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The West Riding is now officially my current project, leaving The American Battlegrounds in 2nd place. I really wanted to work on something new, and the other fanfic wasn't going anywhere. I tried many times, but it became a burden, so I moved it to the back burner.

I was asked about the backstory of all my fics, so let me give you some data on the setting and storyline:

The events in "A visit from Hoovenshire" began around two months after MLP Season 2.

3 years before "A visit from Hoovenshire":

The electorate of Hoovenshire, a once great military power, was rearming. The previous prince-elector had banned magic, causing most unicorns to bugger off to Equestria. Now, with the old PE dead, a new one came to power. This new elector, Prince Uhlan III not only unbanned magic, but also restructured the armies. The old, fully armoured soldier armed with sword and shield was replaced with regiments of line and light hoof. As magic was out of the question, due to the lack of unicorns, Uhlan ordered the creation of bombardiers and artillery pieces. Pegasi were trained to fly over the enemy and drop grenades, while earth ponies took the muskets and bayonets.

Using muskets was not easy, specially due to the lack of fingers and magic. However, the Hoovensharian scientists developed a special kind of musket, and a horseshoe that allowed for reloading. The Equestrian Pattern was born, and with it came a special kind of horseshoe that allowed the soldier to hold (with a small claw-like device) the paper cartridges and ramrods. Soon, a common Hoovensharian soldier could fire 2 or 3 rounds a minute.

Despite the advanced technology, making the muskets was too expensive. Therefore, armour was removed, introducing red coats and shakos. In spite of the now lower cost, it was still too expensive to upkeep the new army, so all but 5 regiments were disbanded:

*The 1st North Riding Line Hoof (later 17th, 1st Hoovenshire North Riding Regiment of Hoof)

*The 2nd East Riding Line Hoof (Later 43rd, 2nd Hoovenshire East Riding Regiment of Hoof)

*The 3rd West Riding Lights (Later 51st, 3rd Hoovenshire West Riding Regiment of Hoof)

*4th Royal Bombardiers

*5th Royal Artillery

All these regiments, except the 2nd East Riding, were stationed in Hoovenshire for the next 4 years.

Two years after Uhlan III became prince-elector, the Zebrican empire faced a coup d'etat. A new, war hungry government came to power, and began a massive military expedition to the north. The zebras landed on Bad Wolf Bay a month after, and began expanding to the north and east. They first attacked Glascow, facing Cowpenhagen's Livgardes and the Hightrotter warbands. They occuplied Glascow in 3 months, then launched an attack eastwards, on Hoovenshire. They began raiding towns, raping mares and killing their husbands. Soon, Hoovensharian militia organizations were created to defend the electorate.

Hoovenshire had way better technology than the Zebras, who used, at the start of the war, lances, swords, shields and bows. This put the zebras in a big disadvantage against their red coated foes. Therefore, almost a year after the conquest of Glascow, the Zebricans signed truce with Hoovenshire, in which both factions agreed to not attack each other within the Hoovensharian island for 2 years. In the meantime, The Zebras continued pushing east, reaching Dream Valley and Mareheim. They killed, raped and plundered everything in their way.

Seeing the fast Zebrican advance and taking into account the Equestrian lack of experience in battle, Princess Celestia joined wars with Hoovenshire. With her, King Pferdinand of Germaneigh, Napoleon Coltapart of Prance and the Cevrid Council formed a coalition to stop the Zebrican forces in Equestria. Each nation sent 1 or more regiments to assist the cause. Celestia deployed the full Equestrian Royal Army, Coltaparte sent the 16éme Régiment des Grenadiers and the Chasseurs à Patte and Pferdinand deployed the Flankfurt Jaegers.

Hoovenshire was also asked to send a regiment to the front lines. Despite their delicate situation, Uhlan sent the 2nd East Riding to the Equestrian front lines, granting the Equestrian Royal Army full control of that regiment. It was renamed to 43rd, 2nd Hoovenshire East Riding Regiment of Hoof. Two battalions were deployed: one was sent to Manehattan and the other to Dream Valley.

Ten days before "A Visit from Hoovenshire", a small Zebrican force managed to pass undetected through the Equestrian defences and began marching to Canterlot. Their mission was to clear the way for a way larger assault force. However, there was a spy amongst them, who informed Col. Bandook. Immediately, the 1st Battalion began a quick march to Ponyville to resist the invaders. One of the lieutenants suggested marching through the Everfree, getting the battalion massacred. Then "A Visit from Hoovenshire" and it's storyline took place.


A month before the truce ended, all the Zebras' eyes were set on Hoovenshire. Both sides began preparations for a final showdown, which would determine the fate of the electorate. Uhlan III, however, was very concerned about the well being of his kin. He was certain the zebras would defeat his army. A week later, the coalition held an assembly in Canterlot. It was decided that Hoovenshire was to be evacuated entirely to Equestria, and that the Hoovensharian army deployed completely under Equestrian command, under the leadership of the new Equestrian marshal, General Uhlan, former prince-elector.

A week before the truce ended, Hoovenshire had finished the evacuation. All supplies were taken, and all that remained was an abandoned city and a few, empty villages. However, they forgot 1 key piece of paper: a copy of the blueprints of the Equestrian Pattern and horseshoe.

When the truce ended, the Zebrican forces marched on Hoovensharian soil. They found a letter inside the castle, which stated that Hoovenshire peacefully surrendered and that the zebras had full control over the city and the inhabitants. However, there were no inhabitants. They also found the blueprints for the Equestrian Pattern. Within two months, the Zebrican army was fully equiped with muskets and bayonets. However, that did not give them any advantage, as also the Equestrians, Prench, Germans and Cervids were now using them as well.

Four months after that, General Uhlan began the counter attack on Zebrican Equestria. The events narrated on "The West Riding" began.

Then the rest would be spoilers.

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