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The 49th Day

By koalacid
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In Tibetan Buddhism the 49th day marks the point at which the soul is reincarnated. It is also speculated by some psychedelic researchers that the pineal gland , a small organ within the brain that may regulate naturally occurring levels of the hallucinogen DMT, also becomes active 49 days after conception.

ballpen,paper and pc
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Hey! To add to your 49 day art: it takes 49 days to pass from this life to the next according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead and it takes 49 days for a fetus to grow sex organs and a pineal gland. It also took 49 days for Gautama Siddhartha to attain Nirvana while meditating under the Bodhi tree. There are 49 steps to the top of the Mayan temples.

Truly love your art. It is so inspiring and I finally found your deviantart page today. I've seen some of your photos floating around the net and never saw a link back to your page. Please continue making art. It truly is a blessing for all of us.
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So busy in this picture! LOL
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this is amazing, amazing description too
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Very interesting picture and stunningly detailed!
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بسيار عالي !
molto perfetto!
erg perfect!
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Extremely detailed and deep piece! I submitted it to EarthGaia [link] so fresh eyes may see.
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dude totally sick man, really great stuff. This reminds of of the DMT documentary that came out recently, The Spirit Molecule (trailer: [link]), as well as the movie Enter the Void which deals with the Tibetan conception of life after death (trailer: [link]).

Again, awesome man!
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i want to eat this :)
Really like it.
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the composition very much reminds me of closed eye fractal i saw on an acid trip once..... curious...
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<3 this. absolutely beautiful.
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I am in love with the concept behind this. Have you read DMT The Spirit Molecule? Great book.
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Certainly have . An excellent read. There is a doco out soon too
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I wanted to let you know that I am moving! My new account is:


Thanks so much loyal watcher favoriter!
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Yes, and everyone should experience this, not just in the dream state. ^ ^
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The detail on this is incredible.
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fucking wow! amazing stuff, it kind of reminds me of luke brown, im hugely impressed how you've managed to capture your hallucinations and put them on to paper. I'd be tempted to get something like this tattooed on my back
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damn, you're a baddass.
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ye ye yeoahhuuu, its amazing!!
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