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I'm finally done moving to this account. too bad not everybody got the memo.

So to give ya a small situation report, the MLP fanfic is on hold due to The American Battlegrounds (TABG, i'll post the prologue this weekend), All screenshots will be uploaded randomly (meaning i'll take one when i find some inspiration), Mapping was discarded, so no more BGMS_Redoubt_lms updates and The Siege of Fort Bull is back on the road.

Things have been quite good since the start of this week, mainly because TABG is moving on smoothly and the 1st chapter is 1/4 done. I'm not going to say much about it, but i must admit it's getting tough to write a 1st person play (never did that before), and keeping the actions simple to allow the script to be recorded is quite hard, specially because the characters can't do everything i want them to (for instance, sit down, go prone, take off their hats, etc.). I also joined a new clan, after 47th decided to call quits and put down the colours, i was left in the hands of the Green Mountain Boys, a joke clan made of 47th vets. now I'm in The Royal Recruits, a 7 year old BattleGrounds 2 clan with contacts in, Janus Syndicate, Steinmann and the now dead Smooth Few Films.

On another note, i joined a dev team for Gmod game mode, named La Peninsula Rebelde. it's going to be a Napoleonic War mod, based on the Spanish Guerrilleros during the French occupation. things are moving slowly but we already got 1 player model in the works (needs bones) and we got a guy making the SWEPS for us. i'm in charge of textures and historical research, so you might find early-alpha screenshots here in a few months.

If you want more info on the Bull project, check out the BGMS site:

That's all for now. Good day to you.

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Submitted on
December 22, 2011