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1) Choose one of your own characters.

2) Make them answer the following questions.

3) Then, tag 4 people.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Corporal Isaiah Raven?!

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Aye, sir?

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: You were chosen to participate in this... nonsense. Stand at ease and answer the following questions. Got that, corporal?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Yes, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: What is yer gender?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Male, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: How old are ye?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: I do not know, sir. I believe I am about 20-25 years of age, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Can I have a hug?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Excuse me, sir? Is that a real question?

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: It is... Answer it, if you please.

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: With all due respect, sir, bugger that!

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Hahaha... Any bad habits?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Sadly, drinking, sir... I was turned into a drunk after I joined the army...

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Like most of us, mate. What's your favorite food?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: May I speak freely on this one, sir?

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Go ahead.

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Whatever but those shite rations given in the army, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Agreed. Next question: Do you have a crush right now?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: What is that supposed to mean, sir? This... "modern" vocabulary is unknown to me.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: It means if you have anybody on your sights. And I am not talking about your musket...

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: You mean if I've got my eye on anyone, sir?

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Aye...

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Well, truly, no. I am not in love with anybody, nor there's anyone who catches my sight. However, I think this new girl, Gilly... Well... I might as well get lucky with that one, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Heh... What is your species?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Hoovensharian Stallion. An earth pony, basically.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Have you ever killed anyone?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Is that a real question, sir? Each shot I discharge means a dead Zebrican bastard, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Do you hate anyone?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: I can't say I hate my enemies, sir. Although I really do despise those who murder, rape and plunder without a reason.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Do you have any best friends?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Nay. Only brethren in arms and drinking mates, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: What's your favorite season?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Fall, sir. Winter means lack of food and snow. Summer means extreme heat. For marching, all those are horrible aspects.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Do you have any hobbies?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: I sometimes sneak out of the camp to shoot things, sir. Things like bottles or cans, or whatever I find first.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Ye know ye could get flogged if Capt. Ross found out, don't ye lad?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Ross is not that smart, sir. He won't find me.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Hmm... What is your favourite beverage?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Brandy, sir. There's nothing as good as a bottle of fine brandy after a long day of marching.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Cannot agree more, lad. When's your birthday?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Again, I do not know, sir. Sometime between 1785-1790

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Are you nice or mean?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: I am a soldier, sir...

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Very good. Now pick a few people to tag. Try to be merciful, if you please.

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: fair enough... let me see...

:iconbl1ghtmare: :iconbmludwick: :iconjackftwcod5: :iconbluteisen:
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April 15, 2012