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Work on the script was resumed in a quite interesting way. I was certain I was about to disregard history and continue the story regardless of certain facts, but I ended up finding a neat way to stick to the facts. Conversations are, so far, my biggest challenge. Not because of language or tone, but the damn topic. Ever wondered "what do soldiers talk about when they are marching?" Well, I'm trying to find that answer, but so far I only found frustration.  

Now for a bit of recruitment. To those who have Steam and Source SDK 2007, The BattleGrounds 2 is a Half Life 2 Revolutionary War modification, mainly set during the latest years of the war. Each side has it's own pros and cons (Americans mostly dedicated to long range engagements and skirmish orders, while the British take the advantage in hand to hand combat, melee and close up shots.

BG2 has 3 main official game modes and 2 unofficial ones. The 2 main include:

*Typical Control Point map, which can be sequential (3 flags, 1 per spawn and 1 in the mid), scattered around a map (4-5 flags scattered in 4-5 key positions), assault styled (one team must capture flag A in order to unlock flag B or 3 flags already owned by one team, while the other must control all 3 at once.)

*Ticket Mode, which works like BattleField style Conquest game mode. Each team starts with a fixed number of respawn tickets, if your team holds the majority of the flags, each enemy respawn consumes more tickets. The winner is, obviously, the team with that eliminates the other.

*Capture The Flag. Self explanatory concept. In fact, BG2 is the only game in which capturing a flag makes sense.

Then we have the 2 unofficial game modes:

*Line Battles, my personal favourite. Played in very big maps (around 500 square yards), LBs are fought in line formations, one or two per sides. The players designate a commander out of the group, who is in charge of moving and ordering the line around. Rules tend to be easy, but some clans take it too seriously... *cough*29th*cough* Each formation must listen to the commands and either obey or leave. Teams must be in a line before opening fire, and follow the standard "Make Ready, Present, Fire" drill.

*Realisms are way more disorganized. Normally played in big custom maps, like open fields, forts, towns and redoubts, this game mode allows for acting freely in an open, realistic environment. Each side has one or two officers leading, most commonly clan high COs or server admins. Realisms are played in skirmish order (loose formations and charges) and require much more skill than Line Battles, as you engage in melee pretty quick, and long range shots are very useful.

To give you an idea on how BG2 looks like, take a look in my BG2 screenshots folder, and if you like the idea, join me in my endless quest for head stabs and long range musket headshots. <--- Check that.


That would be all for now.

Nec Aspera Terrent,

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January 4, 2012


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