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Badgering The Unknown Witness
Jeffery was sitting on one of the green-painted benches downtown, waiting for the next bus to northern Sahara Square. He was sort of zoning out, staring at a tree on the other side of the street and ignoring the sound of the cars passing by where he sat.
There was nothing unusual about Jeff waiting for a bus, though he did own a car. The slightly overweight zebra was getting on in years, and he really didn't like the idea of dealing with downtown or highway traffic. Besides, he also liked the idea of saving a few zollars on gas - and being retired he wasn't in a hurry anyway.
He did notice some flashing lights off to his right, though, and looked over that way to see what was the occasion. But it was just a rabbit meter maid putting a ticket on a parked car. She looked at a clock and smacked her little computer ticket thing, for some reason.
Jeff was about to look away when he noticed the oddest thing. The little rabbit suddenly glanced up at a meter, then put a ticket on the window of
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Lionheart's Arrest
Nick burst up out of the water, looking all around him. "Carrots! Hopps! JUDY!" She came to the surface suddenly, about ten yards away, holding her phone up in that plastic bag she'd dropped it into. "We've got to tell Bogo!", she yelled. Nick felt such relief when she surfaced that it took a second for her words to register in his mind. Then he suddenly remembered that they still needed to get out of the water, before anything else. He wondered for a second why everything else had left his mind over his concern for the rabbit, but he shook his head and decided to think about it later.
He looked all around again, trying to figure out which direction to go. After looking up at the drainpipe and the water pouring over the side of the cliff he knew which way to look, and found he could just barely see the rocky mess at the edge of the mist-covered water - near the building and away from the waterfalls. Cliffs on one side and waterfall on the other, it seemed to be the only place they coul
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Muzzled Disonance, part 2
The canine growl and dropped ears in front of him made Nick do the same, wondering just how far this aggression was going to go before one of them broke and managed to defeat the other. He looked at the flash of sharp teeth as he heard, "You're going DOWN, Wilde. No sneaky night-crawling FOX is going to defeat me!"
He should have been used to this by now, having heard it most of his life. But it was harder to ignore when it came from somebody who was supposed to be a teammate. He growled harder, under his breath, and put his nose down toward the ground so he could lean into the rope and pull harder.
The shouting and hooting and catcalls around him seemed to fade away as he looked up again and focused his eyes on the recruit at the other end of the rope. His vision narrowed and receded away from any peripheral awareness as he concentrated, and forced the entirety of his attention on the sneering white wolf in front of him. Nick appeared to ignore the sarcastic comment entirely as he dug
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The Incident
"It wasn't supposed to go like this", Judy thought to herself as she ran down the stairs and out the front door with Nick right behind her.
She slowed down a bit and grabbed her partner's arm so she could get a better look at it. He grunted a bit, in pain, but he didn't look down and he didn't stop running. it was bleeding quite badly from the gunshot wound he'd just taken.
She fumbled at her belt for a moment and got a grip on her radio. "This is Hopps! 10-32! 10-33! 10-39! 10-78! Clawhauser, do you read me?" She started panting from the sprint out of the building and around the corner to their cruiser, but she still held the radio to her ear.
"Backup is on the way! They'll be there in two minutes! Get clear of the scene, right now! Are either of you injured?" The fluffball of a cheetah was adorable, most of the time, but he did make a really good dispatch officer.
Judy keyed her radio again, "We're clear! We're clear! Almost to the car now! Officer Wilde has been shot, but I'm uninju
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Somebody and I were talking in comments about not really having time to write or draw something that we'd like to do, and have been thinking of for a while, so I went off on a bit of a tangent - describing something that's been on my mind for a really long time... so I figured I would copy/paste here in a Journal Entry what I had mentioned about this idea that I've had stuck in my brain for so long that I can practically SEE the animation already running through my head. (And I added a few more details to it, as well.)

I suppose that sort of thing could happen if you've turned an idea like this over and over again in your mind countless hundreds of times over the years. I'm not crazy if I "see" movies in my head that don't really exist. I'm crazy for very different reasons than that... ;)


I have one of these "stories" stuck in my head, and it's been there for the past 15 years or so. A music video to Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" - a grey tabby cat, wearing sunglasses and an old denim jacket with old blue jeans, gets out of a car that drives away. He pushes a button on his music player, flexes the sharp claws on all four of his paws as the song starts, and suddenly takes off running through a forest late at night listening to this song on his headphones.

The scenes I picture in my head include some fast-moving 'camera' cuts, some slow-motion dreamlike sequences. (There are some quieter parts of the song that would be really good for that.) Perhaps some close-ups where he's singing along with the song, some multiple picture sequences to add more of that dream-like quality - especially when jumping over obstacles. I can imagine that 'multi-picture' type of sequence, but I don't know the name of it. Like showing several still shots in a row as he jumps over something, y'know?

(BTW, it may be 'dark' out - but there's plenty of moonlight to see by, and he has good night-vision anyway. I would imagine that the 'ghostly moonlight' look would add well to the video concept. And possibly make animation drawing a little easier, because the background images would be minimal - and because black and white drawing would work well here. Mainly background of just tree branches going past, anyway...)

I can also picture at least one 'camera-shot' where you're looking at his feline eyes through the side of his sunglasses, where you imagine him deep in thought - and below that image is a picture-in-picture shot showing him running from a distance, or from a short distance through the tree branches. Then he shows some fang with a fierce smile, closes his eyes and inhales - taking a few more running steps before leaping high over some dangerous looking obstacle.

You get the impression of a civilized cat immersing himself in the wild forest country, as if to prove that he can be as Feral as the next cat even though he lives in a city. Sometimes he even takes to all four paws and uses his sharp claws as he runs across uneven or tilted landscape. Then he uses his claws to quickly jump across several trees in a row, right across the sides of the trunks, going higher up each tree trunk, with each leap, until he jumps from a high branch right over the top of a small hill.

He slides down a long fallen tree trunk like he's surfing, spraying bits of bark everywhere with the claws of his hindpaws. He bounces off the sides of multiple trees, and uses his front claws again to swiftly swing over and under several tree branches, kind of like when you grab onto a pole or a street sign to quickly turn a corner as you run down the street. He splashes across a shallow stream and dives headfirst into the trees again, maybe using some tree branches as he goes uphill from the stream. Then, after a short clearing where he drops to all fours and speeds up again, he REALLY goes flying high as he leaps over a rocky chasm, with a few stones knocked loose and falling toward the 'camera' as he soars through the air.

Always he's running faster, faster, pushing himself, covering lots of ground in a short space of time, with a lot of jumping - Parkour style. (The song lyric, "...more, more, more..." lends itself really well to a video of running ever-faster through the trees in the dark. I can picture his head leaning further forward with each "more".) Finally, you can see some lights and a small building up ahead through the trees, and his destination includes a surprise ending at the end of the song - because it turns out that he had a purpose behind getting to where he is now as quickly as he did.

Alas, I do not draw and I know nothing about animation. However, just pull up the song, on Youtube or something, and listen to it. And then let me know if you do or don't think that this would just be a perfect video for that song... :D


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