boy walked up to Zod and waved his hand in front of him.

"Hello?" The boy said as he continued to wave his hand in front of zods face.

"H-hello?" Zod said unsure what else he could say.

"What is this place ?" The boy asked zod.

Zod didn't know how to respond to the boy so he remained silent. The boy started looking around until he looked at zod then grabbing his wrist pulling him along.

"Where are we going?" Zod asked wondering where is boy was taking him.

The boy looked like zod only probably age six in human years. Zod assumed this boy was human and decided to let the boy pull him along. This was the first time he hand a conversation with someone since he was born. The boy lead them farther into the forest until they came to a pond. The boy let go of zods wrist and sat near the water.

"My names Kou, what's yours ?" The boy asked Zod as he looked at the water of the pond with a sad expression.


"Zod where's the ocean?" Kou asked zod as he tossed a stone into the pond.


A/N : I hope you liked that first part of the story. I'm not a great writer but I tired and that's all that matters.
Whispers of Magic (BoyXboy) - Chapter One
They story of how my two original characters Zod and Kou met then fell in love. I draw these two characters often.

(This story is also for read on my wattpad)

Go follow my wattpad:

My ig: KoalaKunArt


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A Bubbly personality who loves Kpop/Korean culture. Art is more of my hobby until I can turn it into my job. I’m always improving on my artistic skills. Im more of a traditional artist but I do some digital artwork.

Find me on Instagram @KoalaKunArt


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