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WIP by Koahara WIP :iconkoahara:Koahara 9 4 Koa Portrait 2018 by Koahara Koa Portrait 2018 :iconkoahara:Koahara 36 2
Mature content
taking chances after gevaudan :iconkoahara:Koahara 7 8
the aftermath of a lady macbeth screening
when the professors’ white wine hits me
it's raining in the cold streets of prague
and i’m sliding around in flip flops waiting for miracles.
my band of tipsy travelers convenes under awnings of pubs,
searching for the tourist beacon of BED Lounge.
in the cobblestone bowels of staré město,
a miracle arrives as we reach its doors—
though the mood is purple and the air is heavy,
lights dance and warm bodies crowd the lounge.
a narrow, coiled staircase looms nearby
and its white skeleton wobbles under drunken weight.
downstairs, feet line the floor with water and stain the bed with mud;
i spend 225 crowns on a white russian to change my mind,
but the drink comes and the vodka is too strong.
"our candle went out," a friend says as my vision clears—
a dead flame rests in a round glass carcass.
"it's because of the bad spirits following me around," I say,
as the ghosts of us leave to slip back into the rain.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 9 1
jackdaw by Koahara jackdaw :iconkoahara:Koahara 199 11
indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter
She said, “the laugh – the uproarious laughter between the two—”
and all I hear is my heart beating a question,
‘Hey, can you guys pick me up?
I shouldn’t walk eight minutes in the dark.’
“And their having fun at my expense”
hasn’t happened to me yet
but as the sun sets my ears ring
‘Is it only a matter of time?’
“I was, you know, underneath one of them”
as I will be underneath bundled clothes
reciting old winter delusions come November,
because oversized coats could somehow save me:
sometimes the other party ‘forgets’ their moral coat
and doesn’t think they need it
when their preferred brand is ‘good boy.’
“While the two laughed, [they were] two friends having a really good time,”
who were not thinking what I will think underneath winter coats:
‘Good luck getting to me,’ I say to the dark side
of friends and strangers— of men
trying to have a
:iconkoahara:Koahara 25 19
the rabbit of greenbriar grave
I intend to die underneath his greenbriar thicket,
though I have not made it that far
because I have stopped in a meadow
of birdfoot violets and field pansies,
surrounded by wood sorrels and blackgums.
I left my brother somewhere to fend for himself
higher up this cragged mountain,
near bright laurels and wiry hawthorns,
below hearty Carolina hemlocks and towering pines.
I am followed by the shadow of a man
who bears black gloves and a quiet voice
as he inspects me who lay still
in a stupor of fever and fear.
He places his fingers between my long ears
to bid, on behalf of his yard, a final farewell
to me and to the botfly I shield from nakedness
before vanishing behind white window frames
to watch me pass from this meadow into the next.
My legs carry me to the embrace of the thicket,
where I meet greenbriar for the last time:
I start to bleed with the horizon
as green hues blur with black—
the earth will take me back
to those who have come before
and rest in greenbriar graves.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 21 22
Ryysyinen by Koahara Ryysyinen :iconkoahara:Koahara 50 11 buy me a drink by Koahara buy me a drink :iconkoahara:Koahara 21 0 Junjie by Koahara Junjie :iconkoahara:Koahara 10 0
THE HOLLOW - Chapter 2
Three years ago, once pristine wildwoods had reached their dehydrated hell. Summer had just peaked, and the leaves started to ease into fall. Mild temperatures were the usual on the heels of summertide, but this pattern had been broken by a few unseasonably warm weeks, much to the dry wilderness’ dismay. Slowly, the forest withered at the lack of rain, and its creatures swiftly followed suit.
Summer had made the local wolves into scrawny leftovers, ill-furred, and weary. One pack of thin wolves brushed up against each other, bracing for a midday hunt, then dissolved. A large, assuming male proceeded to reorganize the five wolves behind him, taking up the lead. The afternoon light, scattered by the leaves above, graced the male’s dark pelt. He looked regal, and rather dignified, for a male of his six years. White hairs only dreamed to taint his muzzle. The expression on his proud, black face was stiff and calculated, and he led his family with an air of certainty t
:iconkoahara:Koahara 2 0
Emmett by Koahara Emmett :iconkoahara:Koahara 15 0 the successor by Koahara the successor :iconkoahara:Koahara 6 0
when you cache all but the ribcage
I am the blood-drool:
the doe you stalked too long,
the skeleton you pricked with briars,
the one you marred with disease.
My breath fog dwindles
as the leftover sin of us
swallows my body whole
in the den of wolf teeth.  
I become the bile-soaked regret:
the bone-slurry you regurgitated
for a hungry someone else
to chew on and shit out.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 9 3
pour me, winter
Slur me under grey sleet:
drain me like you drain
green glass bottles and
translucent high balls—
alone. While you’re gone,
I’ll cut the crisp air
with amber Kahlúa and
warm up to wet coyote,
just to watch white snow
bleed water and
lose consciousness
in shitfaced black rain.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 14 14
european perfume
i remember
the reek of cigarettes
suffocating me in some
narrow european town,
lingering on the breath
of a sitting artist,
saying a coin for
your troubles please
or on the chest
of some douchebag
i put my arms around
who promised he'd
put my heart at ease--
as if he'd carry
that promise back to
the states
and think of me.
but those cigarettes
were never insurance
for dreams:
just a smell to obscure time
and stupid hopes
and a stain to wash away
from your mother's jacket
knowing you've changed
but you haven't the heart
to see the change in others.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 4 0




