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Well, It's been a long bloody while since I uploaded anything here, so I believe I should post why.

In the last couple of weeks, creativity decided to pack her bags and bugger off, for writing and drawing, at least. I couldn't get to write The West Riding Chapter 2 beyond 300 words and I ran out of ideas for pony uniforms. Since Sunday I've been busy as fuck, and didn't even have time to look at DA.

Now let me tell you why this entry's called "Development":

On Sunday 15th, I applied for the BattleGrounds 2 Development Team as their texture artist. I was convinced to do so by one of their mappers, Klifsnider, who gave me a texturing task as entry exam: Jayarc's Door_Closed texture, which was in UV state until yesterday.

I've also been working with MPC in the making of a Virginian Militia skin. Basically, he came to me yesterday at around 6:30 pm, asking about the door, told me about his Virginian Militia skin and gave it to me. IT WAS A BLOODY DISASTER. Together, we spent 12 hours working on it almost non stop (till 6:30 am). We replaced many textures for custom made ones, added way more detail, removed pointless things and added lots of fancy stuff.

That screenshot sucks, but's all I got for now.

Those two works are gonna be my ticket into the BG2 Dev Team, and hopefully I get accepted.

:icontrrplz: Wish me luck!
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Submitted on
January 18, 2012