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
ABOUT ME: Koa (Alias) / 21 years / female
OCCUPATION: fourth year college student majoring in English, news editor for a newspaper
INTERESTS: zoos, writing, wolves, wildlife management, politics, poetry, news, other animals, games, cocktails, cooking, art, and laughing at myself
ART STATUS: I am currently not accepting requests or trades.
I'm supposed to be writing a paper but instead I have decided to write a journal entry for commissions because I meant to do this earlier today.
I'd like to do some portrait commissions, perhaps in the vein of ^ but not as detailed (yet still more detailed than my experimental ones).

$20-$25-- I'm okay with doing other animals. I actually painted a pretty cool wild donkey last year so if someone could commission me a donkey I'd be thrilled. Comment or note if interested.



It's come a long way! I just picked it up-- I hadn't touched it I think either since then or that winter! Anyway, that's coming soon, and maybe a poem or two. :)
Koa Portrait 2018
Avatar for my use only.

If you are interested in an icon commission like this one, let me know. $25 USD or we can work something out if you're a friend :).

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after that embrace between us,
i just want to shake you and ask
what are you fucking afraid of?

they still didn’t know the killer in gévaudan
when the french slew him with silver bullets
and turned mount mouchet’s slopes red in june 1767.

two years before, a september hunt saw antonie
haul a five foot seven wolf out of chazes
and shoot its kin of beauceron blood.

their bodies were stuffed and sent to versailles,
but december came and the massacre didn’t stop
so villagers’ tongues whispered werewolves.

i don't know you now
and i didn't know anyone else
until the marin report  arrived:

the necropsy when stomachs split
with remnants of the last victim—
the parts of me i never saw in myself.

you need to know i’m not afraid of another wolf.
taking chances after gevaudan

[1] The Beast of Gévaudan was a wolf, wolfdog or dog that attacked many people between 1764 and 1767 in the former French province of Gévaudan, which is now modern-day Lozère. Most likely, the beast was not just one but multiple individual animals. Estimates of the number of attacks vary, but the most recent estimate is 160 deaths and 30 injuries. The beast contributed to regional werewolf hysteria and has its own origin myths.

[2] The Marin Report was a report on the necropsy of the final animal killed on Mount Mouchet.It is named after the notary Marin, who transcribed the report. The necropsy found the animal’s last victim within its stomach.

source: Wikipedia


I am behind on uploading poems. I have one more that needs revisions (or at least a proper ending) and I am working on one now for class on Tuesday.



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